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Bing Is One Year Old

June 28, 2010

From Microsoft:

Bing Is One

Bing Is One

Bing is one year old – Join the celebration

Thanks to the support of Microsoft® adCenter advertisers like you, it’s been an amazing inaugural year for Bing. To celebrate, we invite you to explore some of the milestones we’ve achieved together.
•     Bing advertisers are reaching a motivated audience; Bing searchers spend 42 percent more than the average search user in the U.S.—21 percent more than Google users and 25 percent more than Yahoo! users.¹
•     Plus, people who land on sites from organic search results via Bing are 78 percent more likely to click an ad, compared with arriving on the site from Google.²
•     Bing advertisers had a lower average cost-per-click than those on Google, and they had more impressions than both Google and Yahoo! advertisers.3

February 18, 2010

To get more information about the Microsoft Yahoo Search Alliance type into your browser.

You will be taken to Microsoft’s new page announcing their partnership with Yahoo.

Microsoft Yahoo

Microsoft Yahoo

To Microsoft’s credit, they acquired and redirected to their advertising site before formally notifying their customers about having received federal government approval  of a Search Alliance with Yahoo.

With the addition of, Microsoft now has 26,893 domains registered.

Microsoft appears to have just flipped the switch on their new domain because is still showing up for sale in Google search results.

Microsoft hasn’t yet begun buying Adwords to promote their news to Google’s audience.

Bing Advertising Google Placement

October 20, 2009

I thought the following search result for Bing Advertising on was ironic.

The first result on for Bing Advertising isn’t for “Bing Advertising” instead its a sponsored site link for “24/7 1st page placement” from “”.

Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising

Clicking the Bing advertiser’s link takes searchers to a landing page where the phrases Bing or Bing Advertising are nowhere to be found.

Instead, the following copy ensues:

Global Market Exposure is a Google AdWords Qualified Company that proudly employs experienced Google AdWords Qualified Personnel. This means you work directly with our Google Professionals removing all the guess work and costly mistakes. With Global Market Exposure’s aggressive ad campaigns, revolving ad text, and Guaranteed First Page Google and Yahoo Placement, your business receives maximum exposure and the positive name (product) branding you’re looking for, turning impressions into clicks and clicks into conversions.

Google Placement

Google Placement

If this type of search result was what Microsoft had in mind when they re-branded and relaunched their Bing search product as a decision engine, Microsoft might ought to rethink their decision engine.

Google Omitted From Microsoft Spell Checker?

October 7, 2009

I was proofing a document today in Microsoft Word and while Word correctly marked Google as potentially misspelled word, I was surprised Word offered no corrections or spelling suggestions.

Google not in Microsoft Spell Check Dictionary

Google not in Microsoft Spell Check Dictionary

Apparently, Google has not yet been added to Microsoft Word’s spell checker dictionary.

I guess its understandable since Google is a relatively new (and made up) brand name.

Funny though… Microsoft – another recognizable technology ( and made up) brand name – is in Microsoft’s spell checker for misspellings of Microsoft.

I am sure Google’s omission from Microsoft’s Word dictionary was just an oversight.

Microsoft Windows 7 Software: Meet Tupperware

October 1, 2009

What happens when a tech behemoth like Microsoft attempts to make its latest product launch cool and social – they create training videos for how to host software house parties.

What’s next?

Microsoft Yahoo Search Opera

July 27, 2009

Back for its second season, the Microhoo now Binghoo search opera is still missing the protagonist  – purported higher CTR and a combined reach still won’t produce the plot’s much needed hero – Relevance.

But stay tuned searchers!

The next episode where – when and if a Microhoo / Binghoo deal happens – will produce new messaging where they proclaim Relevance performs miracles on the screen before your very eyes!