About @Tim Cohn

I am a marketing consultant, a recommended marketing resource for IBM Business Partners, Google Certified Partner, author of the Search Marketing Communications blog and the upcoming John Wiley and Sons book: For Sale By Google .

Tim Cohn Google Partner

I have written over 1,500 blog posts here on TimothyCohn.com and  Search Marketing Communications  while also posting 67,000+ Tweets @TimCohn .

I stopped writing blog posts regularly in 2011 when I began publishing the Tim Cohn Digital Daily.

I have booked 150,515 transactions (leads and sales) for clients across several Google Adwords accounts over the last few years with Google pay per click advertising.

To achieve the above results, I have generated  5,386,091 visitors, 972,045,102 ad impressions and spent over $1.7 million dollars on Google Adwords.

Tim Cohn's AdWords Account Performance

Tim Cohn’s AdWords Account Performance

I specialize in generating transactions online through optimized search engine marketing communications.

For more information: Call 405+842+0163


One Response to “About @Tim Cohn”

  1. Arya Schellemberg Says:

    Hello Tim
    I read your blog and I found it very interesting (now I’ll have to go for your books) and thought it might be nice if we became better acquainted. We are a new Search Engine company and our aim with SortFix is to help users get more accurate answers, faster, and make the search process a more efficient and enjoyable one. We have recently expanded the search results not only to those retrieved by Google Search, but also to Twitter Search, Bing, Youtube, Bing images and are currently working on doing the same for other search engines. On top of this, even though SortFix is partly based on flash technology, we are developing a non-flash application to make it possible to use SortFix also from Mac devices such as iPhone or iPad. You’re more than welcome to check out our search engine website http://www.sortfix.com and tell me what you think about it.

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