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Transition To Microsoft AdCenter

October 12, 2010

Up until now I hadn’t had any issues migrating Yahoo account data to the Microsoft Advertising Adcenter.

However today my attempts to transfer data were fraught with errors and failure.

The following are several of the messages I received from Microsoft while attempting to make the transition from a Yahoo account  to a Bing account.

The following message is the first one I received and I have no idea why…

Compatibility Report

Compatibility Report

I then attempted to import an account and got this account import errors message.

Yahoo Account Import Failure

Yahoo Account Import Failure

I tried to import the account several more times and finally got it imported only to learn there were “71 issues” with my account.

71 Issues

71 Issues

Not one but seventy one issues…

I can’t wait to discover how long it takes for me to get each one of them resolved!


February 18, 2010

To get more information about the Microsoft Yahoo Search Alliance type into your browser.

You will be taken to Microsoft’s new page announcing their partnership with Yahoo.

Microsoft Yahoo

Microsoft Yahoo

To Microsoft’s credit, they acquired and redirected to their advertising site before formally notifying their customers about having received federal government approval  of a Search Alliance with Yahoo.

With the addition of, Microsoft now has 26,893 domains registered.

Microsoft appears to have just flipped the switch on their new domain because is still showing up for sale in Google search results.

Microsoft hasn’t yet begun buying Adwords to promote their news to Google’s audience.

June 2009 Search Totals

July 15, 2009

14,060,000,000+/- searches across Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL in June 2009 via #SEL.