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A Google AdWords Account Performance Update

May 8, 2012

I have bought 972,045,102 Google ads, produced 5,386,091 visitors & booked 110,515 transactions (leads & sales) with Google Adwords.


Doesn’t Spelling Matter?

January 21, 2011

I was looking for some hotel information and saw the following AdWords ad with either the misspelling or typo  “3th Night Free”.

Whatever you want to call it, I am pretty sure the Rosewood Hotels Luxury Five Star Hotels and Resorts brand wouldn’t necessarily look highly upon misspellings and or typos being used in their corporate messaging.

AdWords Typo

AdWords Typo

Or wood they?

Cleaning Up Google Accounts!

January 3, 2011

With over 1,000 websites to manage, keeping track of all the action can at time be overwhelming.

Such is particularly the case when trying to manage Google account access ie., Google Analytics, Google Adwords and the myriad other Google account services.

I did learn something today however – you can’t delete a Google Analytics account if its attached to an Adwords account.

Ideally I should be able to consolidate all of my Google Analytics accounts into one account, however doing so doesn’t look possible.

Any ideas how to get all of your Google Analytics accounts into one account?

Product Marketing Simplified

October 22, 2010

Got a problem trying to market and sell a product or products?

I have found a relatively easy way to bring to clarity to your situation.

Well actually Google has.

Take your product and set up an Adwords campaign for it.

AdWords Product Marketing Challenge

AdWords Product Marketing Challenge

At the end of the AdWords campaign creation process, you will have distilled most if not all of the attributes needed for actually selling your product to people whether they are online or off.

Writing an ad for your product is the first step.

Go ahead… I challenge you.

Write an AdWords ad for any product and see if at the end of the process you don’t understand your product and market at an entirely different level – the requisite level required for generating sales.

Google Adwords Certification Program

May 11, 2010

Google recently revamped their Adwords qualification program requirements for both individuals and companies.

Their new qualification process is bundled under the Google Certification Program.

Google Certification Program

Google Certification Program

In order for a company to become qualified an individual associated with the company must have first passed two exams – the Advertising Fundamentals Exam and one advanced-level exam.

Individual Qualification

Individual Qualification

I was one of the first individuals worldwide to pass the original Adwords Qualified Individual exam years ago.

Because my company appears to meet the new qualifications for becoming a Google Certified Partner, I plan to go through the certification process – again.

Google Adwords Ad Extensions

April 24, 2010

Google Adwords ad extensions work with existing text ads to offer more useful, relevant information to users searching on Google.

Learn more about extensions at

Google Adwords: Three Steps To Keyword Success

April 23, 2010

Learn how to choose and review keywords in a Google Adwords account with these three simple steps to keyword success.

Site And Category Exclusion Tools In Google Adwords

April 10, 2010

In this video learn how Google Adwords Site and Category Exclusion tools can be used to refine placements on the Google Content Network to improve campaign performance based on advertising goals.

Google Adwords: Measure Your Success

April 7, 2010

Learn to measure the success of Adwords ads and use this information to improve Adwords performance.

Google Adwords Search Funnels Path Length

April 6, 2010
Search Funnel Path Length

Search Funnel Path Length