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How To Make A Blog

December 15, 2010

Just because Google has started creating a bunch of how to videos doesn’t mean they are getting into the content creation business.



Another Search Engine: Blekko

October 31, 2010

Today another search engine launched – this one called blekko.



What is blekko?

From the blekko site:

blekko is a better way to search the web by using slashtags. slashtags search only the sites you want and cut out the spam sites. use friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to slash in what you want and slash out what you don’t.

blekko has also created its own ten point “web search bill of rights” –

1. Search shall be open
2. Search results shall involve people
3. Ranking data shall not be kept secret
4. Web data shall be readily available
5. There is no one-size-fits-all for search
6. Advanced search shall be accessible
7. Search engine tools shall be open to all
8. Search & community go hand-in-hand
9. Spam does not belong in search results
10. Privacy of searchers shall not be violated

I guess my first question is who cares about any of the above?

What person or business for that matter has lost sleep at night worrying about whether or not the search business was doing its job adequately?

I think they only definitive answer to this question is – whoever has decided they need to build a new and hopefully better search engine.

While inevitable, I think in order for any new entrant into the Search Engine market to have a fighting chance – they will first have to come up with another category description for their product if they want their new product to be entertained let alone used repeatedly.

Web search as a category has become fully associated with and thus controlled by Google and its brand.

Because of this any market entrant into the web search engine business by definition will be just another search engine.



Google’s Halloween 2010 Scooby Doodle

October 30, 2010

The headline potential for Google’s Halloween 2010 Scooby Doo doodle was just to easy to pass up.

So… enjoy Google’s Halloween 2010 Scooby Doodle!

Google's Halloween 2010 Scooby Doodle

Google's Halloween 2010 Scooby Doodle

Google: The First Global Brand Without A Slogan

September 14, 2010

Is Google the first global brand to flourish without a marketing campaign or accompanying slogan?

Slogan (n): motto: a favorite saying of a sect or political group

Google: Th Sloganless Brand

Google: Th Sloganless Brand

I haven’t seen or heard Google the brand utilize a single slogan, nor can I think of any brand global or otherwise that has achieved the success Google has without some kind of slogan.

Can you name one?

Google: Follow Your Team in The World Cup

June 11, 2010

Google is offering a customized World Cup Soccer experience via the browser and iGoogle home page.

Google Follow Your Team

Google Follow Your Team

With the World Cup being the world’s largest sporting event, Google’s offer will surely be widely embraced and adopted by its global audience.

Find People To Follow

April 14, 2010

From the official Google Blog:

This morning we announced a replay feature in real-time search that helps you search the public archive of updates from Twitter. Now, we have more Twitter news from today’s Chirp Conference. We’ve just released a new experimental service in Google Labs called Google Follow Finder to help you expand your Twitter network. With Google Follow Finder, simply enter your Twitter account name and you’ll see a list of people you might be interested in following. You can also get interesting suggestions by entering other Twitter user names. Here’s what it looks like:

If you see someone you want to follow, just click “Follow on Twitter,” log in, and they’ll be added to your following list in Twitter. This integration is based on Twitter’s new @anywhere frameworks, which make it easy for any site to add Twitter functionality. We’re using the frameworks to provide dynamic information about Twitter accounts and one-click following.

Find People To Follow

Find People To Follow

From my perspective, “Find People to Follow” is a great idea executed backwards.

Rules To Success

April 2, 2010

From Google:

In his quarter century of working in Silicon Valley at such companies as Apple, @Home, and Google, CMC Alum Jonathan Rosenberg has had ample opportunity to watch successful people in action. He will share his observations on what makes great people tick and draw conclusions on how a liberal arts education can arm the next generation of leaders. His talk will include a set of “rules” that promise to be excellent preparation for any student who plan at some point to enter the real world.

Order A Google Nexus One SuperPhone

January 5, 2010
Nexus One

Nexus One

Order your new Google Nexus One Superphone here.

Finding Black Friday Deals In Google

November 24, 2009

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known by US Consumers as Black Friday.

Many shoppers begin searching for Black Friday deals seven to ten days before Black Friday actually arrives.

A quick way to create a list of up to the minute information on Black Friday deals is to search Google News and Google Blog search.

Google News Black Friday Deals

Google News Black Friday Deals

Google News provides links to recognized news media stories about Black Friday deals while Google Blog Search provides lists of blogs with information not often available from traditional news sources.

Google Blogs Search Black Friday Deals

Google Blogs Search Black Friday Deals

Combined Google News and Google Blog search provide a wealth of Black Friday deals information.

Facts About Google’s Purchase of AdMob

November 9, 2009

Google has agreed to purchase AdMob for $750 million.

The acquisition will enhance Google’s existing expertise and technology in mobile advertising, while also giving advertisers and publishers more choice in this growing new area.

According to Google:

  • The deal will bring new innovation and competition to mobile advertising, and will lead to more effective tools for creating, serving, and analyzing emerging mobile ads formats.
  • This deal will benefit developers, publishers, and advertisers by improving the performance of mobile advertising, and will provide users with more free or low-cost mobile apps.
  • The mobile advertising space will remain highly competitive, with more than a dozen mobile ad networks. The deal is similar to mobile advertising acquisitions that AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo have made in the past two years.
Types of Mobile Advertising

Types of Mobile Advertising

Google offers many forms of mobile advertising, yet its focus to date has been on mobile search ads, while AdMob’s focus has been mobile display ads and in-application ads.

Acquiring AdMob will help Google flesh out its advertising product offerings to both mobile search advertisers and the mobile search audience.

After the Google AdMob deal closes, both advertisers and publishers will still have many viable choices in mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising Spend

Estimated 2009 Mobile Advertising Spend

Although eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending will reach $416 million in 2009, compared with the nearly $24 billion that will be spent overall for online advertising, $51 billion on TV ads, and $38 billion on newspaper ads, the mobile search advertising market will remain a fraction of the overall advertising industry for the foreseeable future.