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Nuclear Follow Cost?

November 11, 2010

I noticed on my mobile a Twitter service called Follow Cost and thought I would check it out.

Follow Cost publishes a Twitter account’s average number of updates over time along with a recent updates number.

As you can see below, my average Tweets per day over the life of my Twitter account has been 13.72 Tweets a day while recently my Tweeting frequency has increased to 235.45 Tweets a day.

This in turn has caused Follow Cost to declare following me on Twitter to have a “Nuclear Follow Cost”.

Nuclear Follow Cost

Nuclear Follow Cost measures its Twitter following costs in units called Milliscobles.

The definition of a Milliscoble from



With my recent updates score of 11101.1 milliscobles,  I don’t whether I should be alarmed or relieved.




Bing Social Beta

June 21, 2010

I was searching for Summer Solstice today in Google and saw a Tweet in their real time search results from “Bing Social”.

Having never heard of Bing Social, I thought I would investigate further.

Bing Social

Bing Social

Sure enough, clicking through took me to the Bing Social Beta site.

Bing Social Beta

Bing Social Beta

The Bing Social site is where Microsoft collects and posts the “Hottest Social Topics” from both Twitter and Facebook.

While the topics featured in Bing Social may be hot, Microsoft is most likely using the social media streams to flesh out its fledgling search index.

Whether the hot social topics Bing or any other search engine for that matter feature have any shelf life beyond the moment remains to be seen.

Find People To Follow

April 14, 2010

From the official Google Blog:

This morning we announced a replay feature in real-time search that helps you search the public archive of updates from Twitter. Now, we have more Twitter news from today’s Chirp Conference. We’ve just released a new experimental service in Google Labs called Google Follow Finder to help you expand your Twitter network. With Google Follow Finder, simply enter your Twitter account name and you’ll see a list of people you might be interested in following. You can also get interesting suggestions by entering other Twitter user names. Here’s what it looks like:

If you see someone you want to follow, just click “Follow on Twitter,” log in, and they’ll be added to your following list in Twitter. This integration is based on Twitter’s new @anywhere frameworks, which make it easy for any site to add Twitter functionality. We’re using the frameworks to provide dynamic information about Twitter accounts and one-click following.

Find People To Follow

Find People To Follow

From my perspective, “Find People to Follow” is a great idea executed backwards.

Total Tweets Off; Way Off

February 5, 2010

When I logged into my Twitter account today I discovered the total number of Tweets displayed in my account were 200% greater than the number of Tweets I have actually posted.

Total Twitter Tweets Off

Total Twitter Tweets Off

Last I recall I had around 3,500 Tweets.

Based on this new Twitter stat, I guess I am now much more prolific than I was just one day ago.

News To Yahoo: Branded Cursing

January 19, 2010

Yahoo News wouldn’t normally care whether its brand name was mixed in with this Twitter user’s other tweets.

Branded Cursing

Branded Cursing

Yet, I am pretty sure they aren’t going to be publishing news on their new blog network featuring stories laced with curse words any time soon.

Even I, a lowly rather unimaginative blogger can crank out Tweets and Blog posts free of cuss words.

You would think a Harvard graduate could too…

I guess anything goes in Web 2.0.

Twitter, Coupons And Gift Certificates

January 9, 2010

I don’t know how successful distribution and redemption of coupons / gift certificates will become on Twitter but the following is an example of a Tweet for a gift certificate, it’s landing and then purchase pages.

Twitter Coupons

Twitter Coupons

The Tweet’s “landing page” –

Tweet Landing Page

Tweet Landing Page

The Twitter gift certificate redemption page:

Tweeted Gift Certificate

Tweeted Gift Certificate

The gift certificate’s headline and promise are disingenuous because the $10 gift certificate’s $4 purchase price is only valid when used toward a minimum food purchase of $20.00.

Bait and switch gift certificating…

Twitter And The New York Times

January 3, 2010
Twitter TimesPeople

Twitter TimesPeople

Twitter NYT

Twitter NYT

The People Have Tweeted: The Tweet As An Endorsement

December 21, 2009

In today’s Wall Street Journal there is a full page ad from a gum manufacturer featuring Twitter Tweets as “endoresments” of their product.

The ad  begins with “The people have Tweeted.”

The ad then features Tweets that speak highly of their gum brand from ten different Twitter accounts.

The People Have Tweeted

The People Have Tweeted

Readers are then encouraged to follow the brand @

I wonder if Trident had to get permission from each of the Tweeters to use their Tweet in their promotional materials or if the Tweeters were compensated for endorsing Trident Layers?

Time permitting, I am going to contact each of them and see if they were even aware their Tweets had been used in a full page Wall Street Journal ad or not.

The following ten Twitter accounts endorsed Trident Layers gum.

MsCalcote, eddahlen, warob, cameron_crazy, xstandforitx, mattchew03, amybites, FitBottomedGirl, melissakmurray and lollieshopping.

I sure hope for Trident’s sake they alerted these Tweeters first (not me) about using their Tweets and that none of the above Twitterers are employees, friends or family members of any of their ad agencies.

Cloned Twitter Accounts: The New Twitter Spam, Tweeting Duplicate Content

October 29, 2009

I guess the initial wave of Twitter spammers probably duplicated their content from one account to the next as they spammed and then their accounts were banned.

Taking a page from those early Twitter spam innovators, the MLM crowd appears to have picked up where the spammers left off while also adding a few new tricks of their own.

Apparently one of my previous Tweets had a keyword sweet enough in it for the Twitter search and follow autobots to follow my account.

It was probably the #140Conf hashtag.

This morning I received two new Twitter followers one from a man, the other from a woman one right after another.

Nothing unusal there.

Since I don’t auto-follow followers, I went to investigate each Twitter account to see what I could find.

What I found was two Twitter accounts with legitimate names and bios yet both had the same background and Tweet history.

Exhibit #1

Duplicate Twitter Account 1

Duplicate Twitter Account 1

Exhibit #2

Duplicate Twitter Account 2

Duplicate Twitter Account 2

What a novel idea.

Cloned Twitter accounts Tweeting spammy duplicate MLM content!

If I were guessing, I would say this could become a major hassle for both Twitter and Twitter’s audience.