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News To Yahoo: Branded Cursing

January 19, 2010

Yahoo News wouldn’t normally care whether its brand name was mixed in with this Twitter user’s other tweets.

Branded Cursing

Branded Cursing

Yet, I am pretty sure they aren’t going to be publishing news on their new blog network featuring stories laced with curse words any time soon.

Even I, a lowly rather unimaginative blogger can crank out Tweets and Blog posts free of cuss words.

You would think a Harvard graduate could too…

I guess anything goes in Web 2.0.

Advertisement Results Beta

October 25, 2009

As mentioned in my post yesterday, Tweets are now appearing in the search results Beta.

Bing Twitter Results Beta

Bing Twitter Results Beta

I just replied to a Tweet and found it seconds later in Bing’s Twitter search results Beta.

Although this search result is relevant to the search term, I am not yet convinced publishing Tweets in the broader search index other than for news related terms will have any value to the search audience.

Particularly if Twitter search results are any indication of the quality of information being Tweeted by the Twitter community.

I think Bing being first mover in real time integration of Tweets into search results may ultimately dilute the value of what search results quality they already have.

After studying Tweets from within a 100 mile radius of my city for two weeks straight, I found there is a significant descrepancy between the number of quality Twitter signals to the sheer amount of Twitter noise.

As Bing advances down the real time search path vis-a-vis Twitter, I am certain they will discover much the same.

Tweet Backup

September 13, 2009

The following are my Tweets 1,081 through 1,181.

  1. Seven Tweeters @tombed @larrychiang @sjcobrien @GreenSoftware @mchui @philvogel @rashmi #AOSS0911:37 AM Jul 29th from web
  2. RT @larrychiang The new keynote will be a 2 way conversation. Speakers & panel moderators that can’t will go the way of newspaper #aoss0911:34 AM Jul 29th from web
  3. RT @jmfeland uTest: Crowdsourced testing leads to higher quality web, desktop and mobile apps, speeding products to market #aoss0911:29 AM Jul 29th from web
  4. RT @mchui Paul Jacobs: 830M 3G subscribers today, 2.4B 3G subscribers by 2013 #aoss0911:25 AM Jul 29th from web
  5. RT @steverubel Share Tweets with Friends Right in GMail AM Jul 29th from web
  6. RT @hebsgaard Google Docs Get eDiscovery and Archiving Support. #ediscovery #e20 AM Jul 29th from web
  7. @YahooGuy Are my Yahoo search accounts still going to be @Yahoo with a Bing admin panel?8:46 AM Jul 29th from web
  8. Is your city an economic backwater or dynamic ocean? #McKinsey & Company’s #Innovation Clusters:…8:38 AM Jul 29th from
  9. News in the internet age will not monetize like news in the printing press age.8:16 AM Jul 28th from web
  10. RT@mikeslone Twitter use: 41.6% stay in touch w friends, 29.1% status updates, 25.8% news, 21.7% for work, 9.4% research AM Jul 28th from web
  11. Microsoft’s negotiations with Yahoo = Search Opera.8:17 AM Jul 27th from web
  12. RE: @fredwilson “Google delivers more than a billion consumer visits to newspaper web sites each month.”… PM Jul 25th from DISQUS
  13. RT @mmartoccia Monetize The Audience, Not The Content via @YoTwits This is what I do as a Web Marketing Consultant5:28 PM Jul 25th from web
  14. Doesn’t understand how #Twitter accounts with 14 updates have 10,000 #followers.4:28 PM Jul 25th from web
  15. @Maveron The link to Maveron on your Twitter page has an extra http://3:42 PM Jul 25th from web
  16. Social Media Rarely Used to Guide Purchases…3:35 PM Jul 25th from
  17. Business classification simplified by Warren Buffett: Innovators, Imitators and Idiots.11:09 AM Jul 25th from web
  18. “Mail is just not as deeply emotional anymore. “We don’t have the ‘Oh my God, the mail’s here!’ moments anymore.” Nancy Pope10:23 AM Jul 25th from web
  19. Junk mail -the offers and ads that often make up most of the day’s mail — has fallen precipitously as businesses follow consumers online.10:20 AM Jul 25th from web
  20. “If you go to banks, they will tell you point-blank that their first priority is to get the hell out of the mail.” Gene Del Polito10:20 AM Jul 25th from web
  21. 213 billion pieces of US mail in 2006 to 170 billion projected for 2010.10:16 AM Jul 25th from web
  22. Past year = single largest drop-off in mail volume in US Postal Service 234-year history.10:15 AM Jul 25th from web
  23. 175,000 mail collection boxes left in US. Must collect more than 25 pieces a day to survive.10:12 AM Jul 25th from web
  24. Main “collection boxes” along with “news racks” becoming things of the past AM Jul 25th from
  25. Which businesses are winning, marginal or losing? Why?10:03 AM Jul 25th from web
  26. “….I could have calibrated those words differently.”10:01 AM Jul 25th from web
  27. Ironic: Fireworks prohibited on Federal Property.9:57 AM Jul 25th from web
  28. What businesses via either market segment(s) or geographic location will experience compound annual growth #CAGR over the next year?3:01 PM Jul 24th from web
  29. What business in your city will experience compound annual growth over the next year, next five years?2:59 PM Jul 24th from web
  30. RT @GoogleResearch Blog: Predicting Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits. AM Jul 24th from web
  31. @tomforemski AppleCare service sucks… their repair depots are outsourced / ran by non Apple company.11:24 AM Jul 24th from web
  32. Microhoo #MSFT+#YHOO vs. Google #GOOG: The Battle for Audience and Keystrokes AM Jul 24th from
  33. Thinks personal computer shipments have peaked.11:07 AM Jul 24th from web
  34. Best Buy asks the crowd for help finding the right employee…9:03 AM Jul 24th from
  35. 2009 Google Adwords Online Marketing Challenge Winners & Metrics…8:59 AM Jul 24th from
  36. @BestBuyCMO Thanks for the mention on your blog Barry.8:05 AM Jul 24th from web
  37. @joshuakahn Thanks.8:03 AM Jul 24th from web
  38. Twitter 101 Twitter User Guide…8:28 PM Jul 23rd from
  39. #Mindmapping #Mindmap news?8:02 PM Jul 23rd from web
  40. @mwherman2000 I gathered there was a SharePoint connection. Wasn’t sure. Thanks.7:57 PM Jul 23rd from web
  41. @mwherman2000 Yes – its not on your Twitter page or easily locatable via search.7:52 PM Jul 23rd from web
  42. “Hands-on troubleshooting allows you to deeply understand the problem and be more actively involved in the solution.” John Baldoni8:02 AM Jul 23rd from web
  43. RT @ManagementTip Stuck? Try Troubleshooting Instead of Problem Solving AM Jul 23rd from web
  44. Thanks for clearing that up #Wordpress.8:00 AM Jul 23rd from web
  45. Reputation credits, Attention credits.8:57 PM Jul 22nd from web
  46. “The stuff that can become software, becomes software.” Chris Anderson8:56 PM Jul 22nd from web
  47. #Freemium – Colbert says real made up word.8:55 PM Jul 22nd from web
  48. #Free Radical Chris Anderson @chr1sa coming up on Colbert Report8:51 PM Jul 22nd from web
  49. RT @youtube Watch President Obama’s live news conference NOW on PM Jul 22nd from web
  50. RT @googleanalytics GA Tip in 140 Char: Segment regions in the Map Overlay report by Keyword to see regional search trends4:56 PM Jul 22nd from web
  51. RT @LATimes Calif’s first online high school is approved. Virtual prom, anyone? via @lanow4:54 PM Jul 22nd from web
  52. RT @heartnsoul for ships with realtime maps #amazing4:50 PM Jul 22nd from web
  53. RT @forrester Forrester blog for Marketing Leadership: media agencies want to be media technology companies PM Jul 22nd from web
  54. RT @steverubel Started following @GoogleContacts4:40 PM Jul 22nd from web
  55. RT @rosshill Smart energy meters that tweet (by IDEO) #yam #dop4:36 PM Jul 22nd from web
  56. #Amazon buys #Zappos PM Jul 22nd from web
  57. #Wordpress doesn’t allow tons of data ( ie., a Twitter followers list) to be uploaded. Such is the life of the test pilot. WP please restore2:49 PM Jul 22nd from web
  58. #Wordpress2:48 PM Jul 22nd from web
  59. How To Search Twitter and Archive Lists of Followers…11:55 AM Jul 22nd from
  60. How To Create and Search Your Own Twitter Followers List…11:53 AM Jul 22nd from
  61. #Adwords10:08 AM Jul 22nd from web
  62. @KarlRove You work on your book at night?8:21 AM Jul 22nd from web
  63. All consumption is aspirational.7:57 AM Jul 22nd from web
  64. “[Insert male product buyer here] want to be seen by their friends, and by ladies, as interesting.”7:56 AM Jul 22nd from web
  65. @bradyambler Thanks for the comment about Ogilvy and the World’s “Most Interesting Man” story.. He speaks French in Russian too.7:54 AM Jul 22nd from web
  66. ‘Most Interesting Man’ increases sales: “Drinkers wanted to be seen by their friends, and by ladies, as interesting.” AM Jul 22nd from web
  67. @SteveRubel #WorkStreaming, I’m measuring my output w/ time and date stamping publicly via Twitter + WordPress mashups.8:00 PM Jul 21st from web
  68. @jspats I agree the concept is good. SMB #s 25 million are from the Census and consist of all businesses in the US including ATTs.6:52 PM Jul 21st from web
  69. @themarketingguy Please define posterous life stream.6:48 PM Jul 21st from web
  70. RT @mjleonard Interesting that the new Yahoo HP doesn’t have Twitter set as a default favorite.6:45 PM Jul 21st from web
  71. Yahoo now has one rep for every 11,853 of their audience members @Yahoo or one sales rep for every 1,923 “businesses” in the US.6:39 PM Jul 21st from web
  72. The 50 year Business Cycle and Creative Destruction:…5:48 PM Jul 21st from
  73. Testing updates page loads via Bitly analytics: PM Jul 21st from
  74. Thinks Jazz is an economic indicator.5:34 PM Jul 21st from web
  75. Invent starts with an I…4:57 PM Jul 21st from web
  76. Making Twitter Updates Searchable…1:12 PM Jul 21st from
  77. RT @zebs Digital Spending Will Nearly Double in 5 Years, But Ad Budgets Won’t PM Jul 21st from web
  78. RT @dcfemella 100,000 users to get Google Wave this fall PM Jul 21st from web
  79. “You’ll find no statues of committees” David Ogilvy11:07 AM Jul 21st from web
  80. RT @PSFKRSS Latest: Custom Interactive Projections On Buildings AM Jul 21st from web
  81. RT @modeling22 @TimHo David Ogilvy’s best advice for business AM Jul 21st from web
  82. Collapse of Distinction = good book. #Business = Process, Service & Experience. What kind of experience are your customers getting?8:34 AM Jul 21st from web
  83. “Get digital books into the hands of people who want them – any device, any time, anywhere,” said Barnes & Noble’s William Lynch via AP8:25 AM Jul 21st from web
  84. – Testing Twitcam…..7:54 PM Jul 20th from API
  85. RT @1938media – testing7:53 PM Jul 20th from web
  86. – Tesiting Twitcam from my laptop…7:50 PM Jul 20th from API
  87. RT @lizasisler Nice summary of Microsoft messaging at #WPC09 Microsoft’s new Mantra:Save people Money.7:47 PM Jul 20th from web
  88. #SiliconValley news?7:45 PM Jul 20th from web
  89. RT @samdecker @CMO_Council: US Ad Spend Plunges 14.2%; Only Online Posts Growth: Doubt it comes back6:50 PM Jul 20th from web
  90. RT @mashable Confirmed: Digg Just Hijacked Your Twitter Links – PM Jul 19th from web
  91. The Market for Political Spin PM Jul 19th from
  92. RT @chr1sa via @steverubel Top five Kindle books are all free Maybe those new Amazon patents will monetize content.11:21 AM Jul 19th from web
  93. One of my favorite books? Thinkertoys.8:39 PM Jul 18th from web
  94. Anybody able to search and locate more than their last 100 #Tweets / #updates in their #Twitter account?1:44 PM Jul 18th from web
  95. @Twitter If only a week’s worth of my Tweets are archived – what did #Twitter do with my #Tweets that are older than a week – discard them?1:43 PM Jul 18th from web
  96. @Twitter Who’s responsible for archiving all of my #Tweets – me or #Twitter?1:41 PM Jul 18th from web
  97. @Twitter If Tweets older than a week aren’t searchable or findable – hasn’t Twitter then destroyed them?1:39 PM Jul 18th from web
  98. @Twitter Why can’t I retrieve more than the last several pages of updates from my Twitter account?1:37 PM Jul 18th from web
  99. Steve Brill interview with the Atlantic about content monetization…3:23 PM Jul 17th from
  100. 100% of US Internet users surveyed in Q2 2009 went online to pass the time:…2:35 PM Jul 17th from

Donald Trump Brand Dilution

August 25, 2009

I thought I had seen all of the possible businesses Donald Trump could lend his name to from Trump Water to Trump University but this one takes the cake.

Donald Trump Network Marketer

Donald Trump Network Marketer

I had seen several Tweets pushing a similar message and thought the Tweets might have been exaggerated.

However, if there are ads running the same message – it must be true!

I think there are two takeaways from Donald Trump’s latest business venture:

1. A brand can over extend itself and stray far enough from its place in the consumer’s mind as to actually lose its place in the consumer’s mind – thereby diluting any brand equity it may have had.

2. There is no easier mark than a salesman.

I would have loved to have witnessed the process where the network marketer who sold Donald Trump on lending his name to a multi-level marketing scheme closed that deal – it had to have been a doozy.

Good luck Donald Trump Network Marketing Company!

The Press Release announcing the launch of the Donlad Trump Network Marketing Company:

Donald Trump Network Marketing Company

Donald Trump Network Marketing Company

Tweet From WordPress

August 17, 2009

The TwitPlusNNNF WordPress plugin lets WordPress users Tweet their latest blog post or update.

TwitPlusNNNF WordPress Plugin

TwitPlusNNNF WordPress Plugin

I have never installed a plugin.

Can they be installed on WordPress hosted blogs?

Have you used the TwitPlusNNNF plugin?

Does it work as described?

When Will I Be Able To Tweet My WordPress Posts Directly To Twitter?

August 16, 2009

WordPress recently introduced a new url shortening feature to the blogging community called “Get Shortlink”.

Wordpress Get Shortlink

Wordpress Get Shortlink

WordPress bloggers can now get a shortened url for each of their WordPress blog posts by simply clicking the “Get Shortlink” button next to each of their post’s Permalink addresses.

The new url shortening feature from WordPress will save bloggers time and several keystrokes when Tweeting their most recent blog post to their Twitter account.

Great new feature Matt!

When will I be able to Tweet my most recent WordPress blog posts directly to my Twitter account?