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October 25, 2009

As mentioned in my post yesterday, Tweets are now appearing in the search results Beta.

Bing Twitter Results Beta

Bing Twitter Results Beta

I just replied to a Tweet and found it seconds later in Bing’s Twitter search results Beta.

Although this search result is relevant to the search term, I am not yet convinced publishing Tweets in the broader search index other than for news related terms will have any value to the search audience.

Particularly if Twitter search results are any indication of the quality of information being Tweeted by the Twitter community.

I think Bing being first mover in real time integration of Tweets into search results may ultimately dilute the value of what search results quality they already have.

After studying Tweets from within a 100 mile radius of my city for two weeks straight, I found there is a significant descrepancy between the number of quality Twitter signals to the sheer amount of Twitter noise.

As Bing advances down the real time search path vis-a-vis Twitter, I am certain they will discover much the same.