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Donald Trump Brand Dilution

August 25, 2009

I thought I had seen all of the possible businesses Donald Trump could lend his name to from Trump Water to Trump University but this one takes the cake.

Donald Trump Network Marketer

Donald Trump Network Marketer

I had seen several Tweets pushing a similar message and thought the Tweets might have been exaggerated.

However, if there are ads running the same message – it must be true!

I think there are two takeaways from Donald Trump’s latest business venture:

1. A brand can over extend itself and stray far enough from its place in the consumer’s mind as to actually lose its place in the consumer’s mind – thereby diluting any brand equity it may have had.

2. There is no easier mark than a salesman.

I would have loved to have witnessed the process where the network marketer who sold Donald Trump on lending his name to a multi-level marketing scheme closed that deal – it had to have been a doozy.

Good luck Donald Trump Network Marketing Company!

The Press Release announcing the launch of the Donlad Trump Network Marketing Company:

Donald Trump Network Marketing Company

Donald Trump Network Marketing Company