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Google: The First Global Brand Without A Slogan

September 14, 2010

Is Google the first global brand to flourish without a marketing campaign or accompanying slogan?

Slogan (n): motto: a favorite saying of a sect or political group

Google: Th Sloganless Brand

Google: Th Sloganless Brand

I haven’t seen or heard Google the brand utilize a single slogan, nor can I think of any brand global or otherwise that has achieved the success Google has without some kind of slogan.

Can you name one?


AC/DC The Band and The Brand

November 7, 2009

I attended an AC/DC concert this past week and was impressed on many levels.

I wish I had taken pictures.

The last concert I attended was Carlos Santa earlier this year. I had second row center seats to his performance and didn’t take pictures there either.

Wish I had.

I have attended over 100 Rock Concerts since 1974 beginning with Aerosmith and Ted Nugent.

I saw saw Led Zeppelin in 1977 at one of their last performances before John Bonham died.

I had front row seats to KISS in 1977 when I was 15 and got to meet the band without their makeup at their hotel after the concert.

I saw the Kinks when I was 17 and shook Ray Davies hand while watching his band perform from the orchestra pit.

I have seen the Rolling Stone seven times. I had front row seats once and shook all of the band members hands except Mick Jagger’s at another performance where I had 13th row seats.

Blogging regularly has not only helped me remember all of the things I have done in my life, it has also caused me to wonder what would have happened differently if I had been blogging all along or at least since the web was born…

Who knows?

I packed my camera for the AC/DC concert but didn’t take it in because I didn’t want it to get confiscated.

Although I saw a bunch of people taking pictures with their iPhones, its still not exactly clear to me which devices are allowed in rock concerts and which ones aren’t.

I just didn’t want to risk getting my camera taken.

Just before attending the AC/DC concert, I had read some quotes about branding that I think the band AC/DC personifies.

The brand quotes came from a design conference in Toronto.

The brand related quotes are:

“Real competition does not come from competitors, it comes from clutter.”

“A brand is not what you say, but what THEY perceive”

“The barrier to competition has gone from physical (factories, capital) to the minds of the consumer.”

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.”

How does branding relate to the band AC/DC?

Doesn’t the AC/DC brand meet all of the “qualifications” above?

They do in my mind.

Here are my reasons why:

If real competition comes from clutter, AC/DC exists in a relatively clutter free space. When I think of the band AC/DC I don’t get them confused with any other bands.

Do you?

AC/DC doesn’t have to tell me they are a Rock and Roll band, their actions speak louder than their words. I know Rock and Roll when I see it and AC/DC is Rock and Roll.

When I hear or see AC/DC perform, I know in my gut I am experiencing the real deal.

I think millions of other Rock and Roll fans feel the same way.

David Fricke, critic for Rolling Stone once said in a review of an AC/DC album that the band “had made the same album nine times.”

Well Mr. Fricke, is not this type of consistency the essence of branding?

I think by AC/DC having stuck with their original Rock and Roll message consistently from the beginning is one of the main reasons why the band and their Rock and Roll brand are included on the top ten list of best selling recording artists of all time.