Bing Is One Year Old

From Microsoft:

Bing Is One

Bing Is One

Bing is one year old – Join the celebration

Thanks to the support of Microsoft® adCenter advertisers like you, it’s been an amazing inaugural year for Bing. To celebrate, we invite you to explore some of the milestones we’ve achieved together.
•     Bing advertisers are reaching a motivated audience; Bing searchers spend 42 percent more than the average search user in the U.S.—21 percent more than Google users and 25 percent more than Yahoo! users.¹
•     Plus, people who land on sites from organic search results via Bing are 78 percent more likely to click an ad, compared with arriving on the site from Google.²
•     Bing advertisers had a lower average cost-per-click than those on Google, and they had more impressions than both Google and Yahoo! advertisers.3


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