Bing Advertising Google Placement

I thought the following search result for Bing Advertising on was ironic.

The first result on for Bing Advertising isn’t for “Bing Advertising” instead its a sponsored site link for “24/7 1st page placement” from “”.

Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising

Clicking the Bing advertiser’s link takes searchers to a landing page where the phrases Bing or Bing Advertising are nowhere to be found.

Instead, the following copy ensues:

Global Market Exposure is a Google AdWords Qualified Company that proudly employs experienced Google AdWords Qualified Personnel. This means you work directly with our Google Professionals removing all the guess work and costly mistakes. With Global Market Exposure’s aggressive ad campaigns, revolving ad text, and Guaranteed First Page Google and Yahoo Placement, your business receives maximum exposure and the positive name (product) branding you’re looking for, turning impressions into clicks and clicks into conversions.

Google Placement

Google Placement

If this type of search result was what Microsoft had in mind when they re-branded and relaunched their Bing search product as a decision engine, Microsoft might ought to rethink their decision engine.


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6 Responses to “Bing Advertising Google Placement”

  1. Bing Advertising Google Placement « The Blog of Author Tim Cohn — Affiliates Insider: Showing You The Insides Says:

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  2. Kevin Web Guy. Says:

    I suppose “legally” is not a scam, but it operates like one. They prey on customer’s lack of knowledge to charge them a much higher fee for what they could get otherwise. They simply give you one or two words that they place you on Google for. This is not enough to generate a return for most customers or do anything of value other than suck your wallet dry. Look around and you will find much more reputable businesses that provide an honest service.

  3. Benjamin Briggs Says:


    Thanks for your interest in Global Market Exposure’s marketing campaign. I haven’t had time to look as fully into your blog as I’d like to, but it looks like you have a lot of good information here.

    Global Market Exposure Corp owns Please check out our new site To address your post, Global Market Exposure does offer 24/7 exposure on Bing, but as we both know the majority of search traffic comes from Google. Since the Google platform allows for easier conversion tracking and has a better all around interface most of our business is done on Google. It follows that our marketing efforts would be much more strongly directed toward Google rather than Bing.

    Here is the page on our site which explains our Bing placement services. You’ll notice that our domain appears first naturally for the search Bing Placement on Google and also appears naturally on Bing for the same keyword. I don’t see a relevancy problem with this ad. I do however share your frustration with Bing’s inability to get an advertising platform online which is competitive with Adwords.

    Thanks again for your interest,
    Benjamin Briggs
    Director of Search Engine Optimization
    Global Market Exposure

  4. Robert8080 Says:

    Tim. All of us who are in the industry know that your company does a disservice to legitimate companies. Global Market Exposure does not sell a good service. Your email says nothing about the lack of services your company provides. You make people “feel” like they are internet marketing, but in reality, they are not. Really, you are just exploiting the gap in knowledge between you and your customers to sell “24/7 exposure” on very specific phrases that you know will not generate significant clicks and therefore will not generate significant business for your customers. PPC marketing can work when you use it as a funnel to direct and test traffic on a huge variety of words and phrases. This is not what you do. Please use the information you find on this blog on others to develop a real service.

    • Tim Cohn Says:

      Robert8080 – I believe you misaddressed your comment’s salutation.

      This blog has nothing to do with nor am i affiliated with Global Market Exposure in any way shape or form.

      Your comments should have been directed to Benjamin Briggs @ Global Market Exposure not me.

  5. Ben Briggs Says:

    Really Robert?

    I don’t know what planet you live on, but here on Earth, Global Market Exposure, not only offers immediate exposure on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we also offer social media marketing, local search optimization, organic search engine optimization, ppc management, web design, web development, web analytics, and other services. All of our services are offered on month to month agreements. If we are doing such a terrible job of providing a positive return on investment For our clients, why would they continue paying the bills we send them?

    Robert8080, since you’re such an expert in “the industry” how about a contest? You name the keyword, winner is the SEO who is #1 on Google 90 days after we say go. Or maybe you’d like to see who can generate more fans for their Facebook group in 90 days? I’m open to suggestions. My team would be happy to beat you at any social marketing, lead capture, ppc/landing page conversion, or seo test.

    Global Market Exposure is a team of hardworking professionals. We serve our clients best interests every day, and I will put my team up against any in the internet marketing industry. (for the record, the guys at seomoz, Aaron Wall, David Mihm, other internet marketing powerhouses, would probably beat us at an SEO off, if you can afford any of those guys, I say hire them) At Global Market Exposure we don’t claim to be the Best Internet Marketing company out there, but we’re better than most and improving daily.

    Robert8080! If you’d like to accept my challenge, post a comment here or email me ben at

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been very busy improving traffic and conversions for my clients.

    Ben Briggs

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