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Twitter And The New York Times

January 3, 2010
Twitter TimesPeople

Twitter TimesPeople

Twitter NYT

Twitter NYT

The People Have Tweeted: The Tweet As An Endorsement

December 21, 2009

In today’s Wall Street Journal there is a full page ad from a gum manufacturer featuring Twitter Tweets as “endoresments” of their product.

The ad  begins with “The people have Tweeted.”

The ad then features Tweets that speak highly of their gum brand from ten different Twitter accounts.

The People Have Tweeted

The People Have Tweeted

Readers are then encouraged to follow the brand @

I wonder if Trident had to get permission from each of the Tweeters to use their Tweet in their promotional materials or if the Tweeters were compensated for endorsing Trident Layers?

Time permitting, I am going to contact each of them and see if they were even aware their Tweets had been used in a full page Wall Street Journal ad or not.

The following ten Twitter accounts endorsed Trident Layers gum.

MsCalcote, eddahlen, warob, cameron_crazy, xstandforitx, mattchew03, amybites, FitBottomedGirl, melissakmurray and lollieshopping.

I sure hope for Trident’s sake they alerted these Tweeters first (not me) about using their Tweets and that none of the above Twitterers are employees, friends or family members of any of their ad agencies.

Twitter Updates Now Live in Linkedin Accounts

November 11, 2009

Today I received the following email from Linkedin.

Twitter Updates in Linkedin

Twitter Updates in Linkedin

Although I don’t actively use my Linkedin account, I try to keep up with any new functionality or features.

Setting up Twitter within my Linkedin was easy to do.

After logging into your Linkedin account, go to the add applications portion of your home page and find the Tweets application.

About the Tweets application:

With Tweets, you can now display your most recent tweets on your LinkedIn profile. Tweets also gives you instant access to the updates of people you are following on Twitter and the power to tweet, reply, and re-tweet — all from your LinkedIn home page.

Click add application to integrate Twitter account into your Linkedin profile.

Tweets Applications

Tweets Applications

You’ll then be taken to a  Get started with Tweets page.

Linkedin Tweets

Linkedin Tweets

Click add your Twitter account.

Linkedin will then take you to a Twitter authorization page.

Twitter Linkedin

Twitter Linkedin

Allowing Linkedin will then integrate your Twitter account Tweets into your Linkedin profile.

Once added, Linkedin gives their account holders the option whether  to display their Twitter identity on their Linkedin profile or not.

All Tweets can be displayed or just those with #IN or #Li hashtags.

Twitter Added To Linkedin Profile

Twitter Added To Linkedin Profile

A Twitter account holder’s most recent Tweets then supply the Linkedin profile update.

Linkedin Network Updates

Linkedin Network Updates

It will be interesting to see what if anything occurs as a result of my having added my Tweets to my Linkedin profile. Displaying “New Tweets”

November 6, 2009

I noticed is now displaying the number of new Tweets that occur in between page refreshes and views over the web. New Tweets New Tweets

Previously, Twitter users who viewed their accounts on the web wouldn’t  have any idea how many Tweets had been made in between the time they viewed one page from the next.

With the Tweet Stream growing ever more volumunous for active Twitter users, this simple improvement may help prevent Stream Fatigue or cause more of it.

Cloned Twitter Accounts: The New Twitter Spam, Tweeting Duplicate Content

October 29, 2009

I guess the initial wave of Twitter spammers probably duplicated their content from one account to the next as they spammed and then their accounts were banned.

Taking a page from those early Twitter spam innovators, the MLM crowd appears to have picked up where the spammers left off while also adding a few new tricks of their own.

Apparently one of my previous Tweets had a keyword sweet enough in it for the Twitter search and follow autobots to follow my account.

It was probably the #140Conf hashtag.

This morning I received two new Twitter followers one from a man, the other from a woman one right after another.

Nothing unusal there.

Since I don’t auto-follow followers, I went to investigate each Twitter account to see what I could find.

What I found was two Twitter accounts with legitimate names and bios yet both had the same background and Tweet history.

Exhibit #1

Duplicate Twitter Account 1

Duplicate Twitter Account 1

Exhibit #2

Duplicate Twitter Account 2

Duplicate Twitter Account 2

What a novel idea.

Cloned Twitter accounts Tweeting spammy duplicate MLM content!

If I were guessing, I would say this could become a major hassle for both Twitter and Twitter’s audience.

Real Time Fans: TV Show Twitter Accounts

October 18, 2009

The Television show as a Twitter account.

The TV Show Twitter Account

The TV Show Twitter Account

Shouldn’t every television show like HBO’s Bored to Death have a Twitter account?

What better way to interact with a traditional media audience than in real time through a Twitter account?

Customize Publicized WordPress Tweet Messages

October 17, 2009

I have enabled all of my WordPress blogs to post directly from my dashboard directly to my Twitter account.

Each WordPress blog posted to Twitter begins with “posted to”.

Today I discovered a link within my WordPress publish box for editing publicized Twitter posts.

Edit WordPress Tweet Messages

Edit WordPress Tweet Messages

I am not sure whether the “posted to” Tweet introduction can be edited out or not but being able to add additional comments to Tweets should help make the theme and content of a each Tweeted WordPress blog post more clear to its audience.

If Social Media Were Effective, It Wouldn’t Be Free

October 15, 2009

Today’s thought for the day about the emergence of social media as a business platform:

If social media like Facebook and Twitter were effective at generating business for businesses large or small – “social media” wouldn’t be free.

To take a step further it wouldn’t have been labeled social media – it would be called simply “media”.

Thus “social media” is really code for don’t count on its use producing any revenue for your business.

There – I said it.

WordPress Post To Twitter But No Twitter Tweets To WordPress

October 10, 2009

Several months ago I asked when I would be able to Tweet directly from my blogs.

WordPress has answered my question with their recent Publicize feature which Tweets posts like this one directly to a Twitter account.

WordPress users are rapidly adopting the new service as evidenced by the number of Tweets containing the WordPress Tweet signature – “Posted to”

Any Tweet that begins with “Posted to was posted by a blogger.

At the same time I asked WordPress about being able to directly Tweet my blog posts, I also asked about how I could post to my WordPress account directly from my Twitter account.

I came up with some work arounds to get it done using the url shortener service, but the process required more energy than I cared to expend.

So Twitter and WordPress, when will I be able to send my Tweets to my WordPress blog to publish and “publicize” them via WordPress just like I can now publish and then “publicize” my WordPress blog posts to Twitter?