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Hacking The Twitter Audience

January 11, 2010

Today I discovered a Twitter tool called and some interesting research by Dan Zarrella.

Combining the tool and Zarrella’s reasearch can produce some interesting insights for those Twitter users looking to reach a larger segment of the Twitter audience.

First the Trendistic tool.

Enter any keyword to see how frequently its has been used on Twitter within the last 24 hours, 7 , 30, 90 or 180 days.



Zarrella has researched the most retweeted terms and produced a Top 20 list.

Most ReTweetable Words & Phrases

Most ReTweetable Words & Phrases

Inputting some of Zarrella’s terms indeed confirms a high percentage of use within the Tweet Stream.

Although Zarrella’s data doesn’t correlate directly with the Trendistic tool’s data, his keywords do provide a starting point for understanding which type of language is most often used in both regular Tweets and Retweets.

Consider combining Zarrella’s list and the Trendisitc tool when preparing to target segments within the Twitter audience.

Advertisement Displaying “New Tweets”

November 6, 2009

I noticed is now displaying the number of new Tweets that occur in between page refreshes and views over the web. New Tweets New Tweets

Previously, Twitter users who viewed their accounts on the web wouldn’t  have any idea how many Tweets had been made in between the time they viewed one page from the next.

With the Tweet Stream growing ever more volumunous for active Twitter users, this simple improvement may help prevent Stream Fatigue or cause more of it.

Creating A Twitter Trending Topics Archive

October 5, 2009

This Twitter account (MemChip) automates the Trending Topics feed and then Tweets the results to the Twitter audience once every ten minutes.

Twitter MemChip

Twitter MemChip

It takes some concentration to parse each Trending Topic from the Tweet but there are ten subjects in each Tweet.

I have created an archive of Twitter’s Trending Topics by grabbing the RSS feed and sending it to my Google Reader.

Google Reader RSS Feed

Google Reader RSS Feed

Although reviewing the contents of Twitter’s Trending Topics Tweet Stream once daily is more than enough to cause stream fatigue, I find the process and results quite instructive.

Twitter Down: Tweets DDOS Distributed Denial of Service Visualized

August 6, 2009

As every web user of knows by now, Twitter has been offline and inaccessible to web Tweeters.

The following graph from Nathan Reed illustrates the drop in Tweeting that has occurred as a result of the DDOS attack. DDOS Attack Visualized DDOS Attack Visualized

Twitter’s Tweet Stream effectively dried up during the DDOS Attach according to Reed’s Tweet per Hour chart.

Twitter Search: Archiving and Searching Tweets

July 29, 2009

Question: How to make your Tweets searchable?

Answer: Upload your Tweets into a WordPress blog.

The following Tweets is another 1/10 installment of  my first 1080 Tweets:
Not Surprising: Study Finds Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are Not Helping Professionals Close Sales PM Apr 15th

CNN didn’t even control their Twitter account until recently:…3:02 PM Apr 15th

WordPress Real Time Search: PM Apr 20th

As Twitter grows, more noise less signal PM Apr 20th

Twitter branding suggestions: PM Apr 20th

RT @jimmysmithtrain Remember, desserts is stressed spelled backwards6:40 AM Apr 20th

Free Google Adwords and Google Analytics Webinars:…12:42 PM Apr 18th

Google Creative Sandbox 2009 New York: PM Apr 18th

RT @sonotony “Self-sacrifice is never entirely unselfish, for the giver never fails to receive.” – Dolores E. McGuire quote12:40 PM Apr 18th

@dannysullivan re: hey, my 13th anniversary writing about search today – Congratulations!1:45 PM Apr 17th

RT @vangeest Google CEO predicts great year for Android: PM Apr 17th

RT @nielsenwire Susan Boyle buzz beats Domino’s video and Amazon fail: PM Apr 17th

@XurxoVidal re: Be on lookout for malware hacking into your adwords account. Coming via email?1:28 PM Apr 17th

@azmyoskeletal re: Dalton’s Vol I Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques – what year was it taped?3:58 PM Apr 16th

@emielvanwegen PM Apr 16th

@emielvanwegen Can I nominate TimCohn @ http://www.searchmarketingc…3:24 PM Apr 16th

@Rafe Paid Twitter feed TwitPub – I don’t think that dog will hunt either… PM Apr 16th

2009 Q1 Google Earnings Slides PM Apr 16th

Flickr’s 5th Birthday: PM Apr 16th

12 Major Brands That Will Disappear: PM Apr 16th

Not Surprising: Study Finds Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are Not Helping Professionals Close Sales PM Apr 15th

CNN didn’t even control their Twitter account until recently:…3:02 PM Apr 15th

Efficient Frontier report: Search Engine Advertising Spending up in March 2009:…1:15 PM Apr 15th

RT @comScore Latest from @comscore Blog: Twitter Surges 131% in March to 9.3 Million U.S. Visitors! – AM Apr 15th

@searchmeceo mentioned in Reuters…1:09 PM Apr 14th

RT @paul_seibert “If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower quotes12:55 PM Apr 14th

Fragile Flight of the Twitterlings: PM Apr 14th

Easter a Twitter Trending Topics Two Days After Easter? PM Apr 14th

“Bad words can break you. Good words can make you.” Kenny the shoe shine guy.11:38 AM Apr 14th

RT @Mike_Wesely QUOTE: ‘Labor’ gives birth to ideas.” ~~Jim Rohn11:28 AM Apr 14th

RT @Mike_Wesely QUOTE: “Six-word formula for success: “Think things through – then follow through” ~ Sir Walter Scott11:18 AM Apr 14th

RT @Blogger Follow a blog directly from the nav bar if you’re logged into Blogger, even if the blog hasn’t installed the Followers widget.5:33 PM Apr 13th

Possibly The Worst Television Commercial Ever Conceived: Celebrex…5:33 PM Apr 13th

eBay Auctions Off…5:31 PM Apr 13th

Possibly Related Posts on Blog Maverick… PM Apr 11th

@EricBingman Congratulations!7:16 PM Apr 11th

Apple iTunes 1 Billion Apps downloaded countdown counter: AM Apr 10th

Quote: “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.” – Sir Winston Churchill11:36 AM Apr 10th

Google Adwords = Reach, Relevance and ROI.10:58 AM Apr 10th

RT@mcuban WOW: “‘Starving’ entrepreneur sitting outside of ***my house***in a silver 911 with blinkers on” – pls leave.10:46 AM Apr 10th

@tubemogul re: you mispelled our URL on that graph – corrected.6:30 AM Apr 9th Compete Unique Visitors Traffic: AM Apr 9th

@jenny8lee re: no trouble with the security certificate? Not getting one over here.3:40 PM Apr 8th

@hodgman Here is the largest known repository of unique Google Street views:…3:31 PM Apr 8th

RT @alleyinsider CHART OF THE DAY: Twitter’s Natural Monopoly PM Apr 8th

RT @TechCrunch Live From Google Campfire ’09 by @jasonkincaid7:38 PM Apr 7th

Twitter down for unscheduled maintenance: http://searchmarketingcommu…6:27 PM Apr 6th

RT @rosshill Zappos visualization of their orders in realtime PM Apr 6th

@AaronMartirano how do I make a zip file for macs on my pc any suggestions? Stuffit Deluxe5:35 PM Apr 6th

RT @guykawasaki Bring Twitter Right Into Gmail with the Amazing TwitterGadget GR1:40 PM Apr 6th

RT @tomforemski This scary hockey stick money supply graph looks more like a finger to me, the middle one – PM Apr 6th

Got an Innovative Business Idea? Try Google Ventures:…3:40 PM Apr 5th

Photos, Videos and Stats Active in Google Maps Local Business Center Listings:…8:34 PM Apr 3rd

Google Adwords Agency Ad Solutions Blog: http://adwordsagency.blogsp…6:22 PM Apr 2nd

@jenny8lee works on my Mac Firefox 3.0.8 Nothing on Blocks though6:57 AM Apr 2nd

Twitter Audience Segmentation and Real Time Inline Search:…6:34 AM Apr 2nd Twitter Followers Brokerage Agency:…4:56 PM Apr 1st

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pilot program with Google Health: PM Apr 1st

Google forms Venture Capital Group – Google Ventures:…4:10 PM Apr 1st

Treasury Department launches…4:05 PM Apr 1st

Signaling Theory:…3:47 PM Apr 1st

Bureau of Economic Analysis; Personal Income and Outlays February 2009:…3:43 PM Apr 1st

WAA Webcast Series: Panning For Gold in Web Analytics Data: http://register.webcastgrou…3:42 PM Apr 1st

2010 Census Video:…3:40 PM Apr 1st

Twitter in Federal Courtrooms:…3:36 PM Apr 1st

Former Googler Doug Bowman New Creative Director @Twitter:…3:32 PM Apr 1st

CADIE’s Google Analytics stats: http://analytics.blogspot.c…3:29 PM Apr 1st

Google Suggest now country specific: http://googleblog.blogspot….3:16 PM Apr 1st

Marc Phillips’ AdSpace Conference on Contextual Advertising w/Google Adsense & Others: http://www.adspaceconferenc…3:09 PM Apr 1st

Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco:…3:04 PM Apr 1st

Google ending AdSense video units feature:…3:01 PM Apr 1st

More Local News in http://googlenewsblog.blogs…2:55 PM Apr 1st

Alexa Site Redesign:…2:53 PM Apr 1st

The Global Economy, Cars and Website Traffic:…2:53 PM Apr 1st

On Unified Fabric and How from Cisco:…2:49 PM Apr 1st

Yahoo & Yahoo Search Marketing on Twitter: http://searchmarketingcommu…2:48 PM Apr 1st

RT@laureltouby RT@jenny8lee “via @sewell_chan: What is a blog at its fundamental form? ‘A reverse chronological resuscitation of content'”1:35 PM Apr 1st

“To have a great idea – have a lot of them.” Thomas A. Edison1:31 PM Apr 1st March 2009 Unique Visitors Prediction PM Mar 31st Real Time Question and Answer Engine Q&A Engine: PM Mar 30th

Earth Hour at the Eiffel Tower in Paris: PM Mar 28th Twitter Audience and Tweet Segmentation PM Mar 27th

RT @google How to make money from your videos @youtube – AM Mar 27th

Easy Editing in the New Google AdWords Interface PM Mar 26th

Account Navigation in the New Google AdWords Interface PM Mar 26th

Optimizing Campaigns in the New Google AdWords Interface PM Mar 26th

Managing the Content Network in the New Google AdWords Interface PM Mar 26th

Tracking Your Ads in the New Google AdWords Interface PM Mar 26th

New Google Adwords Interface Training Videos:…&rel=0&fs=17:16 PM Mar 26th

RT@bubbleguru AutoDMs gotcha down? You’re not alone… @TheExpert sings the AutoDM blues… PM Mar 26th

RT@alex A picture of the exterior of the @twitter HQ. PM Mar 26th

Google Sketchup available in Chinese (Simplified) PM Mar 26th

Google Affiliate Network Sales Tax Legislation update: PM Mar 26th

PoCo: Take your Google Contacts with you PM Mar 26th

Google Analytics Authorized (Authorised) Consultants Program: PM Mar 26th

Target new Networks with Adwords via Google TV Ads: PM Mar 26th

New Find and Replace toolbar for Google Docs: PM Mar 26th

Google Services for Websites Access Provider Program:…3:53 PM Mar 26th

Video Game Themes for iGoogle targeting Generations Y and Z audience: PM Mar 26th

Facebook: Can you loan us a $100 million? PM Mar 26th

Moore’s Law & Networking Reconciled: PM Mar 26th

Fake Chat Bounce Box: PM Mar 26th

RT@lorenbaker 8 tools to find semantic similarity between words AM Mar 26th

RT @alleyfeed: Lickable Newspaper Ads – If you can’t get people to read your newspaper – then feed it to them.3:13 PM Mar 25th

RT @problogger AdSense is on Twitter at @AdSense – here comes Google2:27 PM Mar 25th Yieldsense Increase eCPM Ad Revenue…11:02 AM Mar 25th

“There are 4 billion phones and only 1 billion bank accounts,” Carol Realini, Obopay CEO via AP.10:53 AM Mar 25th

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” Mark Twain10:43 AM Mar 25th

RT @zaibatsu How Twitter Works AM Mar 25th

Whoever controls Twitter will control the news.7:11 AM Mar 25th

Personal Branding & Bubble Tweet: Add video to your Twitter profile and settings to expand your Twitter brand: // AM Mar 25th

@azmyoskeletal – Don’t know Jason. Smart post. I don’t use Twitter for marketing. Agree about TMRegistration.8:47 PM Mar 24th

Google Moderator & The White House PM Mar 24th

Quote of the day: “For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.” Alice Kahn3:55 PM Mar 24th

RT @basvandenbeld: First post sesny is live on searchcowboys: keynote SES New York: Guy Kawasaki…7:59 AM Mar 24th

@loic It appears webmasterradio over promised / under delivered.7:55 AM Mar 24th

@loic here is a better version:…7:52 AM Mar 24th

@loic under “Twitter Updates” about 3:00 on the page… still plowing through commercials.7:51 AM Mar 24th

@loic Kawasaki keynote: AM Mar 24th

Any WordPress MU on Twitter?7:19 AM Mar 24th

@SteveCase Ask for the window seat at the Mucky Duck – it has quite a view.4:47 PM Mar 23rd

How to copy items in Adwords Editor: PM Mar 23rd

@lorenbaker no it’s Dan Peña’s. The Kinko’s A Team probably isn’t working Midnight Saturday.8:47 PM Mar 21st

RT @lorenbaker Are you saying Kinkos service or employees stink? Or both?8:39 PM Mar 21st

Archiving and Searching Twitter Updates

July 25, 2009

Question: How to make your Twitter Updates searchable?

Answer: Upload your Twitter Updates into a WordPress blog.

The following Tweets are 1/10 of my first 1080 Tweets:

Twitter Job Search Engine: PM Mar 21st

Search Engine Marketing Jobs: PM Mar 21st

Amazon Kindle Marketing Manager Job:…8:25 PM Mar 21st

Quote: ‘Procrastination is the thief of Time’3:51 PM Mar 20th

Google Sports Score Gadget: Real time NCAA, NBA NHL scores PM Mar 20th

Twitter Update page now Ajax: AM Mar 19th

Adwords Keyword Performance Module AM Mar 19th

The previous quote begs the question: If you get them (advertisers) into newspapers how long can you keep advertisers before they realize…7:02 AM Mar 19th

Newspaper advertising doesn’t generate ROI for advertisers.7:01 AM Mar 19th

“There’s a lot of advertisers out there that we’re not calling on and we have to figure out how to get them in to the newspapers.”6:58 AM Mar 19th

Twitter Search Failure: Twitter Outsource Search to Google? AM Mar 17th

Google Insights for Search YouTube Video Demo AM Mar 16th

Google Image Search Explained: AM Mar 15th 503 Errors…11:01 AM Mar 15th

Self Categorized Twitter Directory http://www.WeFollow.com9:23 AM Mar 15th

@wefollow adwords ppc search9:22 AM Mar 15th

Twitter Search Limits: PM Mar 13th

Twitter Business Case Study:…11:19 AM Mar 13th

Central Intelligence Agency Ads on YouTube: PM Mar 12th

Ex-Googler Tim Armstrong named CEO of AOL.3:31 PM Mar 12th

Google Holiday Shopping Ads in March: PM Mar 12th

Future of sportscasting – Twittercasting? RT @mcuban mavs r working on a twitter play by play feed3:11 PM Mar 11th

Local Digital Advertising will grow: PM Mar 10th

Has Direct Mail Marketing peaked? PM Mar 9th

Online Video Milestone: 100 Million YouTube Viewers: PM Mar 9th

WordPress Domain Change Issue PM Mar 9th

Ironic? Microsoft Cashback Buys Google Ads AM Mar 6th

Twitter Search, Profile and Settings Now Visible @ Web Login: PM Mar 5th

Quote: “The reason why so few good books are written is that so few people who can write know anything.” Walter Bagehot5:04 AM Mar 5th

Microsoft+Yahoo!+Twitter=Microhooter! PM Mar 4th

Stacking the Deck in Google Maps? PM Mar 4th

Twitter is an answer engine looking for the right questions. Google is a question engine that already has the right answers.8:15 AM Mar 4th

Finance available for Google Android App: AM Mar 4th

RT @dailylark❥ A range of stoves6:40 AM Mar 4th

RT @McKQuarterly RT @SteveCase: “Innovation Heat Map” (McKinsey & World Economic Forum) maps innovation across the planet PM Mar 3rd

Quote of the day: “You create your opportunities by asking for them.” Shakti Gawain8:25 AM Mar 3rd

Twitter and Skittles: An Experiment in Open Social Branding PM Mar 2nd

List of Google Innovations: PM Feb 28th

Quote of the day; George Santayana: “The beginning of wisdom is to be interested by everything and awed by nothing.”2:06 PM Feb 28th

Google Music: Albums & Selling Songs PM Feb 27th

Finding jobs on Twitter: AM Feb 27th

@rustybrick, @mattmcgee, @dannysullivan Google on Twitter: AM Feb 26th

RT @gjenkin Study – TV Ads not declining in effectiveness, perhaps even increasing: (PDF) AM Feb 26th

@SteveCase on Twitter: “Reminds me of instant messaging in the 80s!”7:20 AM Feb 26th

RT @SteveCase, @craignewmark: “Learning from Obama’s Online Success” AM Feb 26th Google Maps Store Locator AM Feb 26th

Attn: President Obama fact checkers-speech writers: America didn’t invent the automobile.…6:45 PM Feb 24th

Steve Ballmer -Re: Search Business: “I don’t want to wind up being known as the Jerry Yang of this market in a different way.”6:35 PM Feb 24th

National Free Pancake Day & IHOP restaurant locations: PM Feb 24th

A data storage question from a guy & a laptop: Do I have this data somewhere else? It’s not really a backup until you have two copies.2:35 PM Feb 24th

Are you hitting higher lows and higher highs?1:57 PM Feb 24th

Top Twitter HotSpots in Google: AM Feb 24th

RT @SteveCase Top ten reasons start ups fail. AM Feb 24th

@mcuban Is Mark_Cuban also your Twitter account or is it an impersonator’s?7:06 AM Feb 24th

RT @AdWordsDaily 100% Free online tool to do screen captures along the lines of Camtasia … PM Feb 23rd

RT @OReillyMedia eGov Watch: PM Feb 23rd

Bollywood is Hollywood’s farm team.4:31 PM Feb 23rd

Twittad: Monetize your Twitter Profile AM Feb 23rd and The Layoff Tracker: AM Feb 23rd

How Not To Market on Twitter: PM Feb 22nd

Can the Twitter community find lost children?12:33 PM Feb 21st

Twitter Drives Traffic, Sales: A Case Study PM Feb 21st

Associated Press Report: Yahoo reorganization may come next week: PM Feb 21st

TimCohn @dannysullivan I think Twitter asks/grabs address books during the sign up process from the email account provided.12:04 PM Feb 21st

Top Twitter Hotspots: PM Feb 20th

RT @SteveCase @jdrive: Top 30 Innovations of the Last 30 Years. PM Feb 19th

RT @GarinKilpatrick Jimi Hendrix – New Years Eve 1969 PM Feb 19th

President Obama & Live Blogging: AM Feb 19th

@TrevorWolfe links to and lists it as part of its “group” on its homepage.7:39 AM Feb 19th

Information Awareness Office: PM Feb 18th

Google is consumers for business. Twitter is business for consumers.12:11 PM Feb 18th

The First Search Masters (Google Webmaster Tools) Conference in India – PM Feb 17th

Google China Blog: PM Feb 17th

Google Chrome Update: – http://googlechromereleases…7:54 PM Feb 17th

On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin on Google Books: PM Feb 17th

Google Friend Connect; YouTube Tutorial add a social bar to website: PM Feb 17th

Google I/O 2009 Developer Conference: PM Feb 17th

3 Components of Google Advertising Auction Model: Speed, Scale, Quality –…7:46 PM Feb 17th

Inside Google Adwords Reader Survey: https://survey.googlerating…7:43 PM Feb 17th

Information about the most common Open Source Software Licenses: http://license-info.appspot…7:41 PM Feb 17th

Android support for priced applications: PM Feb 17th

Google Search Appliance (GSA) the FDA and the Peanut Recall: PM Feb 17th

Google’s Imagery Partner Program: PM Feb 17th

Google Sync Beta for iPhone: PM Feb 17th

Google Maps increases listing results from 10 to 1000: PM Feb 17th

Today in History YouTube Blog: The New Yorker and Paris Hilton enter the world: PM Feb 17th

New Google Social Web Blog:…7:06 PM Feb 17th

The Power of Measurement: PM Feb 17th

Web App Wednesday, New Web App Every Wednesday: PM Feb 17th

New to Google Analytics: Offline phone tracking & tracking live chat with customers – PM Feb 17th

Offline phone tracking & tracking live chat with customers: PM Feb 17th

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher6:58 PM Feb 17th

Job Search Engine PM Feb 17th

Solar powered car: PM Feb 17th

@shelisrael Aren’t all Twitter users sculpting their personal brand online either consciously or not?10:25 AM Feb 17th

China has “…more than 600 million mobile users — 600 million!” Google SVP Jonathan Rosenberg8:58 AM Feb 17th

RT @gjenkin Google still = Active Audience, Twitter = Inactive Audience for now until search segmented & packaged.8:49 AM Feb 17th

RT @SteveCase “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant”– Horace8:04 AM Feb 17th

Barry Schwartz on TED: PM Feb 16th

Google Maps Local Business Center YouTube Tutorial: PM Feb 16th

Google Adwords Retiring Business Pages for Mobile Ads: PM Feb 16th

Any WordPress support here? Bought domain redirected to blog 1-28, Google stopped indexing – no new domain posts indexed.8:31 AM Feb 16th

Microsoft searching elsewhere PM Feb 13th

Adwords Beta Metrics PM Feb 12th

“The best carriage horses are those which can most steadily hold back against the coach as it trundles down the hill.” Anthony Trollope8:49 AM Feb 12th

Re: Economy / Admin via George Will -8:48 AM Feb 12th

Google Adwords Beta: Latest Browsers Only AM Feb 11th

Argh! MacBook Pro Hard Disk Drive Failure AM Feb 11th

@SdGeek Yes with startup disk 1. Tried disk utility, verify drive, permissions etc. Couldn’t find folders. Apple replacing drive now.5:26 PM Feb 10th

@SdGeek everything I had on it. Don’t I need the same model drive to rebuild and then extract it?5:18 PM Feb 10th

Too close for missiles, switching to guns ie., old Mac hope I don’t have to switch to knives an even older Mac.3:12 PM Feb 10th

June 2007 MacBook Pro hard drive failure. Second battery, 100,000+ folders and 500,000+ files must have maxed it out. Off to Drive Savers3:11 PM Feb 10th

New to Google Adwords: Low Share of Voice PM Feb 8th

Follow the Dali Lama @OHHDL (The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama) on Twitter6:27 PM Feb 8th

Australian bushfires on Google Maps PM Feb 8th

THE ART OF STRATEGY A Game Theorist’s Guide to Success in Business and Life – great book. Includes Nash’s Equilibrium9:39 PM Feb 7th

Innovative Link Exchange Strategy from TNS Media Intelligence PM Feb 7th Can Newspapers Make It? PM Feb 6th

Intro to Google Adsense Feed Placements PM Feb 6th

Bill Gates on TED Video: “How I’m trying to change the world now” PM Feb 6th

Quote: “If you don’t believe in sampling theory, next time you go to the doctor & he wants to take a little blood, tell him to take it all.”2:52 PM Feb 6th

Ahh… vacation PM Feb 6th

One obvious way to monetize Twitter is…2:34 PM Feb 6th

Any case studies from advertisers who have earned a return on investment from their ads in Facebook or Myspace? Holding breath now…1:35 PM Feb 6th

Download Real Estate Ads and Keywords PM Feb 6th

NASA Image of the day PM Feb 6th

iPhone Finger Painting App PM Feb 6th

Twitter 100 Twestivals around the world on February 12, 2009 PM Feb 6th

Cisco and Potential Data Center Closings…1:13 PM Feb 6th

Increase your Google Adsense earnings PM Feb 6th

What Happens To Your Tweets After A Week?

July 18, 2009

At what point does Twitter stop archiving Twitter account tweet data – after one week, one month, one year?

I can’t access my Twitter account’s updates beyond roughly the last one hundred Tweets.

Who’s responsible for archiving Twitter account updates – the 140 characters Tweet Stream – Twitter account holders or Twitter?

… Apparently Twitter isn’t responsible for archiving Tweets.

If Twitter was responsible for archiving all of an account’s Tweets,  I would be able to get to more than 100 of mine.