What Happens To Your Tweets After A Week?

At what point does Twitter stop archiving Twitter account tweet data – after one week, one month, one year?

I can’t access my Twitter account’s updates beyond roughly the last one hundred Tweets.

Who’s responsible for archiving Twitter account updates – the 140 characters Tweet Stream – Twitter account holders or Twitter?

… Apparently Twitter isn’t responsible for archiving Tweets.

If Twitter was responsible for archiving all of an account’s Tweets,  I would be able to get to more than 100 of mine.


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2 Responses to “What Happens To Your Tweets After A Week?”

  1. Stream Tweets Says:

    It seems you might have to rss your tweetstream, and have the updates placed into a blog if possible.

    Would yo need permission to start logging other people’s tweets. What would be a point of doing it, beyond marketing reasons.

  2. Tim Cohn Says:

    I do RSS my tweet stream to several WordPress blogs. The Tweets do get crawled and even indexed by Google but I can’t search my own Tweets beyond the last 100 or so posts.

    My purpose for posting is to have my stream of consciousness date stamped and indexed much like my blogs.

    Expiring Tweets may be time stamped but without a searchable archive they are of little or no value to me let alone anyone other than those who saw my Tweets in the first place.

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