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Finding Black Friday Deals In Google

November 24, 2009

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known by US Consumers as Black Friday.

Many shoppers begin searching for Black Friday deals seven to ten days before Black Friday actually arrives.

A quick way to create a list of up to the minute information on Black Friday deals is to search Google News and Google Blog search.

Google News Black Friday Deals

Google News Black Friday Deals

Google News provides links to recognized news media stories about Black Friday deals while Google Blog Search provides lists of blogs with information not often available from traditional news sources.

Google Blogs Search Black Friday Deals

Google Blogs Search Black Friday Deals

Combined Google News and Google Blog search provide a wealth of Black Friday deals information.

Not All Marketing Google Local Results Purged

November 21, 2009

In a post on Search Marketing Communications, I wrote about how many Marketing and Advertising related Google Local Business Center listings no longer appear in advertising and marketing related geo-modified search queries.

Today, of course I discovered an exception to what I thought was a new rule.

A search for “marketing firm” in Google produced a Google Two Pack list of local marketing firms.

Marketing Firm

Marketing Firm

The same query modified to include my “marketing firm + oklahoma city” produces the same Two Pack results although they now appear as the first and second results.

Marketing Firm Oklahoma City

Marketing Firm Oklahoma City

Yet the plural “marketing firms oklahoma city” yields a traditional search results page.

Marketing Firms Oklahoma City

Marketing Firms Oklahoma City

Although I was logged out of my Google account when I ran the queries, I am not convinced my browsers cookies didn’t influence the results Google delivered.

Facts About Google’s Purchase of AdMob

November 9, 2009

Google has agreed to purchase AdMob for $750 million.

The acquisition will enhance Google’s existing expertise and technology in mobile advertising, while also giving advertisers and publishers more choice in this growing new area.

According to Google:

  • The deal will bring new innovation and competition to mobile advertising, and will lead to more effective tools for creating, serving, and analyzing emerging mobile ads formats.
  • This deal will benefit developers, publishers, and advertisers by improving the performance of mobile advertising, and will provide users with more free or low-cost mobile apps.
  • The mobile advertising space will remain highly competitive, with more than a dozen mobile ad networks. The deal is similar to mobile advertising acquisitions that AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo have made in the past two years.
Types of Mobile Advertising

Types of Mobile Advertising

Google offers many forms of mobile advertising, yet its focus to date has been on mobile search ads, while AdMob’s focus has been mobile display ads and in-application ads.

Acquiring AdMob will help Google flesh out its advertising product offerings to both mobile search advertisers and the mobile search audience.

After the Google AdMob deal closes, both advertisers and publishers will still have many viable choices in mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising Spend

Estimated 2009 Mobile Advertising Spend

Although eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending will reach $416 million in 2009, compared with the nearly $24 billion that will be spent overall for online advertising, $51 billion on TV ads, and $38 billion on newspaper ads, the mobile search advertising market will remain a fraction of the overall advertising industry for the foreseeable future.

Google Elmo Doodle

November 8, 2009

It kind of feels like Sesame Street over here too after a long week.

This past week Google has featured a Sesame Street character every day.

Today, Google has featured Elmo on their homepage to commemorate Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary.

Google Doodle

Google Doodle

Its hard to believe they have been around almost as long as I have.

Will Google return to their traditional logo tomorrow?

What image will accompany and adorn the Google home page next?

Bing Advertising Google Placement

October 20, 2009

I thought the following search result for Bing Advertising on was ironic.

The first result on for Bing Advertising isn’t for “Bing Advertising” instead its a sponsored site link for “24/7 1st page placement” from “”.

Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising

Clicking the Bing advertiser’s link takes searchers to a landing page where the phrases Bing or Bing Advertising are nowhere to be found.

Instead, the following copy ensues:

Global Market Exposure is a Google AdWords Qualified Company that proudly employs experienced Google AdWords Qualified Personnel. This means you work directly with our Google Professionals removing all the guess work and costly mistakes. With Global Market Exposure’s aggressive ad campaigns, revolving ad text, and Guaranteed First Page Google and Yahoo Placement, your business receives maximum exposure and the positive name (product) branding you’re looking for, turning impressions into clicks and clicks into conversions.

Google Placement

Google Placement

If this type of search result was what Microsoft had in mind when they re-branded and relaunched their Bing search product as a decision engine, Microsoft might ought to rethink their decision engine.

Google Omitted From Microsoft Spell Checker?

October 7, 2009

I was proofing a document today in Microsoft Word and while Word correctly marked Google as potentially misspelled word, I was surprised Word offered no corrections or spelling suggestions.

Google not in Microsoft Spell Check Dictionary

Google not in Microsoft Spell Check Dictionary

Apparently, Google has not yet been added to Microsoft Word’s spell checker dictionary.

I guess its understandable since Google is a relatively new (and made up) brand name.

Funny though… Microsoft – another recognizable technology ( and made up) brand name – is in Microsoft’s spell checker for misspellings of Microsoft.

I am sure Google’s omission from Microsoft’s Word dictionary was just an oversight.

Google and YouTube Videos Account for 40 Percent Viewed Online

September 28, 2009

comScore has released their August 2009 data from the comScore Video Metrix service, showing that 161 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month, the largest audience ever recorded.

Online video reached another all-time high in August with more than 25 billion videos viewed during the month, with Google Sites accounting for more than 10 billion.

The Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties* by Videos Viewed according to comScore were:

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties by Videos Viewed

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties by Videos Viewed

The Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties* by Unique Viewers:

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties by Unique Viewers

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties by Unique Viewers

How long will it take before total audience time spent viewing video online surpasses total audience time spent viewing television?

Google’s 11th Birthday Logo

September 27, 2009

Today is Google’s 11th birtday.

To celebrate, Google has modified their logo to incorporate 11 into its spelling.

Google: Googlle's 11th Birthday

Google: Googlle's 11th Birthday

Amazing how Google’s search engine has become a utility hundreds of millions of people depend on.

Google Search and Adwords Results Mixup

September 16, 2009

I have noticed on several occassions after having searched for different local terms while logged into my iGoogle account, I have continued to get Adwords ads for my previous searches combined with my new search term’s results and ads.

Google Search Results Ads Mixup

Google Search Results Ads Mixup

In the example above, you can see how a search for Oklahoma Flowers includes both Google Adwords ads for Oklahoma Lawyers and Oklahoma flowers.

The only way I have found to clear the search cache appears to be to return to the Classic Google search box.

Google 09-09-09

September 9, 2009

Today is the first time I have seen a Google homepage logo with art that doesn’t link to an explanation for its appearance.

Google 09-09-09

Google 09-09-09

I guess 09-09-09 is self explanatory.