Not All Marketing Google Local Results Purged

In a post on Search Marketing Communications, I wrote about how many Marketing and Advertising related Google Local Business Center listings no longer appear in advertising and marketing related geo-modified search queries.

Today, of course I discovered an exception to what I thought was a new rule.

A search for “marketing firm” in Google produced a Google Two Pack list of local marketing firms.

Marketing Firm

Marketing Firm

The same query modified to include my “marketing firm + oklahoma city” produces the same Two Pack results although they now appear as the first and second results.

Marketing Firm Oklahoma City

Marketing Firm Oklahoma City

Yet the plural “marketing firms oklahoma city” yields a traditional search results page.

Marketing Firms Oklahoma City

Marketing Firms Oklahoma City

Although I was logged out of my Google account when I ran the queries, I am not convinced my browsers cookies didn’t influence the results Google delivered.


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