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Twitter Backup

September 6, 2009

The following is the final installment of my first 1080 Twitter tweets.

Scraping and then posting Tweets in a WordPress blog makes your Tweets searchable.

@samdecker @CMO_Council: US Ad Spend Plunges 14.2%; Only Online Posts Growth: Doubt it comes back17 minutes ago

RT @mashable Confirmed: Digg Just Hijacked Your Twitter Links – PM Jul 19th

The Market for Political Spin PM Jul 19th from

RT @chr1sa via @steverubel Top five Kindle books are all free Maybe those new Amazon patents will monetize content.11:21 AM Jul 19th

One of my favorite books? Thinkertoys.8:39 PM Jul 18th

Anybody able to search and locate more than their last 100 Tweets / updates in their Twitter account?1:44 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter If only a week’s worth of my Tweets are archived – what did Twitter do with my Tweets that are older than a week – discard them?1:43 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter Who’s responsible for archiving all of my Tweets – me or Twitter?1:41 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter If Tweets older than a week aren’t searchable or findable – hasn’t Twitter then destroyed them?1:39 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter Why can’t I retrieve more than the last several pages of updates from my Twitter account?1:37 PM Jul 18th

Steve Brill interview with the Atlantic about content monetization…3:23 PM Jul 17th from

100% of US Internet users surveyed in Q2 2009 went online to pass the time:…2:35 PM Jul 17th from

69% of all Americans have used the internet to cope with the recession PM Jul 17th from

New study from Ruder Finn describes why people go online…2:30 PM Jul 17th from

“Intent is the new demographic”? I thought it was always the case for marketers.2:27 PM Jul 17th

RT @JDeragon Berkman Buzz: Week of July 13, 2009: A look at the past week’s online Berkman conversations… PM Jul 17th

Binghoo Again?1:06 PM Jul 17th

arbitrage news?1:03 PM Jul 17th

domains domaining news?1:03 PM Jul 17th

RT @zittrain Orwell’s 1984 retroactively removed from Kindle?! Fitting example of Cloud censorship. PM Jul 17th

What markets are experiencing compound annual growth rates? CAGR11:56 AM Jul 17th

adsense news ?10:17 AM Jul 17th

RT @davewiner You’ll know we’re in the age of real-time when Google Maps are real-time. 24-by-7 global satellite coverage of the planet.10:14 AM Jul 17th

seo news?10:12 AM Jul 17th

ppc news?10:12 AM Jul 17th

geotargeting news?10:12 AM Jul 17th

RT @ekant 4 tools to see Twitter pictures in real time – quite interesting to watch what people post – AM Jul 17th

Rt @nielsenwire Nielsen Social Media Stats: Myspace Music Growing, Twitter’s Big Move, Facebook top time spent. AM Jul 17th

Adwords news?7:50 AM Jul 17th

What % of Twitter users are a business owner, President or CEO ie., Decision Makers? Guessing less than .001 Any data?4:40 PM Jul 16th

…highly likely that one significant driver in paid clicks is the fact a very large portion of Bing screen real estate goes to paid ads.3:49 PM Jul 16th

Didit says Microsoft search ads got a 170% better click-through in June 2009 than they did in June 2008. Bing3:47 PM Jul 16th

Speakers ?3:38 PM Jul 16th

Cool RT @googlemaps @tamamic Maps mashup combining circ & traffic data for newspapers in the top 200 US markets. PM Jul 16th

RT @Andrew303 First look at the new HTC Hero phone (best Google Phone yet) PM Jul 16th

Tech Conference? Tech Conferences?3:07 PM Jul 16th

What’s a mortgagee to do when their mortgage holder can’t locate their loan docs?2:53 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld What does a completely relevant product look like for a billion people? twitterconfidential2:09 PM Jul 16th

Twitter, the product? Twitter is an open, one-to-many network for the rapid exchng of bite-size info twitterconfidential2:07 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld We need to cover search twitterconfidential2:06 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld We always have to be open to Exits twitterconfidential2:06 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld Will we have the revenue to represent the value that we think we are worth twitterconfidential2:05 PM Jul 16th

RT RT @erickschonfeld @Twitter create interesting commercial use twitterconfidential2:04 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld We dont care about monetizing eyeballs, we care about the distribution of content twitterconfidential2:04 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld Twitter introduced a new form of communication to the world twitterconfidential2:03 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld Can we make $4 Mill by the end of the year? twitterconfidential2:03 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld @Twitter is an index to my friends thoughts and I subscribe to that twitterconfidential2:02 PM Jul 16th

Google announces second quarter 2009 results…1:44 PM Jul 16th from

Hash Search news?11:05 AM Jul 16th

An economy based on oil & gas, agriculture & livestock is not insulated from the national or global economy: instead its exposed to them.10:15 AM Jul 16th

FTC Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising: Blogger rules…8:57 AM Jul 16th from

Wondering if @Twitter could become an open social extranet for connecting collaborators within large companies?8:39 AM Jul 16th

RT @common_squirrel dig dig dig dig8:31 AM Jul 16th

What no HashYahoo / Yahoo “Twitter news service”?8:24 AM Jul 16th

Reminder: The future is already here, its just not evenly distributed…8:22 AM Jul 16th

RT @YahooGuy @sengineland: Search Engine Land: Yahoo Dominates The Web, Just Not In Search AM Jul 16th

Desktop or Cloud? that is the question…7:57 AM Jul 16th

Blue Source LLC7:40 AM Jul 16th

Green Growth Fund7:40 AM Jul 16th

Generation Investment Management7:39 AM Jul 16th

Forgot: Chicago Climate Exchange7:39 AM Jul 16th

Wondering how Free the book title will compete and be differentiated from Free the adjective. Google search results: 3,980,000,0007:12 PM Jul 15th

Wired’s Chris Anderson’s new book Free available for Free on Amazon’s Kindle PM Jul 15th from

Google Bakes Location into The Mobile Web On The iPhone:…6:19 PM Jul 15th from

Definition of Traffic Accident -just occurred outside my window: When two vehicles try to occupy the same space at the same time.5:50 PM Jul 15th

Google Books on Twitter…5:35 PM Jul 15th from

@Webvisible 80% of U.S. Internet users use web search to find restaurants, stores & other local businesses, about half LBs have a website5:31 PM Jul 15th

@WebVisible Guess that Official Google Blog love was more than you hoped for. Hope you get back up soon.5:27 PM Jul 15th

Wal-Mart to create eco-ratings for products PM Jul 15th from

Chief Search Officer: http://www.ChiefSearchOffic…2:29 PM Jul 15th

http://www.ChiefSearchOffic…2:27 PM Jul 15th

Don’t understand the branding and / or business model of Twitter quote and news gurus. How exactly does being a “requoter” / renewser pay?2:09 PM Jul 15th

Scrubbed location coordinates from Twitter profile to see if omitting location stops Tweets from being grabbed by Twitter Local / Air app2:07 PM Jul 15th

Arghhh… TwitterLocal is decoding Lat Long for locations of Tweets.1:51 PM Jul 15th

@mwherman2000 Twitpic.com1:46 PM Jul 15th

@mwherman2000 Ok – what do you do?1:44 PM Jul 15th

14,060,000,000+/- searches across Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL in June 2009 via SEL.1:44 PM Jul 15th

“What do you want to be remembered for?” Peter Drucker12:16 PM Jul 15th

Chief Carbon Officer (CCo)8:34 PM Jul 14th

Cap and Trade…8:27 PM Jul 14th

mwherman2000 – How I did it? I search a lot.8:11 PM Jul 14th

mwherman2000 Use @Twitter/Name to see tweet post in stream.  is called a hashtag.8:10 PM Jul 14th

@mwherman2000 I attributed the compete quote correctly to you “about 11 hours ago ” via WPC098:03 PM Jul 14th

The Goldman Sachs Commodities Index:…7:44 PM Jul 14th from

The Bona Fide Hedging exemption…7:36 PM Jul 14th

x buyers + y sellers + z speculators = Perfect Storm7:34 PM Jul 14th

Have PC shipments peaked? PeakPC? If not now, when?6:33 PM Jul 14th

RT @jowyang Interesting. Socialtext is now offering a hardware appliance for enterprise microblogging PM Jul 14th

Test: @hashgoogle @hashbing @hashsocial Google + Bing + Social / Facebook = ?3:57 PM Jul 14th

Have the Bruno pirates not gotten the memo?3:53 PM Jul 14th

RT @alleyinsider Why Yelp (And Every Retailer) Should Jump On The Foursquare Bandwagon PM Jul 14th

@AaronGoldman Just made up a new Twitter acronym. MRT = Modified Retweet original tweet has been changed/shortened or Mr.T…3:43 PM Jul 14th

RT @saman325 Read Chris Anderson’s Book “Free” on Google Books. For Free. PM Jul 14th

Looks like Tuesday afternoon / evening is top for Tweet Stream fishing @Twitter.3:32 PM Jul 14th

“Organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy.” Matt Taibbi3:26 PM Jul 14th

RT @PhilipNowak Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression. PM Jul 14th

@hashgoogle Is hashgoogle automated? Is app available for any subject? Looks promising3:22 PM Jul 14th

RT @Hitwise_US Are you a Search Marketer? Learn how to improve your search programs w/Hitwise tomorrow @1pmET Register: PM Jul 14th

RT @googlecalendar ‘Let the great experiment begin!’ Calendar Labs, available today: PM Jul 14th

Why GM is Bankrupt: RT @WSJ Ex-GM CEO to Get Lifetime Salary PM Jul 14th

@SteveCase “In 1993 alone, it was estimated nine billion person-hours were spent playing MSFT Solitaire.” David Edery & Ethan Mollick3:11 PM Jul 14th

RT @Szetela Search Only Major Ad Medium To Rise This Year, ‘Direct’ Outpaces National, Local Online Markets: PM Jul 14th

@shoemoney who’s searching for you ???????? Within Facebook or everywhere? PM Jul 14th

RT @muppman @johnbattelle: Check out bing + twitter – bingtweets! A msft fm joint http://www.bingtweets.com3:03 PM Jul 14th

RT @terencedwards If the bank returns your cheque marked “insufficient funds,” you now have to call them and ask if they meant you or them?2:58 PM Jul 14th

J.P. Morgan searchers tasting not but dining on Bing. PM Jul 14th from

@KentHuffman Thanks for the RT.2:28 PM Jul 14th

Citi Analyst Mark Mahaney expects Google’s average cost per click to decline by more than 13 percent to $0.42.2:23 PM Jul 14th

@wpblogger WordPress I bought their domain mapping service six months ago and new domain has never been indexed by Google. In Y! & Bing.2:18 PM Jul 14th

@madvil I am wondering if recognizing and honoring value is a generational thing…2:16 PM Jul 14th

@wpblogger WordPress2:15 PM Jul 14th

@ignitedECD Thinking @Zappos measures everything but Zappos.2:14 PM Jul 14th

RT @McCann_NY runnning ad for “Google Money Master”–promises work-at-home $$$. search reveals 100’s of consumer complaints.2:04 PM Jul 14th


Creating Your Own Twitter Backup

August 8, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I scraped all of my Tweets, Followers and the people I was following from my Twitter account to create a back up copy in the event something went awry with the Twitter cloud.

As most every Twitter account holder now knows, was the target of a Distributed Denial of Service attack over the last several days which indeed made the Twitter cloud inaccessible for web users of their service – like me.

Having a back of my Twitter account didn’t help me any while their service was down, but knowing I had all of my account data backed up in another location like here within WordPress did give me extra piece of mind.

The following is the seventh installment of my Twitter account backup.

Facebook, Twitter and peers for sale – privately…10:14 PM Jun 27th from

“It’s one of those adventures you wouldn’t miss for a million dollars and you wouldn’t do again for less than a million.” Edith Ronne quote10:09 PM Jun 27th

Not All Newspaper Audiences Are Created Equal…9:14 PM Jun 27th from

@techxav Did Twitter just remove the Trending Topics? Appears so… they haven’t been trending too much the last week anyway…7:26 PM Jun 25th

RT @KentHuffman Top 48 CMOs on Twitter (updated today): PM Jun 25th

@lorenbaker like the new stylish head gear…2:28 PM Jun 25th

RT @timoreilly Web Squared webcast with me and @johnbattelle starts in about 40 minutes AM Jun 25th

RT @chrisbrogan Cisco’s John Chambers (client) takes your questions about future of mobility, what do you want to ask?. AM Jun 25th

@cwalker123 Saw the Today Show segment – thought I could go to Google Voice and get number:( Requested invite couple months ago & yesterday.9:01 AM Jun 25th

Power Lunch with Warren Buffett…4:05 PM Jun 24th from

Google Advertising Agency Toolkit:…3:02 PM Jun 24th from

RT @CreativeSandbox What does one trillion dollars look like using Google Sketchup and how do you stack up? PM Jun 24th

RT @twitter Update on follower/following problems PM Jun 24th

Fox Networks Hernan Lopez take on the state of display advertising: PM Jun 24th from

RT @craignewmark @common_squirrel : blink blink :2:04 PM Jun 24th

Steve Ballmer “We have no interest in acquiring Yahoo. What we have said is that we will continue to remain open to a partnership w/ Yahoo”1:49 PM Jun 24th

Steve Ballmer: “Static content won’t cut it in the future” canneslions1:44 PM Jun 24th

Steve Ballmer: “There won’t be [only] personal, social communications offline and separate. In 10 years it will all be online.” canneslions1:44 PM Jun 24th

Steve Ballmer “There won’t be [only traditional] newspapers, magazines and TV programs.” canneslions1:43 PM Jun 24th

Steve Ballmer: “All content consumed will be digital, we can [only] debate if that may be in one, two, five or 10 years”1:36 PM Jun 24th

Hi @KentHuffman Avid boater on Lake Tenkiller here…1:22 PM Jun 24th

Ballmer: Traditional Media will not bounce back – Agreed… PM Jun 24th

Steve Ballmer Media Person of the Year Cannes Lions 2009:…1:11 PM Jun 24th from

RT @tim Ballmer speculates that marketing spending likely to be lower as proportion of GDP in 10 years as media shifts online canneslions12:45 PM Jun 24th

RT @tim Steve Ballmer: “I don’t think we are in a recession. l think we’ve reset. Recession implies a recovery.” canneslions12:41 PM Jun 24th

RT @tim Ballmer said MSFT’s bond offering despite huge cash pile was because “it turns out we have more cash outside the US than in US”12:38 PM Jun 24th

Skype has reportedly played host to 200 billion minutes in it’s 6 years in operation.12:35 PM Jun 24th

Sons have been at Camp Lincoln (MN) now for a over a week. E. coming Monday. W. coming home 07-13-09. No Twitter account for Camp Lincoln.11:35 AM Jun 24th

Via WSJ – “the 19 largest domestic banks to charge off another $82.4 Billion in credit-card debt by the end of 2010″10:20 AM Jun 24th

Database to database to database to database…7:25 AM Jun 24th

@azmyoskeletal – agreed on myoskeletal. Hotm is strange – you might let Erik know too.1:43 PM Jun 23rd

Action is binary.6:32 PM Jun 22nd

RT @google “4 cloud layers: infrastructure, platform, identity + admin, applications” Rajen Sheth of Google Apps e2conf (via @seancarlson)2:55 PM Jun 22nd

@Myoskeletalhotm – I thought you registered Myoskeletal on Twitter too? I would use the latter account not the former.1:57 PM Jun 22nd

The internet is a black hole devouring all institutionalized communications.7:30 AM Jun 22nd

Twitter: Sellers not buyers.7:30 AM Jun 22nd

Updated Satellite Images of Tehran in Google Earth…7:25 PM Jun 20th from

@dannysullivan Condom?7:21 PM Jun 20th

@mpaluchowski thanks for the perspective…10:22 AM Jun 20th

at any one point in time – whether its Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter- are not buyers.2:23 PM Jun 19th

The reason social media hasn’t become a bona fide sales channel is because the majority (if not all) of a social media’s audience…2:23 PM Jun 19th

Social Media Spam: The New Bulk Email…1:22 PM Jun 19th from

thinks numbers can be used to prove or disprove most anything.11:21 AM Jun 19th

Finding business vs. business finding you.7:32 AM Jun 19th

Searching high & low for a business case study about “How to put a Genie back in a bottle.” Haven’t found 1. Please send any known cases.7:24 AM Jun 19th

What is social media’s return on investment?…5:43 PM Jun 17th from

RT @chr1sa Jeff Immelt @Wired Biz Conference. Nobody can predict the future these days, but “leaders need to take a position.” wiredlive7:42 PM Jun 16th

Governor Schwarzenegger’s Twitter account: WasteWatchers.CA.Gov has received nearly 1,000 reports.…7:38 PM Jun 16th from

thinks social media are perishable to the degree they cease being a utility.6:51 PM Jun 16th

“The simple willingness to improvise is more vital, in the long run, than research.” Rolf Potts8:30 PM Jun 15th

“Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.” Cheri Huber8:28 PM Jun 15th

“Make mistakes of ambition not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not to suffer.” Niccollo Machiavelli8:22 PM Jun 15th

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” Epictetus8:18 PM Jun 15th

“That which Fortune has not given, she cannot take away.” Seneca8:17 PM Jun 15th

Marketing Consulting and Performance Based Deals…7:55 PM Jun 15th from

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” Benjamin Disraeli4:37 PM Jun 15th

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” Mark Twain4:33 PM Jun 15th

“Define your fears instead of your goals” Tim Ferriss4:27 PM Jun 15th

@SEO_Joe indeed…4:20 PM Jun 15th

@davewiner You can always tell a Harvard man when you see him, but you can’t tell him much.4:13 PM Jun 15th

@jowyang Its a balancing act – “A real brand owns a very tiny but important piece of real estate in a consumer’s mind.” Charles M. Berger3:54 PM Jun 15th

Search Arbitrage: Bing Targeting Local Search… On Google…8:07 PM Jun 14th from

Have you chosen your unique Facebook user name?…8:05 PM Jun 14th from

RT @nichetools Microsoft: No Online Ad Growth till 2012? PM Jun 14th

RT @timoreilly @sonamoon’s term: “stream fatigue” = reading too many tweets over a short timeframe: PM Jun 14th

“Take big risks with small amounts of money rather than small risks with big amounts of money.” Peter L. Bernstein via WSJ7:50 PM Jun 14th

What’s the difference between Google Sites and the upcoming Google Wave product?7:44 PM Jun 14th

RT @tweeterism This new film has tested the lowest score ever from an audience in the history of Paramount Pictures: PM Jun 14th

What is the Boston Globe worth? Six media experts take a stab at appraising the Boston Globe.…7:29 PM Jun 14th from

RT @AdAgeChina “7 Tips for Doing Business in China” PM Jun 14th

Google Page Creator Shutting Down Moving to Google Sites…7:10 PM Jun 14th from

Managing the Content Network in the New AdWords Interface…6:11 PM Jun 14th from

Easy Editing in the New Google AdWords Interface…6:10 PM Jun 14th from

Tracking Your Ads in the New Google AdWords Interface…6:09 PM Jun 14th from

Realizing Your AdWords Account Potential With Google Analytics Webinar…6:05 PM Jun 14th from

Become a Google Adwords Display Ad Builder Expert…6:03 PM Jun 14th from

@gsterling I prefer FF for speed. Hadn’t used Opera or Chrome yet. I use S & FF to split test logged in and out search results over time10:02 AM Jun 14th

@gsterling I’m now using four browsers on my Mac: FF, Safari 4, Opera & Chrome. Which do you prefer most? Didn’t know Chrome was out for Mac3:27 PM Jun 12th History and Stats Missing in Action: AM Jun 11th

RT @YouQuotedQuotes “If a little labor, little are our gains. Man’s fortunes are according to his pains.” R.Herrick Quotes2:41 PM Jun 10th

RT @MarkIsMusing The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them. – Paul Hawken quote2:28 PM Jun 10th

The Marketing Cycle according to Google:…5:03 PM Jun 9th from

My Toolkit for Google Advertisers…5:02 PM Jun 9th from

Google (Adwords) Class Action Settlement -$20 Million Cash and Credits…4:06 PM Jun 9th from

RT @rustybrick Pretty sure current iPhone users can get upgrade price for an additional $18, like they did last year – so chill.1:50 PM Jun 8th

Google co-founder Sergey Brin remembers Rajeev Motwani on his personal blog.…12:45 PM Jun 8th from

Hi Mark @digitalfilm I agree they didn’t outsource research and they also relied on their own internal data.10:07 AM Jun 6th from

Oops Bing – just one thing… PM Jun 5th from

Google Chrome in Mac Alpha – not yet ready for prime time…11:27 AM Jun 5th from

Google search, Google Maps and Youtube built into each new Palm Pre…11:25 AM Jun 5th from

Double clicking gets street views faster in Google Maps in…11:23 AM Jun 5th from

Google Analytics offering event tracking other than page views…11:21 AM Jun 5th from

Firebug Firefox extension suggestions for improving loading time…11:19 AM Jun 5th from

RT @TEDchris Funny (and alarmingly accurate) social media venn diagram (via Jason Wishnow)8:53 AM Jun 5th

RT @tomforemski Bain Survey Of 1400 Global Execs: Tech And Telecoms Least Concerned About Recession at PM Jun 4th

Google Local Business Center Dashboard Live…7:28 AM Jun 3rd from

Attention Thief Media:…7:37 PM Jun 2nd from

Just discovered Attention Thieves spam trending topics in Twitter with their junk posts using top hashtags like smx E3 and Project Natal.7:08 PM Jun 2nd

@rcourtade Where are my websites?2:50 PM Jun 2nd

RT @scottclark Broad match helps on longer queries…queries are getting longer all the time in search smx11:26 AM Jun 2nd

RT @youcalc free quality score analytics for optimizing AdWords campaigns: SMX “PPC11:24 AM Jun 2nd

A Novel Bing Marketing Tactic: Buy Ads On Google…11:21 AM Jun 2nd

RT @twitter All tweets credited as coming AM Jun 2nd

RT @googlemaps Open for business – Local Business Center Dashboard is now live: AM Jun 2nd

Google Adwords Editor 7.5.1 released:…8:52 AM Jun 2nd

Newspaper ad sales fall 28.28% in Q1 2009.…8:42 AM Jun 2nd

@jayrosen_nyu I’m surprised the Nielsen / Harvard brands hadn’t thought of a joint venture study before.4:14 PM Jun 1st

Harvard: Twitter not a two-way, peer-to-peer communication network;…3:40 PM Jun 1st

Harvard: “Twitter more of a one-way, one-to-many publishing service more than a…”…3:39 PM Jun 1st

RT@jayrosen_nyu “Among Twitter users, the median number of lifetime tweets per user is one.” (TD) – Twitter Dysfunction?3:26 PM Jun 1st

@treysmith Ladies and gentlemen, the new “fake blog”: Wow, I live in a market with a “News 9” How did you find it?3:13 PM Jun 1st

Microsoft Bing sending search referrals:…12:10 PM Jun 1st

About Google Wave via Matt Cutts: “the canonical wave would be on the server, but the client would have a copy too (as I understand it).”11:36 AM May 29th

The Internet: Media’s Black Hole…11:30 AM May 29th from

RH Donnelley files Chapter 11: AM May 29th from

RT @YahooGuy Yahoo! Sites Ranks as Top Display Ad Publisher in March with 43 Billion U.S. Ad Views, @comScore AM May 29th

RT@mcuban Twitter and FB special for Time Warner Customers to switch to DirecTV. Call 1-800-370-3200, or fb marketing10:26 AM May 29th

@mattcutts It would automatically get crawled?10:15 AM May 29th

@mattcutts does the content produced on Wave reside on the desktop or in the cloud?10:12 AM May 29th