Twitter Backup

The following is the final installment of my first 1080 Twitter tweets.

Scraping and then posting Tweets in a WordPress blog makes your Tweets searchable.

@samdecker @CMO_Council: US Ad Spend Plunges 14.2%; Only Online Posts Growth: Doubt it comes back17 minutes ago

RT @mashable Confirmed: Digg Just Hijacked Your Twitter Links – PM Jul 19th

The Market for Political Spin PM Jul 19th from

RT @chr1sa via @steverubel Top five Kindle books are all free Maybe those new Amazon patents will monetize content.11:21 AM Jul 19th

One of my favorite books? Thinkertoys.8:39 PM Jul 18th

Anybody able to search and locate more than their last 100 Tweets / updates in their Twitter account?1:44 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter If only a week’s worth of my Tweets are archived – what did Twitter do with my Tweets that are older than a week – discard them?1:43 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter Who’s responsible for archiving all of my Tweets – me or Twitter?1:41 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter If Tweets older than a week aren’t searchable or findable – hasn’t Twitter then destroyed them?1:39 PM Jul 18th

@Twitter Why can’t I retrieve more than the last several pages of updates from my Twitter account?1:37 PM Jul 18th

Steve Brill interview with the Atlantic about content monetization…3:23 PM Jul 17th from

100% of US Internet users surveyed in Q2 2009 went online to pass the time:…2:35 PM Jul 17th from

69% of all Americans have used the internet to cope with the recession PM Jul 17th from

New study from Ruder Finn describes why people go online…2:30 PM Jul 17th from

“Intent is the new demographic”? I thought it was always the case for marketers.2:27 PM Jul 17th

RT @JDeragon Berkman Buzz: Week of July 13, 2009: A look at the past week’s online Berkman conversations… PM Jul 17th

Binghoo Again?1:06 PM Jul 17th

arbitrage news?1:03 PM Jul 17th

domains domaining news?1:03 PM Jul 17th

RT @zittrain Orwell’s 1984 retroactively removed from Kindle?! Fitting example of Cloud censorship. PM Jul 17th

What markets are experiencing compound annual growth rates? CAGR11:56 AM Jul 17th

adsense news ?10:17 AM Jul 17th

RT @davewiner You’ll know we’re in the age of real-time when Google Maps are real-time. 24-by-7 global satellite coverage of the planet.10:14 AM Jul 17th

seo news?10:12 AM Jul 17th

ppc news?10:12 AM Jul 17th

geotargeting news?10:12 AM Jul 17th

RT @ekant 4 tools to see Twitter pictures in real time – quite interesting to watch what people post – AM Jul 17th

Rt @nielsenwire Nielsen Social Media Stats: Myspace Music Growing, Twitter’s Big Move, Facebook top time spent. AM Jul 17th

Adwords news?7:50 AM Jul 17th

What % of Twitter users are a business owner, President or CEO ie., Decision Makers? Guessing less than .001 Any data?4:40 PM Jul 16th

…highly likely that one significant driver in paid clicks is the fact a very large portion of Bing screen real estate goes to paid ads.3:49 PM Jul 16th

Didit says Microsoft search ads got a 170% better click-through in June 2009 than they did in June 2008. Bing3:47 PM Jul 16th

Speakers ?3:38 PM Jul 16th

Cool RT @googlemaps @tamamic Maps mashup combining circ & traffic data for newspapers in the top 200 US markets. PM Jul 16th

RT @Andrew303 First look at the new HTC Hero phone (best Google Phone yet) PM Jul 16th

Tech Conference? Tech Conferences?3:07 PM Jul 16th

What’s a mortgagee to do when their mortgage holder can’t locate their loan docs?2:53 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld What does a completely relevant product look like for a billion people? twitterconfidential2:09 PM Jul 16th

Twitter, the product? Twitter is an open, one-to-many network for the rapid exchng of bite-size info twitterconfidential2:07 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld We need to cover search twitterconfidential2:06 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld We always have to be open to Exits twitterconfidential2:06 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld Will we have the revenue to represent the value that we think we are worth twitterconfidential2:05 PM Jul 16th

RT RT @erickschonfeld @Twitter create interesting commercial use twitterconfidential2:04 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld We dont care about monetizing eyeballs, we care about the distribution of content twitterconfidential2:04 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld Twitter introduced a new form of communication to the world twitterconfidential2:03 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld Can we make $4 Mill by the end of the year? twitterconfidential2:03 PM Jul 16th

RT @erickschonfeld @Twitter is an index to my friends thoughts and I subscribe to that twitterconfidential2:02 PM Jul 16th

Google announces second quarter 2009 results…1:44 PM Jul 16th from

Hash Search news?11:05 AM Jul 16th

An economy based on oil & gas, agriculture & livestock is not insulated from the national or global economy: instead its exposed to them.10:15 AM Jul 16th

FTC Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising: Blogger rules…8:57 AM Jul 16th from

Wondering if @Twitter could become an open social extranet for connecting collaborators within large companies?8:39 AM Jul 16th

RT @common_squirrel dig dig dig dig8:31 AM Jul 16th

What no HashYahoo / Yahoo “Twitter news service”?8:24 AM Jul 16th

Reminder: The future is already here, its just not evenly distributed…8:22 AM Jul 16th

RT @YahooGuy @sengineland: Search Engine Land: Yahoo Dominates The Web, Just Not In Search AM Jul 16th

Desktop or Cloud? that is the question…7:57 AM Jul 16th

Blue Source LLC7:40 AM Jul 16th

Green Growth Fund7:40 AM Jul 16th

Generation Investment Management7:39 AM Jul 16th

Forgot: Chicago Climate Exchange7:39 AM Jul 16th

Wondering how Free the book title will compete and be differentiated from Free the adjective. Google search results: 3,980,000,0007:12 PM Jul 15th

Wired’s Chris Anderson’s new book Free available for Free on Amazon’s Kindle PM Jul 15th from

Google Bakes Location into The Mobile Web On The iPhone:…6:19 PM Jul 15th from

Definition of Traffic Accident -just occurred outside my window: When two vehicles try to occupy the same space at the same time.5:50 PM Jul 15th

Google Books on Twitter…5:35 PM Jul 15th from

@Webvisible 80% of U.S. Internet users use web search to find restaurants, stores & other local businesses, about half LBs have a website5:31 PM Jul 15th

@WebVisible Guess that Official Google Blog love was more than you hoped for. Hope you get back up soon.5:27 PM Jul 15th

Wal-Mart to create eco-ratings for products PM Jul 15th from

Chief Search Officer: http://www.ChiefSearchOffic…2:29 PM Jul 15th

http://www.ChiefSearchOffic…2:27 PM Jul 15th

Don’t understand the branding and / or business model of Twitter quote and news gurus. How exactly does being a “requoter” / renewser pay?2:09 PM Jul 15th

Scrubbed location coordinates from Twitter profile to see if omitting location stops Tweets from being grabbed by Twitter Local / Air app2:07 PM Jul 15th

Arghhh… TwitterLocal is decoding Lat Long for locations of Tweets.1:51 PM Jul 15th

@mwherman2000 Twitpic.com1:46 PM Jul 15th

@mwherman2000 Ok – what do you do?1:44 PM Jul 15th

14,060,000,000+/- searches across Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL in June 2009 via SEL.1:44 PM Jul 15th

“What do you want to be remembered for?” Peter Drucker12:16 PM Jul 15th

Chief Carbon Officer (CCo)8:34 PM Jul 14th

Cap and Trade…8:27 PM Jul 14th

mwherman2000 – How I did it? I search a lot.8:11 PM Jul 14th

mwherman2000 Use @Twitter/Name to see tweet post in stream.  is called a hashtag.8:10 PM Jul 14th

@mwherman2000 I attributed the compete quote correctly to you “about 11 hours ago ” via WPC098:03 PM Jul 14th

The Goldman Sachs Commodities Index:…7:44 PM Jul 14th from

The Bona Fide Hedging exemption…7:36 PM Jul 14th

x buyers + y sellers + z speculators = Perfect Storm7:34 PM Jul 14th

Have PC shipments peaked? PeakPC? If not now, when?6:33 PM Jul 14th

RT @jowyang Interesting. Socialtext is now offering a hardware appliance for enterprise microblogging PM Jul 14th

Test: @hashgoogle @hashbing @hashsocial Google + Bing + Social / Facebook = ?3:57 PM Jul 14th

Have the Bruno pirates not gotten the memo?3:53 PM Jul 14th

RT @alleyinsider Why Yelp (And Every Retailer) Should Jump On The Foursquare Bandwagon PM Jul 14th

@AaronGoldman Just made up a new Twitter acronym. MRT = Modified Retweet original tweet has been changed/shortened or Mr.T…3:43 PM Jul 14th

RT @saman325 Read Chris Anderson’s Book “Free” on Google Books. For Free. PM Jul 14th

Looks like Tuesday afternoon / evening is top for Tweet Stream fishing @Twitter.3:32 PM Jul 14th

“Organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy.” Matt Taibbi3:26 PM Jul 14th

RT @PhilipNowak Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression. PM Jul 14th

@hashgoogle Is hashgoogle automated? Is app available for any subject? Looks promising3:22 PM Jul 14th

RT @Hitwise_US Are you a Search Marketer? Learn how to improve your search programs w/Hitwise tomorrow @1pmET Register: PM Jul 14th

RT @googlecalendar ‘Let the great experiment begin!’ Calendar Labs, available today: PM Jul 14th

Why GM is Bankrupt: RT @WSJ Ex-GM CEO to Get Lifetime Salary PM Jul 14th

@SteveCase “In 1993 alone, it was estimated nine billion person-hours were spent playing MSFT Solitaire.” David Edery & Ethan Mollick3:11 PM Jul 14th

RT @Szetela Search Only Major Ad Medium To Rise This Year, ‘Direct’ Outpaces National, Local Online Markets: PM Jul 14th

@shoemoney who’s searching for you ???????? Within Facebook or everywhere? PM Jul 14th

RT @muppman @johnbattelle: Check out bing + twitter – bingtweets! A msft fm joint http://www.bingtweets.com3:03 PM Jul 14th

RT @terencedwards If the bank returns your cheque marked “insufficient funds,” you now have to call them and ask if they meant you or them?2:58 PM Jul 14th

J.P. Morgan searchers tasting not but dining on Bing. PM Jul 14th from

@KentHuffman Thanks for the RT.2:28 PM Jul 14th

Citi Analyst Mark Mahaney expects Google’s average cost per click to decline by more than 13 percent to $0.42.2:23 PM Jul 14th

@wpblogger WordPress I bought their domain mapping service six months ago and new domain has never been indexed by Google. In Y! & Bing.2:18 PM Jul 14th

@madvil I am wondering if recognizing and honoring value is a generational thing…2:16 PM Jul 14th

@wpblogger WordPress2:15 PM Jul 14th

@ignitedECD Thinking @Zappos measures everything but Zappos.2:14 PM Jul 14th

RT @McCann_NY runnning ad for “Google Money Master”–promises work-at-home $$$. search reveals 100’s of consumer complaints.2:04 PM Jul 14th


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