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Retweetings: Searching Tweets via WordPress

August 4, 2009

This is the sixth installment of my Tweet archive:

RT @dannysullivan “and hey, can google crawl embedded wave content?” I was wondering about that too… Will it reside on the web or desktop?9:52 AM May 29th

RT @google Debunking top 10 myths re Google Analytics: “Be informed, be wise” says @avinashkaushik3:02 PM May 28th

On any given day about 1/10 of internet users (9%) visit online classified sites, up from 4% in 2005:…11:27 AM May 28th from

More about Google Wave:…11:10 AM May 28th from

“Customer relationships”?10:32 AM May 28th

Who Owns Your Tweets? You or Twitter?…9:12 AM May 28th from

How good ideas go wrong – The Three I’s: “First come the innovators. Then come the imitators. Then come the idiots.” Warren Buffet quote8:36 AM May 28th

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” quote8:31 AM May 28th

…and in order to be a presence you can’t always be hawking product.” quote Michael Tatelman8:17 AM May 28th

“Brand presence is just kind of creating a connection. We want to be a presence in that community…8:16 AM May 28th

All Businesses and People Are Now Media Companies…7:58 AM May 28th from

“All brands should think of themselves as media companies.” quote Shane Smith Vice Co-Founder7:32 AM May 28th

Page’s Law: “Every 18 months software becomes twice as slow as it was prior.” quote Larry Page via Sergey Brin and @DannySullivan7:42 PM May 27th

Microsoft adCenter Spring Update…7:16 PM May 27th from

RT @ajaythakur Audience Science: Interesting trade show panel and audience insights PM May 26th

Speaking of Rupert Murdoch… RT:@ev Backstage PM May 26th

RT @nilofer 50% of our revenues at news corp from digital. – rupert murdoch at d7 Wonder what other comparable media companies ratios are?6:44 PM May 26th

Digital Marketing Thought Leader video interview series @DoubleClick…11:15 AM May 26th from

“How can I get better viral marketing for my product? Have a better product!” Esther Dyson quote10:21 AM May 26th

RT @MarkIsMusing If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? – John Wooden9:23 AM May 24th

RT@jayrosen_nyu The church of the savvy in political journalism has its rituals. Elevating “will it work?” over “is it true?” for example.9:16 AM May 24th

@gsterling – You can do it Greg!8:59 AM May 24th

RT @JohnAByrne Sunday a.m. reading: If the NYT profile of Jim Collins sparked interest in his newest book, the excerpt: AM May 24th

“Don’t try to come up with the right answers; focus on coming up with good questions.” Bill Lazier via Jim Collins quote8:49 AM May 24th

Business Management reduced to three steps:…9:34 PM May 23rd from

The aggregation of marginal gains: “You cannot improve one thing by 1000% but you can improve 1000 little things by 1%” John Carlzon quote12:24 PM May 23rd

Google Alerts Now Tracking Twitter Posts?…3:27 PM May 22nd from

@Mike_Wesely Ha!3:12 PM May 22nd

Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool demo:…3:00 PM May 22nd from

U.S. Government comes to YouTube via Google Public Policy Blog…2:49 PM May 22nd from

Managing keywords and the Search Query Report in the New Google Adwords Interface…2:47 PM May 22nd from

Custom reporting in Google Analytics explained:…2:43 PM May 22nd from

Google TV ADs Team Viewership Insights Series: Television Network and Programming Loyalty:…2:41 PM May 22nd from

RT @Mike_Wesely QUOTE: “Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” ~ Frank Zappa – “Going to Montana” comes to mind…2:35 PM May 22nd

Adwords offering some advertisers expert advertising advice:…2:30 PM May 22nd from

@pjk If it does let me know! I am on Macs and getting data from banks to Q & QB apps for Mac & exporting to CPA on PCs is like pulling teeth2:26 PM May 22nd

@seosmarty @lorenbaker GOOG Groups co-working / collaboration for SEJ is a great idea…2:18 PM May 22nd from

New in Gmail: PM May 22nd from

@seosmarty @lorenbaker Congrats to the new Director of Media for Search & Social @Search Engine Journal…2:06 PM May 22nd from

@pjk Can Quicken sync with all online accounts?1:52 PM May 22nd

Updated Google Profile:…1:14 PM May 22nd from

@KarlRove I was at Choate’s Reunion last weekend and learned about last year’s commencement brouhaha. What happened?11:46 AM May 22nd

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson quote1:47 PM May 21st

RT @chrisbrogan Want to see an interesting reason to workshift ? – AM May 21st

@phantomwriters I think you did some work for a client of mine some time ago.5:29 PM May 20th

RT @googlemaps @nytimes talking on their @googlemapsapi implementation of NY foreclosures here at where20 See it here: PM May 20th

Do Tweets get WordPress blogs indexed in MSN & Yahoo? Search Marketing Communications @ http://searchmarketingcommu…4:43 PM May 20th

Google Analytics Providing Data on YouTube Brand Channels: PM May 20th

RT @youtube 20 Hours of Video Uploaded Every Minute!: In mid-2007, six hours of video were uploaded to YouTube .. PM May 20th

RT @CloudTap Twitter Surges Past Digg, LinkedIn & w/32 Million Visitors: How quickly they grow. Re.. PM May 20th

My personal blog: http://TimothyCohn.com3:49 PM May 20th

Bloggers submit your blog to to become an Amazon Kindle publisher (Thanks Aaron Wall)…3:41 PM May 20th from

Yeah – I know.2:51 PM May 20th

Michael Jackson cancels concerts.…2:41 PM May 20th from

RT quotes @yournewbff @flipbooks “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford2:21 PM May 20th

@ev Why can’t I search my Twitter followers and those I am following in Twitter?11:55 AM May 20th

Fotomoto Lets Photographers Sell Photos On-Site Without The Hassle AM May 20th from

Why can’t I search my Twitter followers and those I am following in Twitter?…11:51 AM May 20th from

@biz @twitter How come I can’t search who is following me or my followers on twitter11:35 AM May 20th

Paging Dr. Luddite:…11:28 AM May 20th from

@lorenbaker for some reason only have a few I can dm here. I almost didn’t recognize you! Do you have a guidelines page? When is it needed?11:22 AM May 20th

@lorenbaker multiple clicks per conversion will become increasingly more relevant.11:15 AM May 20th

@lorenbaker don’t know what you mean by adwords profiling. How to set up conversion tracking – analytics? Coat and tie guy now?11:12 AM May 20th

@EricBingman ut oh!11:06 AM May 20th

@lorenbaker any particular subject?11:04 AM May 20th

RT @CarnegieMellon Transcript of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Carnegie Mellon 2009 Commencement Address: AM May 20th

Yahoo! Hong Kong’s 10th Anniversary: AM May 20th

Newspaper circulation – The Wall Street Journal Online AM May 20th from

Got an Innovative Business Idea? Try Google Ventures « Search Marketi… AM May 20th from

The average American watches approximately 153 hours of TV every month at home.…10:32 AM May 20th from

The Top 25 Online Advertising Networks: AM May 20th

Testing out Twitgoo this AM, May 20, 2009. AM May 20th from twitgoo

Google Street View Gallery AM May 20th from

Google offering new advertisers expert advice:…8:37 AM May 20th from

Enhanced Google Adwords Search Query Performance reports:…6:34 PM May 19th from

How to set up goals in Google Analytics:…6:29 PM May 19th from

“Never fight an inanimate object.” P. J. O’Rourke quote10:39 AM May 19th’s top 5 organic Twitters: TonyRobbins, Schwarzenegger, Zaibatsu, ChrisBrogan, PerryBelcher…5:11 PM May 18th from

Tim Cohn’s Public History; Didn’t claim account until May 18, 20095:00 PM May 18th from…4:50 PM May 18th from

Advanced segmentation in Google Analytics: PM May 18th

Television attention and engagement metrics in seconds: PM May 18th

Google Star Droid: PM May 18th

How useful and valid are polls conducted via Twitter? PM May 18th

Sample Branded Twitter Poll: PM May 18th

Top 10 Search Providers for April 2009 (U.S) RT @nielsenwire PM May 18th

Microsoft Content Advertising out of Beta today:…11:17 AM May 18th

Microsoft adCenter Spring 2009 Upgrade: AM May 18th

Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Commencement Address @ Carnegie Mellon & Thomas Edison?…10:35 AM May 18th

“There is a fundamental rule about databases: the bigger they are the more useless they become.” Ross Clark. Think it depends who’s DB it is10:04 AM May 18th

Structural Dynamics = Scenario Planning + Systems Thinking8:56 AM May 18th

What are the predominant current Social, Technical, Economic, Environmental, Educational, Political and Aesthetic (STEEEPA) Trends?8:54 AM May 18th

“My heart is in the work.” Andrew Carnegie quote8:04 AM May 18th

Search Market Opportunity: Laggards? PM May 17th

Finished 2nd day of Choate class of 1979 Reunion Weekend. Surprised less than 10 Tweets about Choate or Reunion Weekend.8:53 PM May 16th

Visited the Yale Peabody Museum today. One of the world’s top Mineralogy collections:…8:52 PM May 16th

@EricBingman – Ha!8:28 PM May 16th

Google Fail: Google Outage Explained: PM May 14th

Correction: Raleigh Durham, NC att airport wifi blows3:31 PM May 14th

Stranded in Raleigh Durham, NC airport; at&t airport wifi blows3:19 PM May 14th

RT @YahooGuy 49% of those who respond to online display ads launch a search for product, or brand that was in the ad. AM May 13th My first blog post via email. AM May 13th

Google Searchology: New Search Options PM May 12th

RT @molfamily Energy lab converts algae to natural gas energy3:13 PM May 12th

@JDeragon I’m interested in adding my blog to University of Phoenix “Aggregation of Knowledge”: http://www.SearchMarketingC…3:50 PM May 11th

Microsoft to issue bonds for the first time.…3:37 PM May 11th

Pirates outnumber buyers 3-1 on iPhone apps: PM May 11th

Celebrity Twitter Overkill: PM May 11th

Meetup with people from your Linkedin network on your next trip with Tripit’s MyTravel utility:…3:34 PM May 11th

Immigration in a recession:…3:31 PM May 11th Site Faces Huge Hurdles: PM May 11th

TNS Media Intelligence reports US Ad spend declined 4.1% in 2008: PM May 11th

Washington Post in Talks With Google to Collaborate Online? I don’t think so:…3:23 PM May 11th

S&P Downgrades ‘Akron Beacon Journal’ Parent:…3:20 PM May 11th

Employment Trends Index Slightly Dips: :20:00:22Z3:16 PM May 11th

5 tips to get your search ads in the spotlight for spring events: PM May 11th

Time to optimize your PPC campaigns? Via Microsoft adcenter:…3:10 PM May 11th

Google News format changes: PM May 11th

Energy required for one Google search and its CO2 impact: PM May 11th

@MichielAndreae Facturizating Correction in Google Adwords? Is this the English spelling? What context was the correction in?3:05 PM May 11th

US Gross Domestic Product Q1 2009 via Bureau of Economic Analysis:…3:03 PM May 11th

Personal Income & Disposable Personal Income Bureau of Economic Analysis figures March 2009:…3:01 PM May 11th Lets Photographers Sell Photos On-Site Without The Hassle:…2:59 PM May 11th

Wall Street Journal to expand pay models with micropayments this fall:…2:57 PM May 11th


Retweetings: Creating a Tweet Archive

August 3, 2009

The fifth 1/10 installment of my first 1,080 Tweets.

In case you just joined us – I am creating a searchable archive of my Twitter Updates now officially called Tweets in both my WordPress blog and eventually Google search engine results pages.

Here you go WordPress and Googlebot installment #5:
New York Times Reader 2.0 Launches on Adobe AIR: PM May 11th

K.K.R. to Open Mideast Office in Dubai: PM May 11th

Citizens Briefing Book and Office of Public Engagement @WhiteHouse:…2:51 PM May 11th

Newspaper Industry woes self inflicted? PM May 11th

Tweet w/ your email address included at your peril: PM May 11th

Google Marketing Research Study: The Brand Value of Search:…6:26 PM May 10th

How to Use Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics: PM May 10th

1.2.2 of the Google App Engine SDK for Python released. PM May 10th

First-class mail will now cost 44 cents for the first ounce.…2:48 PM May 10th

2D Barcode Generator and Mobile eCommerce: PM May 9th

DVR Creating Long Tail in Television Viewing Audience: PM May 8th

Establishing a Google Profile: PM May 7th

Twitter Maintenance: PM May 7th

Identifying web traffic quality in Google Analytics: PM May 7th

FTP vs. Custom domain issues @ Blogger: PM May 7th

Create Videos for YouTube with Android Phones: PM May 7th

Check out my new Google profile…11:46 AM May 7th

Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions; Advanced Table Analysis coming to Google Analytics:…11:17 AM May 7th

Google Analytics data in Google Ad Planner: AM May 7th

Web search now in Gmail via Labs: AM May 7th

Google Profile preference in Gmail: AM May 7th

Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping Visualization in Google Earth & Display in Google Maps:…10:57 AM May 7th

Google Apps, Sites mid market enterprise solutions: AM May 7th

YouTube account now a Google account: AM May 7th

Google Product Search for Mobile: AM May 7th

Historical perspective of the Flu in Google News: AM May 7th

Google TV Ad data & measurement: AM May 7th

RT @jsnell The D speakers: Ballmer, Bartz, @ev, @biz, many more: (via @waltmossberg) (I’ll be there covering it!)10:42 AM May 7th

Share Your Google Story with Google: AM May 7th

Manage Rich Media Ads in DoubleClick Studio:…10:25 AM May 7th

Google Profile explained: AM May 7th

Google Apps Connector BlackBerry Enterprise Server: AM May 7th

@waynemansfield can’t retweet maxed out quotes…9:56 AM May 7th

3 rules of Google Age * Focus on the user, & all else will follow * Do 1 thing really, really well * Fast is better than slow [@SilkCharm]9:56 AM May 7th Research and Purchase Online, Pickup Offline – PM May 6th

RT @MelanieKissell “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” ~Ted Turner quotes3:16 PM May 6th

Tweetmeme: Twittersphere Buzzmeter PM May 5th

RT @chrisbrogan @charlottehrb: Paid to ‘Tweet’. How a small advertising firm is staying ahead of the curve! PM May 5th

RT @rockingjude AIG’s business was 2 provide insurance 2 bond investors w/o setting aside sufficient reserves or capital 2 fulfill contracts1:38 PM May 5th

What % of small businesses in the U.S. buy search advertising, what % have a website?…10:00 AM May 5th

Warren Buffet on the Future of Newspapers: PM May 4th

What percentage of small businesses in the United States buy search advertising?6:59 PM May 3rd

What percentage of small businesses in the United States have a website?6:58 PM May 3rd

RT @christophgold Free Yahoo and Google search ads for Australian small businesses PM May 3rd

RT @ChrisSpagnuolo “We Buy Followers” on TweepMe: PM May 2nd

RT @WSJ BREAKING NEWS: Jack Kemp, a former NFL quarterback and congressman, has died, a spokesperson said.7:30 PM May 2nd

Great research resource- The Central Intelligence Agency, CIA World Factbook: PM May 2nd

@larrybrilliant Thanks for your excellent article “The Age of Pandemics” in today’s Wall Street Journal7:10 PM May 2nd

@rustybrick CNN…congratulations! PM May 2nd

Tried the Twitter Traffic Generating Machine? Claiming thousands of targeted followers. PM May 1st

Can’t remember your First Tweet? PM May 1st

@raincoaster yeah seems like a conflict of interest.8:59 PM May 1st

RT @raincoaster How iphone readers read books on their phones: 30% in bed, 13% commuting, 5% in a bar, 2% in a toilet.8:48 PM May 1st

RT @raincoaster Listening to some stats on digital publishing. $58million in ebook sales in one year? Doubling every three months.8:48 PM May 1st

Google’s Largest Agency Client and Customer? PM Apr 30th

RT @jayrosen_nyu Sarah Palin joins Twitter. First post introduces herself. Second post tries to correct the AP. PM Apr 29th

Need quote from .asp developers for cleaning up and fixing 300 page web site after SQL Injection hack.8:00 PM Apr 29th

Need quote for forty 300 word articles on same subject from offshore writers content/article producers7:58 PM Apr 29th

RT @austinhill Don’t untertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible” Edwin Land,Inventor & Founder, Polaroid7:49 PM Apr 29th

@globolstaff How can you help me with my data?7:43 PM Apr 29th

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” Edison or Einstein?, “Strategy without execution is hallucination” Microsoft COO Kevin Turner7:18 PM Apr 29th

RT @nilofer Wolfram Alpha: “success will also depend on how broad / deep it wants to make its data-searching” PM Apr 29th

RT @rustybrick @jimmy_wales: WHO alert level 5, please let people know to look at rather than listen to media panic!1:30 PM Apr 29th

RT @yahoo posting the flickr url that the White House uses… (via @SearchPresence)1:11 PM Apr 29th

Swine Flu, Mexico, Google Flu Trends and the CDC:…1:05 PM Apr 29th

Search Engines are your door, your blog is your face and Twitter is your voice.12:29 PM Apr 29th

Google is your door, your blog is your face and Twitter is your voice.12:16 PM Apr 29th

Is there not a way to get 40 pages of unique website content for less than a dollar a page?12:08 PM Apr 29th

Top 5 Reasons for Microsoft adCenter Editorial Disapprovals:…9:59 AM Apr 29th

RT @gfulgoni Finance Sites Popular w/ Older European Mobile Web Users; Entertainment Content Appeals to Teens…8:01 AM Apr 29th

Preview of Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine:…7:56 AM Apr 29th

RT @gsterling Olgilvy Interactive: 3G having the same impact on mobile usage that broadband had on PC Internet6:47 AM Apr 29th

A/B Testing with Google Website Optimizer: PM Apr 28th

Google Adwords Qualified Professional:…10:24 AM Apr 28th

“Capital both money and ideas when freed to travel @ the speed of light will go where it is wanted, stay where it is well treated” W Wriston10:19 AM Apr 28th

@jayrosen_nyu Indeed of many. Wall Street Journal graph might interest you, if you haven’t seen it.…3:51 PM Apr 27th

RT @TomCoburn New report finds there are more than 1,800 federal subsidy programs, up from 1,425 just 8 years ago. tcot PM Apr 27th

RT @tonyrobbins “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela – What impossible things will u move forward on today?2:47 PM Apr 27th

All Major Industries Job Postings Decline: http://searchmarketingcommu…2:45 PM Apr 27th

@jayrosen_nyu” You want us to take sides, YOUR side. But we can’t…” which is why Newpapers can’t fix their obsolete business model.10:11 AM Apr 27th

RT @ducttape kinda cool, Staples is doing for folks out of job & looking for work – free resume & biz card printing AM Apr 27th

Folding Portfolio Magazine’s Ironic Last Words “Lead Us. Please. What we need from Geithner & Wall Street”…9:58 AM Apr 27th

Swine Flu Outbreak on Google Maps: http://searchmarketingcommu…6:37 PM Apr 26th

RIP: General Circulation Print Media aka Newspapers:…9:52 PM Apr 25th

RT @jayrosen_nyu Just remember: the columnists write their own headlines. Maureen Dowd is Slouching Towards Oblivion PM Apr 25th

Google using Google Promotion to push Google Profile: http://searchmarketingcommu…4:37 PM Apr 23rd

“If you want an intelligence service to work for you, they always work on the edge. That’s just where they work.” Michael Hayden2:18 PM Apr 23rd

@google Very cool and useful Google News time line in Google Labs and Ajax: PM Apr 21st

@google kevinmarks Andy Herzfeld’s excellent timeline UI now shows up for google news had incorrect labs url.3:17 PM Apr 21st

RT @google kevinmarks Andy Herzfeld’s excellent timeline UI now shows up for google news PM Apr 21st

RT @sonotony Think about making creative thinking a habit. Pretty good article: PM Apr 21st

RT @WSJ LIVE BLOG: Follow Yahoo’s earnings conference call. PM Apr 21st

“A real brand owns a very tiny but important piece of real estate in a consumer’s mind.” Charles M. Berger2:27 PM Apr 21st

RT @Rathbone Positioning is what you do in the mind of a prospect2:25 PM Apr 21st

Are you a GAP? Grow your network and learn by joining Google Adwords Qualified Professionals group on PM Apr 21st

@JOHNABYRNE Smokin’ In the Boys Room, Smokin’ by Boston2:12 PM Apr 21st

@shelisrael Why has Twitter stopped us from seeing home many times someone has posted? Updates are still viewable on the web. Yours = 17,92611:42 AM Apr 21st

@jimmysmithtrain Ok, going to work out now… sometime tomorrow or later this week?11:29 AM Apr 21st

@jimmysmithtrain I use Google Adwords daily. What do you need help with?11:15 AM Apr 21st

RT @PeterSantilli @dprogram “Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws.” -Amschel Rothschild11:14 AM Apr 21st

RT @comScore Number of US Online Banking Customers Continues to Grow Despite Challenging Financial Environment: AM Apr 21st

RT @JohnChow Twitter enforces a 1,000 per day following limit. AM Apr 21st

@gsterling Time to banish the phrase “long tail” among others – particularly since its a myth…11:01 AM Apr 21st

Google search engine ranking algorithm change: AM Apr 21st

RT @keyrelevance @RavenJon @outspokenmedia: how to create your very own URL shortener in wordpress! AM Apr 21st

@bcuban PM Apr 20th

WordPress Real Time Search: PM Apr 20th

As Twitter grows, more noise less signal PM Apr 20th

Twitter branding suggestions: PM Apr 20th

RT @jimmysmithtrain Remember, desserts is stressed spelled backwards6:40 AM Apr 20th

Free Google Adwords and Google Analytics Webinars:…12:42 PM Apr 18th

Google Creative Sandbox 2009 New York: PM Apr 18th

RT @sonotony “Self-sacrifice is never entirely unselfish, for the giver never fails to receive.” – Dolores E. McGuire quote12:40 PM Apr 18th

@dannysullivan re: hey, my 13th anniversary writing about search today – Congratulations!1:45 PM Apr 17th

RT @vangeest Google CEO predicts great year for Android: PM Apr 17th

RT @nielsenwire Susan Boyle buzz beats Domino’s video and Amazon fail: PM Apr 17th

@XurxoVidal re: Be on lookout for malware hacking into your adwords account. Coming via email?1:28 PM Apr 17th

@azmyoskeletal re: Dalton’s Vol I Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques – what year was it taped?3:58 PM Apr 16th

@emielvanwegen PM Apr 16th

@emielvanwegen Can I nominate TimCohn @ http://www.searchmarketingc…3:24 PM Apr 16th

@Rafe Paid Twitter feed TwitPub – I don’t think that dog will hunt either… PM Apr 16th

2009 Q1 Google Earnings Slides PM Apr 16th

Flickr’s 5th Birthday: PM Apr 16th

12 Major Brands That Will Disappear: PM Apr 16th