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August 22, 2009

The following is my eighth installment of Tweets from my Twitter account.

I am uploading all of my Tweets to WordPress because they aren’t searchable within Twitter but are once uploaded to a WordPress blog.

@wpblogger any experience with their domain mapping service? Nearly six months and no re-indexing of searchmarketingcommunications.com2:00 PM Jul 14th

RT @Ustream Live Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower for Bastille Day! PM Jul 14th

RT @yahoosearchdata Trying to get skinny? Houston is – they searched the most on Y! this month for “weight loss” followed by NY, ATL, CHI11:25 AM Jul 14th

Happy 1st Birthday AM Jul 14th from

RT @forrester Principal Analyst David Cooperstein (@minicooper) wants help from marketing leaders to guide his research AM Jul 14th

RT @dholamahesh @josebarreto: SB: 20 years from now, will all company data be in Azure/Google/Amazon? No,it will be a mix with on-premises.9:11 AM Jul 14th

RT @mhindsbo wpc09 steveb: if we cannot really take share together (relative to the economy) this year we never can!9:09 AM Jul 14th

RT @Pribnow SB@ WPC09 For every thing that looks like it is getting smaller, 2-3 more get bigger, let’s invest in things that get bigger…9:05 AM Jul 14th

RT @NHMicrosoft All of the servers & storage & computation of the world in future will be a compilation of services. MS not sole provider9:04 AM Jul 14th

RT @InterDynBMI @ServicesReady: wpc09 SteveB: Lessons learned in consumer social media world provide framework for enterprise social media.9:02 AM Jul 14th

RT @DrRez WPC09 LIVE: Steve Ballmer says no one buys technology. They buy solutions. Sell to business problems.9:00 AM Jul 14th

RT@rokory @msPartner: @EricLigman: 100 Million rows of data demo on laptop in Excel 2010 by Bob Muglia @WPC09! Nice. wpc09 microsoft8:58 AM Jul 14th

RT @madvil Ballmer for piracy : “The solution is to bring a product that delivers it’s clear VALUE” – Clarify this statement?8:56 AM Jul 14th

RT @rdgreen @WPC09 Business customers don’t want software. They want higher margins, stronger revenue, lower costs. Tech enables. wpc098:55 AM Jul 14th

RT @HilbertV @andrewmccann: Ballmer -“Battle Software Piracy with selling value vs the issue of piracy.”Much better approach than RIAA8:54 AM Jul 14th

RT @MaximizerCRM “With less, do more” is today’s business dialogue not “do more with less”. $ is @ the forefront. – Steve Ballmer at WPC09.8:52 AM Jul 14th

RT @glennsc “The best solution to piracy is to deliver clear value.” Steve Ballmer at wpc09 Could someone clarify?8:50 AM Jul 14th

RT @mwherman2000 WPC09 Competing and competitive products. Microsoft has competitors but few competitors have any competitive products.8:50 AM Jul 14th

@Ballmer I am Ballmer’s Twitter account or not?8:49 AM Jul 14th

RT @pbarone As usual Steve shares his email address with the audience: steveb [at]… and he DOES read it!!! wpc098:46 AM Jul 14th

RT @Ballmer – “50% of time on PC isn’t in the browser. Need OS that provides rich offline and online integration. Windows is the OS wpc098:43 AM Jul 14th

RT @lizasisler Ballmer @wpc09 MSFT approach -longterm, tenacious, partner centric, virtualization, security, Bing, Bing, Bing!8:37 AM Jul 14th

RT @djdaveet “we can’t fix the economy, but we can innovate and help customers”. – Ballmer wpc098:36 AM Jul 14th

RT @HilbertV RT @OrganizeFISH: MSFT’s vision includes the cloud, TVs & phones alongside PCs, the tech used in XBox’s Natal WPC09 WPC_MSP8:36 AM Jul 14th

RT @EricLigman MS spending $9.5B on Innovation this year in R&D! Drive, drive, drive! wpc09 microsoft8:34 AM Jul 14th

RT @mhindsbo wpc09 the IT industry is the enabler of productivity and innovation gains that will drive us out of the economic “reset”8:34 AM Jul 14th

RT @DrRez WPC09 LIVE Steve Ballmer speaking NOW: “There are still things we can control. We can control & increase customer sarisfaction.”8:34 AM Jul 14th

RT @Friebs SteveBallmer: IT is key to renewal and economic recovery. WPC098:29 AM Jul 14th

RT @mobileentree “Productivity will Fuel Economic Growth.” ~ Steve Ballmer @ WPC098:28 AM Jul 14th

RT @klulue Ballmer: “IT driven regrowth as source to drive economic “reset”” @ wpc098:27 AM Jul 14th

RT @DrRez WPC09 LIVE Steve Ballmer speaking NOW: “Innovation is key.”8:27 AM Jul 14th

RT @andrewmccann Ballmer – IT driven recovery & growth opportunity for the future. Drive efficiency & intelligence through tech. WPC09 yam8:26 AM Jul 14th

How Brands Should Use Social Media…2:40 PM Jul 13th from

A First? The, Twitter & WordPress Mashup by Email…2:28 PM Jul 13th from

How Can adCenter Users Get More From Bing? PM Jul 13th from

Moonfruit Accuses Twitter of Pulling Viral Campaign PM Jul 13th from

President Obama logging into the White House IT Dashboard:…1:58 PM Jul 13th from

RT @GuyKawasaki 15-year-old’s controversial report on how teenagers consume media: AC1:00 PM Jul 13th

“The trend is your friend.” quote10:30 AM Jul 13th

“…the reason that people don’t innovate is because they follow their customer group to the bottom of the ocean.” Erik Noyes via WSJ10:29 AM Jul 13th

RT @shelisrael McGraw Hill puts BusinessWeek up for sale. AM Jul 13th

How Senior Citizens Spend Their Time: Not on The Internet PM Jul 12th from

@ej Piiirates & First Draft Movies are spamming Trending Topics.3:39 PM Jul 11th

Pirates Pushing Illegal Movie Downloads Via Twitter…3:28 PM Jul 11th from

My Google Voice Account Activated…7:04 PM Jul 10th from

RT @KentHuffman How marketing pro @Aaker and 37 other leaders and innovators define marketing: PM Jul 10th

Global Advertising: Consumers Trust Real Friends and Virtual Strangers the Most…5:00 PM Jul 10th from

New product ideas that won’t sell: “Stop shopping watches” for the man or woman who doesn’t yet have it all.2:18 PM Jul 10th

@ Crescent Court Hotel Dallas, TX. Rosewood Hotels / CC don’t have a Twitter account(s). Remodeled suites are nice. Off to @Mortons next.3:49 PM Jul 9th

Best Buy crowdsourcing ideas and job descriptions:…11:34 AM Jul 8th from

RT @BestBuyCMO Looking to hire an Emerging Media Marketing expert. Help write job description. See post at AM Jul 8th

RT @KentHuffman MarketingMonday: @MarianBWood, @ScottDavila, @ValerieSimon, @JCousineau, @BirdBathBuzz, @GranerCreative, @TimCohn Thx!5:42 AM Jul 7th

Attention book authors and publishers: Will Amazon make more money off your content than either of you? AM Jul 7th from

RT @holeinhiseye From George Parker: The End of Publishing, Book Selling, and Reading, As We Know.. AM Jul 7th

@lorenbaker Wow!4:10 AM Jul 7th

New: How to search for real estate listings in your neighborhood on Google Maps:…5:14 PM Jul 6th from

RT @OGILVY 10 Stunning (& Useful) Stats @Twitter: Last month a social media analytics provider named Sysomos release.. PM Jul 6th

Content distribution costs move closer to zero as more visitors spend more time on the Internet.11:25 AM Jul 6th

RT @the_gman Now even houses can ‘tweet’… as homeowner wires his cottage to Twitter PM Jul 5th

New product ideas that won’t sell: Weigh Stations @Restaurants.9:26 PM Jul 5th

@ej Search working again in both places – enjoy the steak!8:55 PM Jul 5th

Is free the new barrier to entry?9:10 AM Jul 4th

The Web is Editorial.9:09 AM Jul 4th

RT @gfulgoni Freemium and freeconomics. Fred Wilson has ignited a firestorm with this post. See my comments AM Jul 4th

Happy July 4 from President Obama. His Independence Day 2009 White House Video:…8:07 AM Jul 4th from

Google Ad Planner As A Competitive Intelligence Tool…3:50 PM Jul 3rd from

@ej don’t think can dm u. At my Tenkiller lake house. Using Hughes satellite. Had same problem with DSL at office yesterday.2:14 PM Jul 3rd

@ej Firefox 3.0.11 Mac search box on and Status: 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: text/html1:56 PM Jul 3rd

Like the branding direction of @Ask_Erik_Dalton Ask insert your name here is great option for generic name accounts already taken @Twitter.1:52 PM Jul 3rd

If Twitter is supposed to be the definitive real time search app; how come Twitter Search doesn’t work half the time? @Twitter Search Fail1:49 PM Jul 3rd

@dannysullivan Have you seen the Video Egg restaurant locator banner ad overlays on your Twitpics from McDonalds?1:39 PM Jul 3rd

RT @dannysullivan @DannyDover: Wow! CNN – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will resign PM Jul 3rd

@Twitter Search fail9:07 AM Jul 3rd

Gaming Twitter Trending Topics… moonfruit9:29 AM Jul 2nd

RT @eSuiteOne The Federal IT Dashboard AM Jul 2nd

RT @JonSymons in my Godaddy domain detail page, I can now “check to see if domain name is available as a Twitter account” automatically.8:32 PM Jul 1st

RT @newsycombinator Spezify (interesting new visual search engine) PM Jul 1st

Free: Wall Street Journal Online today courtesy of Bing:…6:23 PM Jul 1st from

RT @mashable Twitter Promotion Done Right: moonfruit ” – PM Jul 1st

@JeffreyHayzlett I should have had a V-8. What ad slogans do you remember best? “Diamonds are forever” marketing12:50 PM Jul 1st

RT@ajmunn Most view marketing as driving product. Part of shift is using sm to inform product smchat Twitter is useful in this regard12:15 PM Jul 1st

RT @jowyang Interesting thought – “Brand is a lagging indicator of a company’s culture” from Tony Hsieh @zappos12:11 PM Jul 1st

RT@JonSymonss Very cool. The staplelesss stapler: AM Jul 1st

RT @JohnAByrne Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson is our featured video today. He’s talking about the free economy. AM Jul 1st

New Followers Layout…4:19 PM Jun 30th from

New Twitter Followers Layout…3:56 PM Jun 30th

@StefanieatDell Thanks the info about Dell’s $2 Million in Twitter Sales: PM Jun 30th

Restaurants finding Twitter a cheap, effective marketing tool – The Boston Globe…3:52 PM Jun 30th from

@StefanieAtDell Where can I find more information about the Dell Outlet account on Twitter generating $2 Million in sales?2:35 PM Jun 30th

RT @joshbecerra Steve Rubel says Twitter is peaking & brands should use “embassy” strategy for all social media PM Jun 29th

RT @alleyinsider Google Invites Newspapers To Broadcast Themselves On YouTube PM Jun 29th

RT @zaibatsu Supreme Court declines to hear remote storage DVR appeal, cloud recording is on the way AM Jun 29th

RT@UMBFinancialCor UMB Chief Investment Officer pegs economic rebound to housing. Recession will end by……9:42 AM Jun 29th from

RT @jerrymichalski pdf09 unlike Google, the Govt should always be trying to put itself out of business9:28 AM Jun 29th

RT @beyondbroadcast Jarvis: Stop training people for the industrial age. pdf099:26 AM Jun 29th

RT @nyfi nyfi Coverage of Bloomberg’s keynote speech from pdf09 AM Jun 29th

RT @mpesce Lots of good suggestions coming from the floor. Jarvis is crowd-sourcing the problem of what is a Google government. pdf099:23 AM Jun 29th

RT@mgibsonsf Jarvis: $$ should go to universal broadband, not GM. pdf099:22 AM Jun 29th

RT @jpaddock RT @EricaAmerica What is the “Modern incarnation of white flight?” Dannah Boyd: those who ditched MySpace for Facebook. pdf099:21 AM Jun 29th

RT @danielschuman Google button for gov’t “I’m feeling useful” PDF099:20 AM Jun 29th

RT @nsroka There is an inverse relationship between control & trust. pdf099:18 AM Jun 29th

RT @bivings @Digidave: Jeff Jarvis: How does new world operate: It’s an avalanche – going to hit everything in time, including govt. pdf099:17 AM Jun 29th

RT @willcoley @Afine White flight ghettoization from Myspace to Facebook should scare hell out of us, danahboyd, pdf09, brilliant9:15 AM Jun 29th

RT @SusannahFox Jeff Jarvis: give us control or lose us; may as well be talking about myhealthdata pdf099:14 AM Jun 29th

RT @fedscoop @acarvin Jarvis: we’ve always had the ability to create but now we have the tools to find our audience. pdf099:14 AM Jun 29th

RT @fabriceflorin Jeff Jarvis onstage at pdf09: “We should do what we do best – and link to the rest.” Internet encourages specialization.9:13 AM Jun 29th

RT @mpesce What is government as an API? What is government as a network? What if government was calls for action? pdf099:12 AM Jun 29th

RT @adamclarkestes Jarvis: ‘If MSFT created Craigslist…it would’ve been uglier in a different way and would’ve come with a manual.’ pdf099:12 AM Jun 29th

RT @First_Peoples “There are no masses, only ways to see people as masses.” @jeffjarvis “What Would Google Do?” from Jay Rosen. ” pdf099:10 AM Jun 29th

RT @blakerutherford Jeff Jarvis author of “WW google do?” @ pdf09: next era growth will come from platform & networks. See: Craig’s List.9:09 AM Jun 29th

RT @jonathanpberger @buzzmachine on CL “You know you’ve won when ppl take it over from you and make it their own.” pdf099:08 AM Jun 29th

RT @palpitt Jeff Jarvis: “Government should be by default searchable and linkable.” The real motto of pdf09 (RT @AimeAile)9:07 AM Jun 29th

RT @ericleebow @jeffjarvis “do what we do best and link to the rest” pdf099:07 AM Jun 29th

Twitter: Tweets Per Minute – Tweespeed AM Jun 29th from

RT @craignewmark @nextgenweb: Danah Boyd recommends looking to teenagers for trends in how people are using technology. pdf099:00 AM Jun 29th

@raincoaster Who could have guessed Raincoaster’s striking resemblance to Billy Mays?8:23 AM Jun 29th

RT @wunderman Digitize or Die! That’s the message Simon Silvester & David Harris shared @Cannes_Lions wman8:21 AM Jun 29th

Why Tim Armstrong left Google:…6:00 PM Jun 28th from


Retweetings: Creating a Tweet Archive

August 3, 2009

The fifth 1/10 installment of my first 1,080 Tweets.

In case you just joined us – I am creating a searchable archive of my Twitter Updates now officially called Tweets in both my WordPress blog and eventually Google search engine results pages.

Here you go WordPress and Googlebot installment #5:
New York Times Reader 2.0 Launches on Adobe AIR: PM May 11th

K.K.R. to Open Mideast Office in Dubai: PM May 11th

Citizens Briefing Book and Office of Public Engagement @WhiteHouse:…2:51 PM May 11th

Newspaper Industry woes self inflicted? PM May 11th

Tweet w/ your email address included at your peril: PM May 11th

Google Marketing Research Study: The Brand Value of Search:…6:26 PM May 10th

How to Use Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics: PM May 10th

1.2.2 of the Google App Engine SDK for Python released. PM May 10th

First-class mail will now cost 44 cents for the first ounce.…2:48 PM May 10th

2D Barcode Generator and Mobile eCommerce: PM May 9th

DVR Creating Long Tail in Television Viewing Audience: PM May 8th

Establishing a Google Profile: PM May 7th

Twitter Maintenance: PM May 7th

Identifying web traffic quality in Google Analytics: PM May 7th

FTP vs. Custom domain issues @ Blogger: PM May 7th

Create Videos for YouTube with Android Phones: PM May 7th

Check out my new Google profile…11:46 AM May 7th

Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions; Advanced Table Analysis coming to Google Analytics:…11:17 AM May 7th

Google Analytics data in Google Ad Planner: AM May 7th

Web search now in Gmail via Labs: AM May 7th

Google Profile preference in Gmail: AM May 7th

Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping Visualization in Google Earth & Display in Google Maps:…10:57 AM May 7th

Google Apps, Sites mid market enterprise solutions: AM May 7th

YouTube account now a Google account: AM May 7th

Google Product Search for Mobile: AM May 7th

Historical perspective of the Flu in Google News: AM May 7th

Google TV Ad data & measurement: AM May 7th

RT @jsnell The D speakers: Ballmer, Bartz, @ev, @biz, many more: (via @waltmossberg) (I’ll be there covering it!)10:42 AM May 7th

Share Your Google Story with Google: AM May 7th

Manage Rich Media Ads in DoubleClick Studio:…10:25 AM May 7th

Google Profile explained: AM May 7th

Google Apps Connector BlackBerry Enterprise Server: AM May 7th

@waynemansfield can’t retweet maxed out quotes…9:56 AM May 7th

3 rules of Google Age * Focus on the user, & all else will follow * Do 1 thing really, really well * Fast is better than slow [@SilkCharm]9:56 AM May 7th Research and Purchase Online, Pickup Offline – PM May 6th

RT @MelanieKissell “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” ~Ted Turner quotes3:16 PM May 6th

Tweetmeme: Twittersphere Buzzmeter PM May 5th

RT @chrisbrogan @charlottehrb: Paid to ‘Tweet’. How a small advertising firm is staying ahead of the curve! PM May 5th

RT @rockingjude AIG’s business was 2 provide insurance 2 bond investors w/o setting aside sufficient reserves or capital 2 fulfill contracts1:38 PM May 5th

What % of small businesses in the U.S. buy search advertising, what % have a website?…10:00 AM May 5th

Warren Buffet on the Future of Newspapers: PM May 4th

What percentage of small businesses in the United States buy search advertising?6:59 PM May 3rd

What percentage of small businesses in the United States have a website?6:58 PM May 3rd

RT @christophgold Free Yahoo and Google search ads for Australian small businesses PM May 3rd

RT @ChrisSpagnuolo “We Buy Followers” on TweepMe: PM May 2nd

RT @WSJ BREAKING NEWS: Jack Kemp, a former NFL quarterback and congressman, has died, a spokesperson said.7:30 PM May 2nd

Great research resource- The Central Intelligence Agency, CIA World Factbook: PM May 2nd

@larrybrilliant Thanks for your excellent article “The Age of Pandemics” in today’s Wall Street Journal7:10 PM May 2nd

@rustybrick CNN…congratulations! PM May 2nd

Tried the Twitter Traffic Generating Machine? Claiming thousands of targeted followers. PM May 1st

Can’t remember your First Tweet? PM May 1st

@raincoaster yeah seems like a conflict of interest.8:59 PM May 1st

RT @raincoaster How iphone readers read books on their phones: 30% in bed, 13% commuting, 5% in a bar, 2% in a toilet.8:48 PM May 1st

RT @raincoaster Listening to some stats on digital publishing. $58million in ebook sales in one year? Doubling every three months.8:48 PM May 1st

Google’s Largest Agency Client and Customer? PM Apr 30th

RT @jayrosen_nyu Sarah Palin joins Twitter. First post introduces herself. Second post tries to correct the AP. PM Apr 29th

Need quote from .asp developers for cleaning up and fixing 300 page web site after SQL Injection hack.8:00 PM Apr 29th

Need quote for forty 300 word articles on same subject from offshore writers content/article producers7:58 PM Apr 29th

RT @austinhill Don’t untertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible” Edwin Land,Inventor & Founder, Polaroid7:49 PM Apr 29th

@globolstaff How can you help me with my data?7:43 PM Apr 29th

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” Edison or Einstein?, “Strategy without execution is hallucination” Microsoft COO Kevin Turner7:18 PM Apr 29th

RT @nilofer Wolfram Alpha: “success will also depend on how broad / deep it wants to make its data-searching” PM Apr 29th

RT @rustybrick @jimmy_wales: WHO alert level 5, please let people know to look at rather than listen to media panic!1:30 PM Apr 29th

RT @yahoo posting the flickr url that the White House uses… (via @SearchPresence)1:11 PM Apr 29th

Swine Flu, Mexico, Google Flu Trends and the CDC:…1:05 PM Apr 29th

Search Engines are your door, your blog is your face and Twitter is your voice.12:29 PM Apr 29th

Google is your door, your blog is your face and Twitter is your voice.12:16 PM Apr 29th

Is there not a way to get 40 pages of unique website content for less than a dollar a page?12:08 PM Apr 29th

Top 5 Reasons for Microsoft adCenter Editorial Disapprovals:…9:59 AM Apr 29th

RT @gfulgoni Finance Sites Popular w/ Older European Mobile Web Users; Entertainment Content Appeals to Teens…8:01 AM Apr 29th

Preview of Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine:…7:56 AM Apr 29th

RT @gsterling Olgilvy Interactive: 3G having the same impact on mobile usage that broadband had on PC Internet6:47 AM Apr 29th

A/B Testing with Google Website Optimizer: PM Apr 28th

Google Adwords Qualified Professional:…10:24 AM Apr 28th

“Capital both money and ideas when freed to travel @ the speed of light will go where it is wanted, stay where it is well treated” W Wriston10:19 AM Apr 28th

@jayrosen_nyu Indeed of many. Wall Street Journal graph might interest you, if you haven’t seen it.…3:51 PM Apr 27th

RT @TomCoburn New report finds there are more than 1,800 federal subsidy programs, up from 1,425 just 8 years ago. tcot PM Apr 27th

RT @tonyrobbins “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela – What impossible things will u move forward on today?2:47 PM Apr 27th

All Major Industries Job Postings Decline: http://searchmarketingcommu…2:45 PM Apr 27th

@jayrosen_nyu” You want us to take sides, YOUR side. But we can’t…” which is why Newpapers can’t fix their obsolete business model.10:11 AM Apr 27th

RT @ducttape kinda cool, Staples is doing for folks out of job & looking for work – free resume & biz card printing AM Apr 27th

Folding Portfolio Magazine’s Ironic Last Words “Lead Us. Please. What we need from Geithner & Wall Street”…9:58 AM Apr 27th

Swine Flu Outbreak on Google Maps: http://searchmarketingcommu…6:37 PM Apr 26th

RIP: General Circulation Print Media aka Newspapers:…9:52 PM Apr 25th

RT @jayrosen_nyu Just remember: the columnists write their own headlines. Maureen Dowd is Slouching Towards Oblivion PM Apr 25th

Google using Google Promotion to push Google Profile: http://searchmarketingcommu…4:37 PM Apr 23rd

“If you want an intelligence service to work for you, they always work on the edge. That’s just where they work.” Michael Hayden2:18 PM Apr 23rd

@google Very cool and useful Google News time line in Google Labs and Ajax: PM Apr 21st

@google kevinmarks Andy Herzfeld’s excellent timeline UI now shows up for google news had incorrect labs url.3:17 PM Apr 21st

RT @google kevinmarks Andy Herzfeld’s excellent timeline UI now shows up for google news PM Apr 21st

RT @sonotony Think about making creative thinking a habit. Pretty good article: PM Apr 21st

RT @WSJ LIVE BLOG: Follow Yahoo’s earnings conference call. PM Apr 21st

“A real brand owns a very tiny but important piece of real estate in a consumer’s mind.” Charles M. Berger2:27 PM Apr 21st

RT @Rathbone Positioning is what you do in the mind of a prospect2:25 PM Apr 21st

Are you a GAP? Grow your network and learn by joining Google Adwords Qualified Professionals group on PM Apr 21st

@JOHNABYRNE Smokin’ In the Boys Room, Smokin’ by Boston2:12 PM Apr 21st

@shelisrael Why has Twitter stopped us from seeing home many times someone has posted? Updates are still viewable on the web. Yours = 17,92611:42 AM Apr 21st

@jimmysmithtrain Ok, going to work out now… sometime tomorrow or later this week?11:29 AM Apr 21st

@jimmysmithtrain I use Google Adwords daily. What do you need help with?11:15 AM Apr 21st

RT @PeterSantilli @dprogram “Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws.” -Amschel Rothschild11:14 AM Apr 21st

RT @comScore Number of US Online Banking Customers Continues to Grow Despite Challenging Financial Environment: AM Apr 21st

RT @JohnChow Twitter enforces a 1,000 per day following limit. AM Apr 21st

@gsterling Time to banish the phrase “long tail” among others – particularly since its a myth…11:01 AM Apr 21st

Google search engine ranking algorithm change: AM Apr 21st

RT @keyrelevance @RavenJon @outspokenmedia: how to create your very own URL shortener in wordpress! AM Apr 21st

@bcuban PM Apr 20th

WordPress Real Time Search: PM Apr 20th

As Twitter grows, more noise less signal PM Apr 20th

Twitter branding suggestions: PM Apr 20th

RT @jimmysmithtrain Remember, desserts is stressed spelled backwards6:40 AM Apr 20th

Free Google Adwords and Google Analytics Webinars:…12:42 PM Apr 18th

Google Creative Sandbox 2009 New York: PM Apr 18th

RT @sonotony “Self-sacrifice is never entirely unselfish, for the giver never fails to receive.” – Dolores E. McGuire quote12:40 PM Apr 18th

@dannysullivan re: hey, my 13th anniversary writing about search today – Congratulations!1:45 PM Apr 17th

RT @vangeest Google CEO predicts great year for Android: PM Apr 17th

RT @nielsenwire Susan Boyle buzz beats Domino’s video and Amazon fail: PM Apr 17th

@XurxoVidal re: Be on lookout for malware hacking into your adwords account. Coming via email?1:28 PM Apr 17th

@azmyoskeletal re: Dalton’s Vol I Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques – what year was it taped?3:58 PM Apr 16th

@emielvanwegen PM Apr 16th

@emielvanwegen Can I nominate TimCohn @ http://www.searchmarketingc…3:24 PM Apr 16th

@Rafe Paid Twitter feed TwitPub – I don’t think that dog will hunt either… PM Apr 16th

2009 Q1 Google Earnings Slides PM Apr 16th

Flickr’s 5th Birthday: PM Apr 16th

12 Major Brands That Will Disappear: PM Apr 16th

Twitter Updates Search Archive

July 24, 2009

This is my second post containing Twitter updates.

I am placing all of my Tweets into this WordPress blog because:

1). Without it I won’t have a readily accessible archive of my Tweets (Research)

2). Once input into an active WordPress blog, my Tweets can be searched with WordPress and shortly thereafter in Google search engine results pages.

The following is the second decile of my first 1080 Twitter Updates.

The Real Google Street View gallery:…1:10 PM Feb 6th

Web Marketing Key Performance Indicators KPIs PM Feb 6th

Google Latitude marketing potential PM Feb 6th

Mobile book search on smartphones PM Feb 6th

Multiple gmail inbox views now in Google Mail PM Feb 6th

Adding Google New to your Websites PM Feb 6th

Eye-Tracking Studies PM Feb 6th

Technology for Marketing & Advertising London PM Feb 6th

Google Conversion Optimizer Seminar PM Feb 6th

Free Google Website Optimizer Seminar PM Feb 6th

Google Analytics Seminars San Jose & Denver PM Feb 6th

Amazon Mechanical Turk…12:55 PM Feb 6th

Google TV Ads announces agreement w/ VCI Solutions, a traffic & billing system for managing television ad inventory. PM Feb 6th

Google Adwords Beta Tools Tabs…12:50 PM Feb 6th

New Adwords Interface…12:49 PM Feb 6th

New Google Adwords Campaign Metrics…12:45 PM Feb 6th

Twitter Follower Scraper Tools harvesting keyword searches?12:11 PM Feb 6th

Tacit Interaction ala McKinsey & Company PM Feb 6th

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising News: New to the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta – Eligible & Share of Voice. AM Feb 6th

Running long distances again. AM Feb 6th

Waiting For WordPress Domain Change To Take Place: AM Feb 6th

@raincoaster I think the term you are looking for is “Automatic Follow Hunters”7:53 AM Feb 6th

Estimated Average Google Advertiser Annual Spend Per Hour: AM Feb 5th

More Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta Details and Screenshots: AM Feb 5th

RT @tomforemski “…but those were the chumps that the gorillas had left behind.” Spunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan AM Feb 5th

A quotation, like a pun, should come unsought, and then be welcomed only for some propriety of felicity justifying the intrusion. R. Chapman7:58 AM Feb 5th

TED: Live Blogging (Tweeting) By Some of The World’s Brightest People PM Feb 4th

Quote of the day: You can’t make a show horse plow or poodle hunt.3:23 PM Feb 4th

RT @John_Lessnau Social Media Marketing is scam…6:14 AM Feb 4th

@madmain 1st Amendment5:59 PM Feb 3rd

RT @dannysullivan Twitter Business Cards + Include Your Twitter Address in YouTube Videos AM Feb 3rd

Include Your Twitter Address in YouTube Videos: AM Feb 3rd

RT @dannysullivan great idea – “Twitter address on your business cards”10:49 AM Feb 3rd

I am available for free Google Adwords help today.10:45 AM Feb 3rd

@duward Why aren’t my blog posts @ domain http://www.searchmarketingcommunic… which maps to getting crawled/indexed by Google?10:44 AM Feb 3rd

RT @rustybrick Google Analytics on your iPhone, works well AM Feb 3rd

Yahoo CEO Bartz: Why not instead pay employees to leak company problems with the biggest and best problems receiving the highest rewards?8:03 AM Feb 3rd

RT @DaivRawks “One disappointed customer is worth ten delighted ones.”8:01 AM Feb 3rd

Judging a stranger by their tweets continued… PM Feb 2nd

Online Media & Search Trends 2008: PM Feb 2nd

Study Finds Web Series Audiences Are Unreliable: PM Feb 2nd

Six out of 10 US Internet users view user-generated content: PM Feb 2nd

The comScore 2008 Digital Year in Review Report Highlights Key U.S. Digital Marketing Trends of the Past Year: PM Feb 2nd


Christmas 2008 Retail Analysis: Electronics Retailers Most Active on Paid Search: PM Feb 2nd

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@AndrewWindham liked the quote on Amateurs vs. Pros: “Amateurs practice till they get it right, PROS practice till they CAN”T get it wrong”8:32 AM Feb 1st

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@CreativeOK Or you can drive in – the roads are pretty crunchy.4:16 AM Jan 28th

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@raincoaster which I think qualifies as free…3:04 PM Jan 27th

@raincoaster If I remember correctly the going rate on freelancer sites is .01 per word. India has folks who will do it for .007 per word.3:03 PM Jan 27th

@Szetela I believe it has spread to stock pickers too.3:01 PM Jan 27th

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@ThirtySixthSpan Which query did you use? I am not locatable by design.7:42 AM Jan 25th

@ThirtySixthSpan It was the right time and place for me, just as I am sure okcococ is the right place and time for you too.7:40 AM Jan 25th

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@ThirtySixthSpan – Also how did you find me?4:32 PM Jan 24th

@ThirtySixthSpan I set up 7 years ago w/similar networking/cross pollination ideas in mind. <10 people had interest.4:28 PM Jan 24th

@ThirtySixthspan – OpenBeta looks innovative. I am putting it on my calendar. People pitch what they do or a forum for trying to raise $?3:04 PM Jan 24th

@thirtysixthspan Thanx for the recommendation. I’ve been doing search for some time. Didn’t know about the group OpenBeta or Twitpic from OK11:08 AM Jan 24th

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Searched Twitter for willis mcgahee: PM Jan 18th

I hope Willis McGahee is ok…7:04 PM Jan 18th


July 20, 2009

I came across a Tweet today for a live Twitter web based camera app called

Tim Cohn Testing Twitcam

Tim Cohn Testing Twitcam

How does work?

Connect your webcam.

Login with Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account you can sign up for one for free at

Click the broadcast button.

Once you are broadcasting live on Twitcam:

Twitcam posts your video description and link to Twitter for all your followers to see.

While broadcasting, chat with your viewers via Twitter right from your broadcast page.

Once you’re done going live, we archive your video and display it on the same page.

I am not yet sure what implications Twitcam may have for marketers and consumers alike.

Also, still not sure how to embed the video in my WordPress blog.