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This is the sixth installment of my Tweet archive:

RT @dannysullivan “and hey, can google crawl embedded wave content?” I was wondering about that too… Will it reside on the web or desktop?9:52 AM May 29th

RT @google Debunking top 10 myths re Google Analytics: “Be informed, be wise” says @avinashkaushik3:02 PM May 28th

On any given day about 1/10 of internet users (9%) visit online classified sites, up from 4% in 2005:…11:27 AM May 28th from

More about Google Wave:…11:10 AM May 28th from

“Customer relationships”?10:32 AM May 28th

Who Owns Your Tweets? You or Twitter?…9:12 AM May 28th from

How good ideas go wrong – The Three I’s: “First come the innovators. Then come the imitators. Then come the idiots.” Warren Buffet quote8:36 AM May 28th

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” quote8:31 AM May 28th

…and in order to be a presence you can’t always be hawking product.” quote Michael Tatelman8:17 AM May 28th

“Brand presence is just kind of creating a connection. We want to be a presence in that community…8:16 AM May 28th

All Businesses and People Are Now Media Companies…7:58 AM May 28th from

“All brands should think of themselves as media companies.” quote Shane Smith Vice Co-Founder7:32 AM May 28th

Page’s Law: “Every 18 months software becomes twice as slow as it was prior.” quote Larry Page via Sergey Brin and @DannySullivan7:42 PM May 27th

Microsoft adCenter Spring Update…7:16 PM May 27th from

RT @ajaythakur Audience Science: Interesting trade show panel and audience insights PM May 26th

Speaking of Rupert Murdoch… RT:@ev Backstage PM May 26th

RT @nilofer 50% of our revenues at news corp from digital. – rupert murdoch at d7 Wonder what other comparable media companies ratios are?6:44 PM May 26th

Digital Marketing Thought Leader video interview series @DoubleClick…11:15 AM May 26th from

“How can I get better viral marketing for my product? Have a better product!” Esther Dyson quote10:21 AM May 26th

RT @MarkIsMusing If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? – John Wooden9:23 AM May 24th

RT@jayrosen_nyu The church of the savvy in political journalism has its rituals. Elevating “will it work?” over “is it true?” for example.9:16 AM May 24th

@gsterling – You can do it Greg!8:59 AM May 24th

RT @JohnAByrne Sunday a.m. reading: If the NYT profile of Jim Collins sparked interest in his newest book, the excerpt: AM May 24th

“Don’t try to come up with the right answers; focus on coming up with good questions.” Bill Lazier via Jim Collins quote8:49 AM May 24th

Business Management reduced to three steps:…9:34 PM May 23rd from

The aggregation of marginal gains: “You cannot improve one thing by 1000% but you can improve 1000 little things by 1%” John Carlzon quote12:24 PM May 23rd

Google Alerts Now Tracking Twitter Posts?…3:27 PM May 22nd from

@Mike_Wesely Ha!3:12 PM May 22nd

Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool demo:…3:00 PM May 22nd from

U.S. Government comes to YouTube via Google Public Policy Blog…2:49 PM May 22nd from

Managing keywords and the Search Query Report in the New Google Adwords Interface…2:47 PM May 22nd from

Custom reporting in Google Analytics explained:…2:43 PM May 22nd from

Google TV ADs Team Viewership Insights Series: Television Network and Programming Loyalty:…2:41 PM May 22nd from

RT @Mike_Wesely QUOTE: “Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” ~ Frank Zappa – “Going to Montana” comes to mind…2:35 PM May 22nd

Adwords offering some advertisers expert advertising advice:…2:30 PM May 22nd from

@pjk If it does let me know! I am on Macs and getting data from banks to Q & QB apps for Mac & exporting to CPA on PCs is like pulling teeth2:26 PM May 22nd

@seosmarty @lorenbaker GOOG Groups co-working / collaboration for SEJ is a great idea…2:18 PM May 22nd from

New in Gmail: PM May 22nd from

@seosmarty @lorenbaker Congrats to the new Director of Media for Search & Social @Search Engine Journal…2:06 PM May 22nd from

@pjk Can Quicken sync with all online accounts?1:52 PM May 22nd

Updated Google Profile:…1:14 PM May 22nd from

@KarlRove I was at Choate’s Reunion last weekend and learned about last year’s commencement brouhaha. What happened?11:46 AM May 22nd

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson quote1:47 PM May 21st

RT @chrisbrogan Want to see an interesting reason to workshift ? – AM May 21st

@phantomwriters I think you did some work for a client of mine some time ago.5:29 PM May 20th

RT @googlemaps @nytimes talking on their @googlemapsapi implementation of NY foreclosures here at where20 See it here: PM May 20th

Do Tweets get WordPress blogs indexed in MSN & Yahoo? Search Marketing Communications @ http://searchmarketingcommu…4:43 PM May 20th

Google Analytics Providing Data on YouTube Brand Channels: PM May 20th

RT @youtube 20 Hours of Video Uploaded Every Minute!: In mid-2007, six hours of video were uploaded to YouTube .. PM May 20th

RT @CloudTap Twitter Surges Past Digg, LinkedIn & w/32 Million Visitors: How quickly they grow. Re.. PM May 20th

My personal blog: http://TimothyCohn.com3:49 PM May 20th

Bloggers submit your blog to to become an Amazon Kindle publisher (Thanks Aaron Wall)…3:41 PM May 20th from

Yeah – I know.2:51 PM May 20th

Michael Jackson cancels concerts.…2:41 PM May 20th from

RT quotes @yournewbff @flipbooks “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford2:21 PM May 20th

@ev Why can’t I search my Twitter followers and those I am following in Twitter?11:55 AM May 20th

Fotomoto Lets Photographers Sell Photos On-Site Without The Hassle AM May 20th from

Why can’t I search my Twitter followers and those I am following in Twitter?…11:51 AM May 20th from

@biz @twitter How come I can’t search who is following me or my followers on twitter11:35 AM May 20th

Paging Dr. Luddite:…11:28 AM May 20th from

@lorenbaker for some reason only have a few I can dm here. I almost didn’t recognize you! Do you have a guidelines page? When is it needed?11:22 AM May 20th

@lorenbaker multiple clicks per conversion will become increasingly more relevant.11:15 AM May 20th

@lorenbaker don’t know what you mean by adwords profiling. How to set up conversion tracking – analytics? Coat and tie guy now?11:12 AM May 20th

@EricBingman ut oh!11:06 AM May 20th

@lorenbaker any particular subject?11:04 AM May 20th

RT @CarnegieMellon Transcript of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Carnegie Mellon 2009 Commencement Address: AM May 20th

Yahoo! Hong Kong’s 10th Anniversary: AM May 20th

Newspaper circulation – The Wall Street Journal Online AM May 20th from

Got an Innovative Business Idea? Try Google Ventures « Search Marketi… AM May 20th from

The average American watches approximately 153 hours of TV every month at home.…10:32 AM May 20th from

The Top 25 Online Advertising Networks: AM May 20th

Testing out Twitgoo this AM, May 20, 2009. AM May 20th from twitgoo

Google Street View Gallery AM May 20th from

Google offering new advertisers expert advice:…8:37 AM May 20th from

Enhanced Google Adwords Search Query Performance reports:…6:34 PM May 19th from

How to set up goals in Google Analytics:…6:29 PM May 19th from

“Never fight an inanimate object.” P. J. O’Rourke quote10:39 AM May 19th’s top 5 organic Twitters: TonyRobbins, Schwarzenegger, Zaibatsu, ChrisBrogan, PerryBelcher…5:11 PM May 18th from

Tim Cohn’s Public History; Didn’t claim account until May 18, 20095:00 PM May 18th from…4:50 PM May 18th from

Advanced segmentation in Google Analytics: PM May 18th

Television attention and engagement metrics in seconds: PM May 18th

Google Star Droid: PM May 18th

How useful and valid are polls conducted via Twitter? PM May 18th

Sample Branded Twitter Poll: PM May 18th

Top 10 Search Providers for April 2009 (U.S) RT @nielsenwire PM May 18th

Microsoft Content Advertising out of Beta today:…11:17 AM May 18th

Microsoft adCenter Spring 2009 Upgrade: AM May 18th

Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Commencement Address @ Carnegie Mellon & Thomas Edison?…10:35 AM May 18th

“There is a fundamental rule about databases: the bigger they are the more useless they become.” Ross Clark. Think it depends who’s DB it is10:04 AM May 18th

Structural Dynamics = Scenario Planning + Systems Thinking8:56 AM May 18th

What are the predominant current Social, Technical, Economic, Environmental, Educational, Political and Aesthetic (STEEEPA) Trends?8:54 AM May 18th

“My heart is in the work.” Andrew Carnegie quote8:04 AM May 18th

Search Market Opportunity: Laggards? PM May 17th

Finished 2nd day of Choate class of 1979 Reunion Weekend. Surprised less than 10 Tweets about Choate or Reunion Weekend.8:53 PM May 16th

Visited the Yale Peabody Museum today. One of the world’s top Mineralogy collections:…8:52 PM May 16th

@EricBingman – Ha!8:28 PM May 16th

Google Fail: Google Outage Explained: PM May 14th

Correction: Raleigh Durham, NC att airport wifi blows3:31 PM May 14th

Stranded in Raleigh Durham, NC airport; at&t airport wifi blows3:19 PM May 14th

RT @YahooGuy 49% of those who respond to online display ads launch a search for product, or brand that was in the ad. AM May 13th My first blog post via email. AM May 13th

Google Searchology: New Search Options PM May 12th

RT @molfamily Energy lab converts algae to natural gas energy3:13 PM May 12th

@JDeragon I’m interested in adding my blog to University of Phoenix “Aggregation of Knowledge”: http://www.SearchMarketingC…3:50 PM May 11th

Microsoft to issue bonds for the first time.…3:37 PM May 11th

Pirates outnumber buyers 3-1 on iPhone apps: PM May 11th

Celebrity Twitter Overkill: PM May 11th

Meetup with people from your Linkedin network on your next trip with Tripit’s MyTravel utility:…3:34 PM May 11th

Immigration in a recession:…3:31 PM May 11th Site Faces Huge Hurdles: PM May 11th

TNS Media Intelligence reports US Ad spend declined 4.1% in 2008: PM May 11th

Washington Post in Talks With Google to Collaborate Online? I don’t think so:…3:23 PM May 11th

S&P Downgrades ‘Akron Beacon Journal’ Parent:…3:20 PM May 11th

Employment Trends Index Slightly Dips: :20:00:22Z3:16 PM May 11th

5 tips to get your search ads in the spotlight for spring events: PM May 11th

Time to optimize your PPC campaigns? Via Microsoft adcenter:…3:10 PM May 11th

Google News format changes: PM May 11th

Energy required for one Google search and its CO2 impact: PM May 11th

@MichielAndreae Facturizating Correction in Google Adwords? Is this the English spelling? What context was the correction in?3:05 PM May 11th

US Gross Domestic Product Q1 2009 via Bureau of Economic Analysis:…3:03 PM May 11th

Personal Income & Disposable Personal Income Bureau of Economic Analysis figures March 2009:…3:01 PM May 11th Lets Photographers Sell Photos On-Site Without The Hassle:…2:59 PM May 11th

Wall Street Journal to expand pay models with micropayments this fall:…2:57 PM May 11th


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