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Example of a WordPress Terms of Service Violation

July 23, 2009

I was experimenting with adding my Twitter Followers list yesterday to this blog in order to be able to search the list from within WordPress and eventually Google.


As far as I can tell, Twitter doesn’t provide a method for Twitter account holders to search their Followers or Following lists.

After I uploaded 17,000+ words I received the following notice from WordPress:

Deactivated WordPress Blog Notice

Deactivated WordPress Blog Notice

As suggested, I contacted WordPress to see if I could troubleshoot what caused this blog to get deactivated.

Within 24 hours I got an email response notifying me of the problem.

It wasn’t the size of my post that caused the problem.

Apparently buried deep with my Twitter Followers list was a link to a site WordPress explicity prohibits within their terms of service.

The WordPress staffer restored my site and asked me to remove the link to the spam site.

I did.

It now appears everything with this blog is back to normal.

Thanks WordPress.


How To Search Twitter and Archive Lists of Followers

July 22, 2009

Yesterday I wrote a post about how to create a searchable archive of Twitter updates on my WordPress blog

Today I outlined my method for creating  a searchable archive of Twitter Followers.

As discussed in my post, the following is a list of my Twitter account’s 873 Followers:

Update – my blog was suspended for uploading the list.

See my next post.

Why Can’t I Search Twitter Followers and Following?

May 20, 2009

Two question for Biz Stone:

Is there any particular reason why I can’t search who I follow on Twitter?

Twitter Following

Twitter Following

Why can’t I search who is following me on

Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

Surely letting Twitter users search their followers and who they are following would be of value to the entire Twitter community. Twitter Followers Brokerage Agency

April 1, 2009

Coming soon – the first Twitter follower brokerage agency.

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