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Example of a WordPress Terms of Service Violation

July 23, 2009

I was experimenting with adding my Twitter Followers list yesterday to this blog in order to be able to search the list from within WordPress and eventually Google.


As far as I can tell, Twitter doesn’t provide a method for Twitter account holders to search their Followers or Following lists.

After I uploaded 17,000+ words I received the following notice from WordPress:

Deactivated WordPress Blog Notice

Deactivated WordPress Blog Notice

As suggested, I contacted WordPress to see if I could troubleshoot what caused this blog to get deactivated.

Within 24 hours I got an email response notifying me of the problem.

It wasn’t the size of my post that caused the problem.

Apparently buried deep with my Twitter Followers list was a link to a site WordPress explicity prohibits within their terms of service.

The WordPress staffer restored my site and asked me to remove the link to the spam site.

I did.

It now appears everything with this blog is back to normal.

Thanks WordPress.