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Facebook: Word Of Mouth If You Can Get It

May 18, 2010

Facebook may indeed be the perfect channel for transmitting “word of mouth marketing”.

The only problem with word of mouth marketing from a marketers perspective is that you can’t legally buy it without disclosing you bought it and word of mouth as a rule can’t be replicated or scaled.

So while Facebook may be the perfect environment for the incubation and distribution of word of mouth, marketers who rely solely on Facebook users to create and distribute positive word of mouth in their behalf may find themselves without a marketing job.

The Power of Search Marketing Vs. All Other Marketing

September 18, 2009

Today while discussing online lead generation with a client, I summarized the search marketing lead generation process as follows:

Being contacted by prospects and evaluating their deals is a lot easier and more efficient than contacting prospects and having them choose whether or not to even hear your deal let alone evaluate it.

Of course the power of “word of mouth marketing” is equal to if not greater than the power of search marketing when it comes to communicating the merits of a company, product or service to prospects however word of mouth marketing is subject to the limits of analog communication in an era when the world’s preferred communications channel is increasingly digital.