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Google Advertising Professionals Exam Expiring Soon

September 12, 2009

I recently received the following notice from Google Adwords.

Although I don’t recall receiving previous notices by email from Google, they are welcomed because I don’t always check the messages in My Google Adwords Client Center.

Adwords Qualified Individual

Adwords Qualified Individual

From: Date: Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 3:56 AM

Subject: Warning: Google Advertising Professionals Exam Expiring Soon



We are writing to let you know that one or more of the Google Advertising Professionals exams associated with your Company account is set to expire in the next 2 weeks.

Your Company account pages at the Google Advertising Professionals Program site have been updated to include this information. You can view the exam expiry dates associated with your Company account, as well as who took the exam and when, on the Google Advertising Professionals Company account home page.

If this exam expires, it may put your Company Qualification at risk; please have a Professional take the exam again as soon as possible.


Google Advertising Professionals Team

You have received this email because you are an Administrator of a Company account in the Google Advertising Professionals program. As such, we send you alerts and notifications when critical events take place that require your attention.

For Sale By Google Update

August 7, 2009

Today I have finalized the structure and content of my innovative marketing book For Sale by Google.

For Sale by Google (1) has three parts (3), six sections (6), twenty one chapters (21), one hundred eighty four “panels” (184) and seven hundred thirty six “panes” (736).

My book has taken over three years of research and contemplation to perfect.

For Sale by Google: How To Make Money Selling Your Products and Services On The Internet Using Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing Strategies is long overdue, however I am now satisfied with my 85,000+ word argument.

I am excited about publishing my intellectual property and capitalizing on its full market potential particularly now.