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Gmail: Help Us Tame Your Inbox With Our Algorithm

February 3, 2011

I realize the Gmail Tame Your Inbox with Priority Inbox campaign has been live for at least six months yet today I received a Beta invite in my Gmail account.

Tame Your Inbox With Priority Inbox

Tame Your Inbox With Priority Inbox

After watching the video, it became clear to me that while Priority Inbox will serve their users as promised on one hand, on the other Google gets something out of too.

What pray tell does Google get out of mass adoption  of its Priority Inbox service?

An email usage algorithm guaranteed to more accurately deliver relevant ads to your Gmail Inbox.

VideoChatting Is The New Intercom In My House

May 20, 2010

If you haven’t tried gmail’s video chat feature you ought to!

I have a pretty large house and recently discovered its much easier to reach and speak with my children via chat either text or video because they are often online too.

Video Chatting

Video Chatting

If you have a Mac,  its real easy to set up and start video chatting.

Gmail automatically grabs your camera and feeds the video into your gmail account.

Give Gmail Video Chatting a try.

Postscript: This post was originally written on May 19, 2010 yet inadvertently went unpublished.

I have posted every single day since September 1, 2009 on this blog and I’m somewhat miffed my preoccupation with other matters caused me not get this piece posted on time…

Google Docs Previews in Gmail

October 19, 2009

Gmail Labs has announced a new feature where Google Docs can be previewed from within Gmail.

Google Docs Preview in Gmail

Google Docs Preview in Gmail

Clicking on “Show Preview” reveals the contents of the Google Doc within the same window while Open in a new window opens another browser window.

Allowing Gmail users to view Google Docs within their Gmail account reduces the amount of keystrokes required to view email attachments.

Google Fading Homepage

October 6, 2009

Google has begun testing a delayed home page display of additional links for both Google searchers and Google account holders.

Instead of landing on a Google page like the one below –

Regular Google Homepage

Regular Google Homepage

Google users are instead greeted by a link free page.

Google Fade Page

Google Fade Page

The delayed display of links is somewhat novel, but as the day wears on attempts to access gmail and other Google services after having waited for five to twenty seconds to get to a clickable link have grown time consuming and bothersome.

Yes – the delayed display of links will otherwise focus Google users’ attention on Google’s homepage and its understated simplicity something Google’s users may have been taking for granted.

Will doing so at some point aggrevate Google’s audience?


It may however be a brilliant public relations move by Google.

When their “test” is over, how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years in man hours will have been spent staring at Google’s logo and reinforcing their brand in their audience’s collective mind?