Google Fading Homepage

Google has begun testing a delayed home page display of additional links for both Google searchers and Google account holders.

Instead of landing on a Google page like the one below –

Regular Google Homepage

Regular Google Homepage

Google users are instead greeted by a link free page.

Google Fade Page

Google Fade Page

The delayed display of links is somewhat novel, but as the day wears on attempts to access gmail and other Google services after having waited for five to twenty seconds to get to a clickable link have grown time consuming and bothersome.

Yes – the delayed display of links will otherwise focus Google users’ attention on Google’s homepage and its understated simplicity something Google’s users may have been taking for granted.

Will doing so at some point aggrevate Google’s audience?


It may however be a brilliant public relations move by Google.

When their “test” is over, how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years in man hours will have been spent staring at Google’s logo and reinforcing their brand in their audience’s collective mind?


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4 Responses to “Google Fading Homepage”

  1. Robert Says:

    The fading home page is very annoying. This is what Google needs to hear… “Google…we love you… we use you religiously. We choose no other search engine as our homepage… because you’re awesome. We don’t need to see your logo for x amount of extra seconds EVERY time we open your page. Why? Because we can see your LOGO in our sleep… it’s part of world-wide vernacular. What we NEED is to be able check our e-mail (which we have chosen as G-Mail… because we love it too.) the moment the page opens. Don’t worry…we’ll come back to your page…OFTEN. You need no further product placement at this time. There is no Wah-Hoo in Yahoo… there is no Bling in Bing… it’s GOOGLE we choose. Now…enough with the ‘fading homepage’ experiment.”

    My next step…if they continue w/ the fading thing is to put an icon on my desktop that goes directly to my Gmail account and bypass the Google search page altogether…until I need to search for something.

    For the last two days using Google has been like watching an amatuer slide show or power point presentation with too many dissolve transitions… “Oh look…it’s fading in! Hey honey…check this out…the links fade in a second or two after I move the mouse… see? see them fade in? Here it is again! (two hours later) “Oh crap… another fade in… we get it. Your minimalistic…we see that… now SHOW US THE LINKS!”

  2. Jesse Says:

    Yes, this new “feature” is very annoying. To those of us who compulsively search for software like TweakUI just to get our computer working close to as quickly as our brains, so it feels more like a limb, an extension of the body used mainly for jumping around cyberspace, than a cute machine designed to make us feel cool, this kind of thing is most unwelcome, and is in no way indicative of any progress.

    C’mon, Google… don’t be evil.

  3. Sale Says:

    I really liked the idea of fade-in and clean page vs regular one. It is all about stress and eye restraint. Try to get on and you will see the difference. I am on google to search not to read news. If news are needed move my mouse and get one link clicked – there you go … piece of cake…

    I hope they put the fade-in google back into place…

  4. Shop From Us Says:

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