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Domain Renewal Problems Update

August 30, 2009

In a previous post, I wrote about my domain renewal problems with a registrar who hasn’t responded to my emails or returned my phone calls about their website not processing renewal orders.

It appears I have already lost one excellent domain and others are at risk.

I wrote the post in hopes it would be discovered by someone who could help me get my domains renewed and out of the control of what appears now to be a defunct registrar agent.

Indeed within twelve hours of writing about the problems I was experiencing, I was contacted by someone offering to help solve my domain registrar problems.

At this point it looks like my domain registration headaches may be over.

If so, I will report who helped me solve my domain registrar problem, how they did it and what others who may have experienced the same problem can hope to solve theirs.

SRS Renewals?

August 19, 2009

When I first registered a handful of domains with SRS Renewals seven years ago, the domain registrar business hadn’t matured and I wasn’t sure which company was going to become the leader.

Not that I thought SRS Renewals was going to become the leading registrar, but at that particular point in time they appeared to have their act together better than any of the alternatives and they offered registrations for less than half what Network Solutions did.

Because 99% of my domains are registered through other registrars, I don’t see as many renewal notices from SRS Renewals as I do from the domain registrars.

Apparently, I missed a renewal notice for one of my domains recently.

My SRSRenewals registered domain has since gone AWOL.

Normally, this wouldn’t pose a problem unless of course the domain registrar (SRS Renewals) didn’t answer their phone, return emails or respond to their “Customer Support Tickets”.

Such is the case at the moment with SRS Renewals.

I thought about moving my remaining domains from their clutches a couple times over the last several years but each time I did, it proved to be a hassle.

How many red flags do customers need to see before they lose confidence and trust in a vendor before they jump ship?

SRS Renewals

SRS Renewals

If I don’t get a call back from SRS Renewals about my domain that has went into redemption within 24 hours – I will consider this their final red flag.

Redemption Period

Redemption Period