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Successful Domain Transfer

September 8, 2009

…at least that’s what these screen shots have lead me to believe after accepting the terms of my domain’s Transfer Transfer

transfer to my primary registrar.

Domain Transfer Authorization

Domain Transfer Authorization

I’ll soon learn whether my domain transfer has gone as smoothly as promised or not.


Domain Renewal Problems Update

August 30, 2009

In a previous post, I wrote about my domain renewal problems with a registrar who hasn’t responded to my emails or returned my phone calls about their website not processing renewal orders.

It appears I have already lost one excellent domain and others are at risk.

I wrote the post in hopes it would be discovered by someone who could help me get my domains renewed and out of the control of what appears now to be a defunct registrar agent.

Indeed within twelve hours of writing about the problems I was experiencing, I was contacted by someone offering to help solve my domain registrar problems.

At this point it looks like my domain registration headaches may be over.

If so, I will report who helped me solve my domain registrar problem, how they did it and what others who may have experienced the same problem can hope to solve theirs.