SRS Renewals?

When I first registered a handful of domains with SRS Renewals seven years ago, the domain registrar business hadn’t matured and I wasn’t sure which company was going to become the leader.

Not that I thought SRS Renewals was going to become the leading registrar, but at that particular point in time they appeared to have their act together better than any of the alternatives and they offered registrations for less than half what Network Solutions did.

Because 99% of my domains are registered through other registrars, I don’t see as many renewal notices from SRS Renewals as I do from the domain registrars.

Apparently, I missed a renewal notice for one of my domains recently.

My SRSRenewals registered domain has since gone AWOL.

Normally, this wouldn’t pose a problem unless of course the domain registrar (SRS Renewals) didn’t answer their phone, return emails or respond to their “Customer Support Tickets”.

Such is the case at the moment with SRS Renewals.

I thought about moving my remaining domains from their clutches a couple times over the last several years but each time I did, it proved to be a hassle.

How many red flags do customers need to see before they lose confidence and trust in a vendor before they jump ship?

SRS Renewals

SRS Renewals

If I don’t get a call back from SRS Renewals about my domain that has went into redemption within 24 hours – I will consider this their final red flag.

Redemption Period

Redemption Period


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15 Responses to “SRS Renewals?”

  1. Craig Bass Says:

    Unfortunately, I have a client who is also trying to get a hold of SRS Domains — to renew his domain before it expires. He’s been trying for several days to renew, even trying to fax the renewal payment information. But the SRS fax number goes unanswered, as do his emails and trouble tickets. Their telephone number is not providing any solution – if it is answered, it is by an automated message that says something like all agents are busy at this time. I can’t even get that far – when I try to call on his behalf I merely get a beep followed by a busy signal. His domain expires in two days!! I’d love to transfer him but he doesn’t have his SRS log in info in order to get a transfer key.

  2. G B (@TheHardestHitte) Says:

    I am in the same boat.
    I want to transfer my domain to other registrar.
    To move the domain to other registrar, you need the unlock code.
    They say this is an automated process and they cant do nothing about it if you have problems.
    I am not receiving the unlock code, because the info registered in my domain, instead of being registered with the info I provided them, they registered my domain using their own info, so, the unlock code is sent to their own email
    I have been sending them messages explaining the situation, no answer and if they answer they are only answering evading answers, it is obvious they are a bunch of thiefs.

  3. paul harding Says:

    Same problem. I am sending a letter to the District Attorney of Blaine, Wa. I urge all other to do the same.

  4. Elmar Ernest Says:

    I have too: “certificate expired 02sep2011” and can’t enter the site for renewing!!! Incredible what SRS is doing!!! >>> 26mar2014

    • Paul Harding Says:

      So:  SRS is still not answering their phone or responding in any way?

      I did write a letter to the DA last year re that SRS is actually holding domains hostage as all we cando is (infinitely) renew, never transfer.  It seems not providing any valid form of contact would seem to be certainly unethical and perhaps illegal. 

      Never did hear back from them so perhaps another letter might do some good, and maybe a carbon copy to the Calif. Attny General.

      Paul Harding


  5. Mike Bromley Says:

    Anbody get satisfaction from SRS? Now my domain is about to expeire and All I get is a bunch of warning emails thjat I can do nothing about,

  6. La Cho Says:

    Anyone had success recently to contact SRS Renewals? If yes how?
    For the people who have domains there, try contacting SRS Plus. As it seems they have access to the domains managed by SRS Renewals.

  7. Susan Cogley Says:

    Hi – the numbesr listed on their websites 1-800-657-8704 and 1-888-880-0844, have been disconnected. Does anyone know of another contact number?

  8. Paul Harding Says:

    Here it is, another couple of years later and everyone is still having the same problem. District Attorney is doing and has never done anything. I guess unless it is happening to his wife or daughter nothing will.

    Anybody tried ICANN yet? Seems they should be able to remove their authority to have, hold, sell or transmit if there is not an actual, valid way of contacting them in a timely, effective manner.

    Paul Harding

    • Tim Cohn Says:

      Paul – if I recall correctly I did bring it to ICANN’s attention via Twitter which may have been what ultimately motivated SRS to free my domain.

      Not sure how ICANN will interact with SRS now that their phone is disconnected.

    • La Cho Says:

      All my problems with SRS renewals are solved. A company is operating all domains previously managed by srs renewals.
      P.S. All the companies related with srs renewals which are srs plus and were really really unhelpful.

  9. Eliahu Friedmann Says:


    All damaged by SRSPLUS, UNITE!!!!

    I lost my domain as result of SRS’s behavior.

    When I registered my domain with SRS, SRS promissed that they will send domain expiration warning reminders, 30, 15 and 5 days prior expiration.

    They offer that even today:

    It did work well until 2012 when I renewed my domain for 3 years.

    In 2015 I did not get any reminder.
    When trying to renew my domain, I found out that SRSRENEWALS was sold to
    SRS did not send a notice, about that, asking whether I agree that an unknown (to me) company will administrate my domain.

    The domain arrived to the possession of NETWORK SOLUTIONS.

    I did give them 7 days to rectify that and return the domain to my possession.

    After that, I will open a facebook account under the hashtag: Damaged_by_SRSPLUS, to initiate a class lawsuit.

    Anybody has the same problem?

    Eli Friedmann

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