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What’s The Difference Between Bloggers and Journalists?

December 22, 2009

Today I reached the following conclusion:

What’s the difference between bloggers & journalists?

Bloggers blog to get attention.

Journalists write to give attention.

Posted to Tweeting From WordPress

October 8, 2009

WordPress has finally made Tweeting blog posts directly to Twitter possible.

I have already written about my first WordPress direct to Twitter blog post  over on

1st WordPress Blog Post Tweeted To Twitter

1st WordPress Blog Post Tweeted To Twitter

As expected, WordPress converts all of the blogs posted to Twitter to their recently added shortened url service –

I wasn’t the first one to Tweet from as evidenced by all of these posts found in a Twitter search for “Posted to”.

Posted to

Posted to

In addition to their My blog Admin page, bloggers can also find an Authorize Twitter link on the right rail of their add new post page.

Publicize Twitter

Publicize Twitter

WordPress bloggers probably ought to save a draft and preview their post before they publish it to make sure the post’s title doesn’t need to be changed which in turn would render the post’s shortened url moot.