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Google Robert Noyce Microchip Doodle

December 12, 2011

Google features a doodle honoring the birthday of Robert Noyce, the co-founder of Intel and the co-inventor of the integrated circuit or microchip.

Google Robert Noyce Microchip Doodle

Google Robert Noyce Microchip Doodle

Noyce co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957, the company that pioneered transistor and integrated circuit manufacturing.

Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit using germanium in 1958 and later received a Nobel Prize for his work. Noyce’s breakthrough, which replaced germanium with silicon, came a half year later, but solved some practical problems in Kilby’s design and laid the foundation for all modern computer chips.

Together with Gordon Moore and Arthur Rock Noyce co-founded the even more influential Intel corporation in 1968.

Intel was the first company to start successfully manufacturing microprocessors, which in turn made it one of the world’s preeminent technology companies.



The Personalized Google Homepage and Google Doodles

June 6, 2010

How do you know when Google features a doodle on its homepage after you have personalized your Google homepage with your own photographs?

Google sends you a Doodle alert via four primary colored spheres just above and to the right of the Google “e”.

Clicking the doodle alert then takes you to the classic Google page and the doodle of the day.

Google Doodle Signal

Google Doodle Signal

Google Doodle Showing Real Time Search Results

December 15, 2009
Google Real Time Search Results

Google Real Time Search Results

Google Crop Circles and Relevant Advertising

September 15, 2009

Google’s home page today is featuring a Google doodle of crop circles.

With the exception of last week’s link free 09-09-09 image, clicking on Google doodles takes searchers to more information about the featured doodle.

Enterprising advertisers and even opportunistic bloggers often try to package their sales message to capture the additional traffic generated by Google’s doodles.

Although both short sited and determental to an Adwords account’s quality, it doesn’t stop advertisers like the one featured below for a London based mail forwarding service from giving the increased search traffic for the “Crop Circles” keyword being promoted on Google today a try.

Probably unknown to, their ad won’t last the entire day.

Odds are this particular Google Adwords advertiser won’t know why either.

Not Exactly Relevant Advertising

Not Exactly Relevant Advertising