Google Crop Circles and Relevant Advertising

Google’s home page today is featuring a Google doodle of crop circles.

With the exception of last week’s link free 09-09-09 image, clicking on Google doodles takes searchers to more information about the featured doodle.

Enterprising advertisers and even opportunistic bloggers often try to package their sales message to capture the additional traffic generated by Google’s doodles.

Although both short sited and determental to an Adwords account’s quality, it doesn’t stop advertisers like the one featured below for a London based mail forwarding service from giving the increased search traffic for the “Crop Circles” keyword being promoted on Google today a try.

Probably unknown to, their ad won’t last the entire day.

Odds are this particular Google Adwords advertiser won’t know why either.

Not Exactly Relevant Advertising

Not Exactly Relevant Advertising



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