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Ad Agency Faux Pas

January 9, 2011

Ad agencies, the primary advocates for building website home pages in Adobe Flash have yet to grasp the full implications of their position vis-a-vis search engines.

Case in point.

While researching a list of local business listings in Google Places, I discovered the following “business description” and expanded web site view or lack thereof.

The business description?

“This content requires the Macromedia Flash Player. Get Flash”

Content Requires Macromedia Flash Player

Content Requires Macromedia Flash Player

Hopefully the above referenced advertising agency doesn’t promote internet savvy as their core competency.


How To Get Google To Photograph Your Business

October 26, 2010

Business owners can now invite Google photographers into their establishments to take high-quality images of their businesses for use within Google.

Once photos are taken and added to Google, searchers will be able view the photos and learn more about the business by visiting the businesses Google Places pages.

Visit to apply or learn more about Google Business Photos.

Google Adwords Extensions Statistics

October 20, 2010

I enabled Extensions within one of my Adwords campaigns and was surprised to see a report within my account about Extension activity.

Ad Extension Statistics

Ad Extension Statistics

I activated Extensions by connecting my Adwords account  to an approved Google Places account which in turn then pushes its data into my Adwords account.

I was surprised this particular ad generated as many impressions as it has.

Next, I am going to add multiple Google Places accounts and locations to a multi-unit Adwords campaign to see what kind of results it generates.

Google Places: Not So Fast

June 30, 2010

I am glad my business isn’t dependent on Google Places or their local business listing product for search referrals.

If it was, I would have already starved to death.

My Google Local Business Listing has been in a state of purgatory for at least a year.

Today I found the following note in my account regarding the status of my listing.

“This listing needs to reviewed further before appearing on Google. Please allow several weeks.”

Google Places Not Timely

Google Places Not Timely