Ad Agency Faux Pas

Ad agencies, the primary advocates for building website home pages in Adobe Flash have yet to grasp the full implications of their position vis-a-vis search engines.

Case in point.

While researching a list of local business listings in Google Places, I discovered the following “business description” and expanded web site view or lack thereof.

The business description?

“This content requires the Macromedia Flash Player. Get Flash”

Content Requires Macromedia Flash Player

Content Requires Macromedia Flash Player

Hopefully the above referenced advertising agency doesn’t promote internet savvy as their core competency.


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One Response to “Ad Agency Faux Pas”

  1. Ksiazka Says:


    I have a Sony Reader and I’ m having increasing problems buying books in the UK. Yesterday I wanted the new Russell Brand book and searched all my usual sites. The American ones wouldn’ t sell to me, Waterstones website is horrendous and so badly coded…

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