Google Places: Not So Fast

I am glad my business isn’t dependent on Google Places or their local business listing product for search referrals.

If it was, I would have already starved to death.

My Google Local Business Listing has been in a state of purgatory for at least a year.

Today I found the following note in my account regarding the status of my listing.

“This listing needs to reviewed further before appearing on Google. Please allow several weeks.”

Google Places Not Timely

Google Places Not Timely



2 Responses to “Google Places: Not So Fast”

  1. LeAnna Says:

    OK, reading back into your posts, I found this. THIS is what had me stumped. Otherwise, our school shows up fairly well in relevant searches. After reading your posts, I feel like I could pick your brain for days on things I find interesting.

    • Tim Cohn Says:

      My Google local business listing appeared in Google maps for years then I made one change to it and its been gone ever since (gone for at least a year).

      The whole Google local business listings saga is actually much longer and more complex but I haven’t had the patience required to cover it.

      However, Mike Blumenthal does have the patience and has covered the subject at length for as long as I can remember.

      Check out his “Understanding Google Maps and Local Search” blog at

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