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Google Adwords Promotional Coupons

September 20, 2009

Google Adwords Promotional Coupons are given to both Google Advertising Professionals Qualified Individuals and Qualified Companies.

In the old Google Adwords interface, I could easily locate my account’s credits and apply them to new Adwords accounts.

Google Adwords Promotional Coupons

Google Adwords Promotional Coupons

However, I am unable to locate Adwords promotional coupons within my Pro Center now.

According to the recently updated Adwords Pro Help Center, Qualified Individuals and Qualified Companies were to have received 20 Promotional coupons valued @ US$100.00 via email with the launch of their new Pro Center in the summer of 2009.

Not only did I fail to receive the promotional coupons described above in the Adwords Help Center, the coupons I had in my account prior to Google’s migration to the new Adwords Interface have disappeared altogether.