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Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Wait; Now You See It Again

November 16, 2009

Google’s latest experiment Google Social Search went offline sometime yesterday only to reappear again today.

Google Social Search Back Again

Google Social Search Back Again

In several previous posts I wrote about how I don’t believe social search will get much traction any time soon with audiences beyond those early adopters in the search marketing and social marketing communities.

At some point in the future when I have the time, I’ll explain why I have taken this position and remain convinced social search will remain a non-starter.


How Google Social Search Works: Results Featuring A Foremski and A Furrier

October 26, 2009

Google’s Matt Cutts provides the following overview of how their new Social Search feature works.

Google describes their Social Search features as follows:

Google Social Search is an experimental feature that enables you to find relevant public web content from people in your social circle, when you’re signed in to your Google Account. For example, search for [ restaurants ], and restaurant reviews by your friends and other contacts may appear more prominently in your results.

I have signed up for Google’s Social Search Experiment @ Google Experimental Labs.

Google Social Search Experiment

Google Social Search Experiment

And Presto!

While logged into my Google account, I found this Tweet this Tweet from Tom Foremski about Furrier in my social only search results @ Google.

Social Search Results Furrier

Social Search Results Furrier

Although its not clear to me what if any impact social search results will have on traditional search, with the above type results its obvious Google plans to lead the nascent social circle search segment.