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WPP + Google Marketing Research Program

November 27, 2009

The Internet, World Wide Web and Google were borne out of research programs.

Recognizing the value basic research can produce, WPP and Google have launched a marketing research program in conjunction with major universities to fund academic research in the field of online marketing.

Having spent the last ten years researching the field of online marketing while also personally applying, testing, proving and disproving my findings, I was excited to learn what academia may have discovered.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn the WPP Google Marketing Research program winners appear to have begun fielding some of the general questions I have been contemplating over the last four years while fleshing out and writing my book – For Sale By Google.

After listening to the WPP + Google award winners’ responses, I am satisfied with the progress my own personal Google Marketing Research program ie., my upcoming book For Sale By Google has already achieved by comparison.