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February 27, 2010’s stats are a great method for visualizing shortened url link click data. Click Stats Click Stats

I am just not sure how shortened and shared link’s value – if there is any – accrue to those who generate them.

At least with creating blog posts, an author can receive traffic directly.

For those who share links of other people’s content on, the other content creator and win but how does the link creator win?

My links generated 6,021 clicks over the last 30 days. – I am still wondering what exactly is in it for me and the thousands of other shortened link creators?

Is link shortening just another one of those Freemium business models where creators create content for free because they “love” doing it not because they want to get anything in return for their effort let alone get paid?

Advertisement Visualizes Stats

November 20, 2009 has recently added a new click summary map which shows visitor activity within a account. Weekly Stats Weekly Stats

I was surprised to see my account receive 18% of its activity from the Russian Federation. Stats

October 12, 2009

My stats show a Tweet I posted about Google’s mapping partner Digital Globe’s satellite launch is the top conversation on the subject at the moment on their service. Stats Stats

As of this particular moment only twenty one total views have been referred to the referenced post @ Google – nine of which came from my Twitter link.

Not sure what if any value this result has – now or at any point in the future.