Facebook Advertising

March 15, 2011

Will Facebook ever become a successful channel for direct marketers?

Will Facebook ever become a successful channel for brand marketers?

If so, how?

If not why?


March 14, 2011


Audio Post

March 13, 2011

Audio Post

March 12, 2011

2011 Japanese Tsunami Google Homepage Alert

March 11, 2011

Google placed the following alert on its homepage today after a historic 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

Google Tsunami Warning

Google Tsunami Warning



March 10, 2011

I have signed up for the Connect.me Beta.



It will be interesting to see is someone has finally cracked this particular problem or not.

AdWords Advertising Life Cycle

March 9, 2011

Here are the four types of AdWords services at least as defined by Google Partner search.

Ongoing AdWords account management services

One-time AdWords account optimization

One-time AdWords account setup

AdWords training (to self-manage in the future)

I think these four types of Google AdWords services accurately address each stage of the AdWords advertising life cycle.



Industry Revenue Per Employee

March 8, 2011

Via Fortune Magazine – here are the top twenty five industries with the highest amounts of revenue per employee.

Revenue Per Employee

Revenue Per Employee

Rethinking The Grind

March 7, 2011

After inadvertently forgetting to post to SearchMarketingCommunications.com last Friday ending 914 consecutive days in a row of posting, I have begun to question the process of consecutive daily blogging altogether.

The first question I have to ask myself is – was it worth the price?


The second question is: would I do it again?

I don’t yet have that answer.

The SEO Is Dead Debate

March 6, 2011

About once a month, some blogger somewhere tells their audience SEO is dead.

Although the SEO is Dead headline is a great hook, the argument against SEO always rings hollow.


Because the SEO is Dead author never offers an equal let alone superior alternative that instead lives.