The SEO Is Dead Debate

About once a month, some blogger somewhere tells their audience SEO is dead.

Although the SEO is Dead headline is a great hook, the argument against SEO always rings hollow.


Because the SEO is Dead author never offers an equal let alone superior alternative that instead lives.



2 Responses to “The SEO Is Dead Debate”

  1. Is Search-Driven Entrepreneurship Obsolete? Says:

    […] Cohn posted The SEO is Dead Debate the following day. He doesn’t reference Chris Dixon specifically, but he has an eloquently […]

  2. Krassimir Says:

    The SEO is not Dead! It is there to stay for as long as artificial algorithms are used to mimic how we, humans, perceive content. The algorithms can be cheated, despite the effort on the search engine side.

    Eliminating one way of injecting spam only raises the bar and makes it more difficult for non-SEO experts to promote content. It all turns into a brutal resources game. Small, good quality content publishers stand no chance in a long run.

    SEO has to go. It is an inefficiency. Neither quality content publishers, nor the end users benefit from it. Killing SEO is precisely the motivation behind Peer Belt. This is the superior alternative and is both so simple and obvious, I frequently look for something I may have missed along the way. Have not found one yet..

    Read more:

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