The Attention Span Theory

May 2, 2011

I was thinking about the average American’s capacity for attention this morning when I posted the following:

At the time, I also thought there was a correlation between Attention Span and Moore’s Law.

After further thought I think there is a correlation.

As a result, I suggest the following: as Moore’s Law states “the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years” the Attention Span Theory posits the average American’s attention span shrinks by 200% approximately every two years.


WTC: What The Calculus?

April 26, 2011


What The Calculus

What The Calculus

What’s the calculus?

The Gamification Of News

April 12, 2011

I suggested last week via Tweet that gamification of the news may be the only way to engage younger readers with written news.

Have you seen a teenager listen to a complete song? Imagine how much of a newspaper story they consume let alone comprehend.

Google and The New York Times have since launched a trial version of news gamification –  “a Google a Day”.

From Media Bistro:

The New York Times has partnered with Google to launch A Google A Day, a trivia game that actually encourages you to use the search engine to solve one question per day.

According to Google, the questions will post about the crossword puzzle each weekday in the Times, as well as on the site. Just like the Times crosswords, the questions get more difficult as the week goes by.

To avoid accidentally finding the answers, players are told to use the Google search on the trivia game’s site. The answers are revealed the next day in the paper and on A Google A Day.

It’s a pretty cool idea. Try and find the answer to today’s question (above) without using Bing which would totally be cheating so no we didn’t just do that.

With the state of print news media in protracted decline, the gamification of news may be one of only a handful of ways publishers can capture the imagination let alone attention of younger audiences.

a Google A Day

a Google A Day

The Definition Of Failure

April 11, 2011

“Failures are just problems that have yet to be solved.” Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson is best known for inventing the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, an idea which saved him from bankruptcy and was the first building block in what would become a billion-dollar business.

Google Analytics Pivot Tables

April 8, 2011

In this short video see how to use pivot the data table in Google Analytics reports.

Microblogging Vs. Macroblogging

March 25, 2011

I was recently quoted in a blog post about the “SEO is Dead” debate.

The quote pulled wasn’t from a lengthy thought piece but instead a short microblog like post here in WordPress.

So instead of writing long form macroblog posts going forward, I have decided to make and post short points here.

Aren’t insights by definition short and to the point anyway?

Thinking About Advertising

March 24, 2011

I have been thinking about advertising for so long I almost forgot about what it was exactly that I set out to discover.

Today’s advertising thought for the day:

Advertising that requires explanation isn’t.

Google Testing Center Search

March 21, 2011

Want to know whether an individual has passed their Google Exams?

Go to and enter the individual’s name, country and certification to see if indeed they have met Google’s testing requirements.

Google Testing Center Search

Google Testing Center Search

Thanks, Google!

Google Testing Center Search Results

Google Testing Center Search Results

Audio Post

March 17, 2011

Audio Post

March 16, 2011