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Display Me Not: Displaced Display Ads

February 4, 2010

I was on a site today and was presented with the following Banner Ad from a Buick dealer 750 miles from my physical location and IP address for that matter.

Not exactly a geotargeted ad.

Nor a relevant one – to either the content or my page viewing behavior.

Display Me Not

Display Me Not

I wonder how many times this particular page would have to be displayed before it would produce enough click throughs to yield a qualified lead?

How many times would the ad have to be viewed and clicked on to produce a sale?


Nexus One YouTube Homepage Display Ad

January 17, 2010

Google had been advertising its Nexus One on their home page until being supplanted recently by the Haitian earthquake relief efforts.

It appears Google has since found another prominent location to advertise and promote their new Nexus One phone – on  the YouTube homepage.

YouTube Nexus One Display Ad

YouTube Nexus One Display Ad

Clicking the See demo button takes YouTube vistors to a page with a “Get your phone” order button.

Get Your Phone

Get Your Phone

I wonder if Google pays full rate to run ads for its own product’s on its own properties?