The Age of Facebook: Not

Had Techcrunch ever left you wondering as to whether or not their editorial voice was for sale, today they eliminated any doubt with the following Facebook fanboy headline: The Age of Facebook.

The Age Of Facebook

The Age Of Facebook

If this is the age of Facebook, then why must Facebook tell us so?


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11 Responses to “The Age of Facebook: Not”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Hey, I’d be interesting on hearing your thoughts on my new article regarding the daunting Facebook expansion.
    You can see it @, I look forward to hearing your comments 🙂

  2. Facebook Blog on: The Age of Facebook: Not | Social Networking & Digital Collaboration news, tips, guides... Says:

    […] Link: Facebook Blog on: The Age of Facebook: Not […]

  3. ThomasC Says:

    I think it is the age of facebook! Facebook is hot right now!

  4. SquidBuilders Says:

    Facebook doesn’t really have to say it or even announce it! Facebook is the most popular site going right now!

  5. Moranna Says:

    God, I hate Facebook!

  6. mccanne4 Says:

    6.Facebook is the most popular social networking site around at the moment and will only continue to grow further and further all the time. I would love it if you would read my blog on facebook and leave a comment
    Eric McCann

  7. sakura Says:

    Facebook is an big social network empire and i have discuss the social network has onto society
    However, it’s not always an need but an obsession that enforces many people and corporations to participate in order to reach some audience.

  8. Jeff Johnson Says:

    I believe that facebook marketing has great potential and one can earn a lot from facebook..its a great advertising platform for business person and marketers..

  9. john smith Says:

    This a true story that happened to me on January 1st, 2011
    I had a “fan” page on with 6 thousand so called “fans” following me or “liking” me….

    This account I “had” it Borrowed from for a period of one lousy year , It was a non profit organization dedicated to help poor children on the streets, our only porpoise was to do good, and no to cause any trouble what so ever,
    we did not do nor engaged in any illegal activities, neither committed any action against facebook rules and regulations (that is a real fact).
    on January 1st 2011 , permanently deactivated/terminated our account for no reason what so ever , without any given warnings!
    They never gave us a reason why our account was permanently terminated!,
    and we did not received not a single message from them before the cancelation of the account.
    We Only received a short cold computer automated message saying that we should email them. We did, we send 20 different emails to 20 different addresses, on different occasions, on a period of one month total.
    It has been more than 3 months now, and we have Not received Nothing from, not a single email or explanation , of why our non profit , poor children helping page was terminated abruptly terminated. All our efforts , time invested on that facebook page for one whole year , was totally a waste of valuable time.
    It is incredible how such a company like facebook has No , costumer service at all!
    They actually treat us human beings , the ones who keep that crappy website going on , like simple commodities or worthless things . I am outraged with facebook way of doing things , and how they think they can treat people like that and get away with it.
    No one should ever build a business or marketing strategy or data base on someone else’s property. Creating a numerous follower account on facebook is something that can end at any given time without no warnings! That means that all the effort put up to create a facebook page is totally useless, and time wasted! Since what happened to me can happened to anybody! Be very careful , and before opening a facebook page take also in consideration this 5 aspects (just to name a few, because i can keep going and going…)

    1-) Facebook’s Terms Of Service are completely one-sided. Let’s start with the basics. Facebook’s Terms Of Service state that not only do they own your data (section 2.1), but if you don’t keep it up to date and accurate (section 4.6), they can terminate your account (section 14). You could argue that the terms are just protecting Facebook’s interests, and are not in practice enforced, but in the context of their other activities, this defense is pretty weak. As you’ll see, there’s no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt. Essentially, they see their customers as unpaid employees for crowd-sourcing ad-targeting dat

    2-) Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a documented history of unethical behavior (that is a fact). From the very beginning of Facebook’s existence, there are questions about Zuckerberg’s ethics. According to, he used Facebook user data to guess email passwords and read personal email in order to discredit his rivals. These allegations, proven and dated, raise serious and troubling questions about the ethics of the CEO one of the world’s largest “social network”. They’re particularly compelling given that Facebook chose to fork over $65M to settle a related lawsuit alleging that Zuckerberg had actually stolen the idea for Facebook.

    3-) All of your private data , including: photos , text comments on walls or photos , videos , and name are recorded on servers , and sold to the highest bidder. It has been proven that Facebook not only sells users account personal information to telemarketing companies thorough the United States but also in Latin America and Europe! There is no such thing as privacy on facebook, be very careful

    4-) With a high probability that you end up with a facebook account permanently terminated (after effortly working and spending serious time on it) and if you experience a miracle and facebook does answer your number 998th email, they will Not identify themselves on this email reply, the email reply will be sent by a automated computer, and this shitty computer will disrespectfully ask you for a copy of your government ID.
    Not even banks on America ask for a copy of your Id , as a proof of account ownership , it is simply ridiculous, and at the same time reasonable since Facebook Does in fact sells all personal information not only to telemarketers but also to shady private companies, who by the way use all of your personal info to duplicate it!
    DO NOT Send a copy of your ID to no one!!!. That is the number one reason why people all over America and Europe get their identities stolen! If you Do send a copy of your personal ID , the person who receives it , will in fact duplicate it and can commit serious illegal activities with it!

    5-) Facebook Never will erase a users account from their servers! No matter what you do to terminate the account
    they will always keep your private information on their systems and sell it afterwards to United States Goverment Agencies and
    Companies which subsequently duplicate all your private information to conduct illegal or shady actions on your behalf and against your will.

    This story that you have read not only has happened to me , it has happened to a great amount a outraged people.
    Word of advice , if you have a facebook account , the best thing you can do to save yourself serious trouble on the short or long term is to close that account right away.
    If you want to keep in touch with your close friends or loved ones , give them a call , chat with them or just simply send them and email. It is safer.


    john smith
    systems engineer and philanthropist
    Tampa Bay

  10. Chelsea Toledo Says:

    It certainly is the age of Facebook… I just de-activated my account and now I don’t know what to do with my life… so I started a blog about it!

  11. sanyoseiki Says:

    I like Facebook! Two thumbs up for Mark Zuckerberg!

    Sanyo Seiki

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