Twitter: Home Of The SkinnyCast – Just Another Push (Broadcast) Channel

I have been thinking about Twitter a lot lately and after a great deal of consideration, I have concluded its just another push (broadcast) channel.

Not only is it a push channel, its an uphill model to boot (your work effectively perishes upon production).


Two of the things I love to do most combined into one 1). push things 2). uphill.

That’s the best case scenario and as with all best case scenarios they are few and far between!

If you have 10,000 or more listeners and are bolting Twitter onto existing channels to pick up what fell through the cracks otherwise, maybe the Tweeting process could pass a cost benefit analysis.

I doubt it does though for 99.99% of Twitter users though.

Yeah Tweeting doesn’t cost anything but unless you give your time away for free – Tweeting has costs.

Twitter is at best just another albeit new broadcast medium for those who have more than just a handful of followers in their audience.

The reality is much further from the truth for the majority of Twitter accounts.

I recently read the majority of Twitter accounts have under 100 followers.

Thus for the majority of Tweeters, Twitter is a narrowcasting medium if that.

Skinny messages broadcast to an even skinnier audience.

Most Twitter users would be better off taking their SkinnyCast down to their nearest intersection and shouting it at every car that went by.

Only there and then would the majority of Twitter users likely reach a larger more active audience than they are now currently with their Twitter accounts.


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