Twiki Enterprise Agility Platform

Today I came across several products I had never heard of.

The most notable was


Twiki is an enterprise agility platform™ that transforms your portals, creating a powerful knowledge infrastructure for your organization. Share rich web pages and collaborate with social networking. Easily create collaborative business patterns and dashboards that provide actionable intelligence.

Twiki facts:
Millions of users
130 countries
14 languages
Open Stable Secure

Twiki Enterprise Agility Platform

Twiki Enterprise Agility Platform

According to the web site – Twiki’s Enterprise Agility Platform is used by over half of the Fortune 500.

Although I haven’t used the Twiki product, based on Twiki’s impressive client roster – it stands to reason their product performs as promised.

The Twiki team and board are seasoned technology veterans while their advisors include such luminaries as the CEO of ICANN.

While probably not a priority for Twiki’s management team or their advisors, I would investigate acquiring the domain name for both offensive and defensive purposes.


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