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Why A City Should Want Google’s Fiber Trial

March 3, 2010

I sent the note below about why a small town should consider applying for Google’s Fiber Trial via email to a small town resident yesterday:

I thought the following might be of interest to you, your company, your contemporaries and the City of X.

“New computing cycles create / destroy material wealth.” Morgan Stanley Research

I read several weeks ago about how Google is planning on awarding an Ultra High-Speed Internet infrastructure project to a small number of trial locations throughout the US.

At the time, I didn’t think much about their announcement.

However, yesterday I read about how Topeka, KS is planning on submitting an application and then I learned Duluth, MN plans to apply as well.

This morning it occurred to me “your city” would be just as good a trial location for this project as any of the other cities who have publicly announced their intent to apply.

If your city were to apply, the application alone would reflect positively on the city’s leadership.

Winning a project like this would also surely help the city’s employers attract and retain talent while
also insuring future investment and development in the community for years to come.

There probably aren’t any of our towns applying… if any were  – why not yours?

Broadband and speeds throttle productivity.

America needs to upgrade our network access speeds to compete with those countries who had the foresight to understand increased and superior network speeds enhance a country’s global competitive advantage.