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Top Search Properties Worldwide

January 22, 2010

From comScore:

Google Sites ranked as the top search property worldwide with 87.8 billion searches in December, or 66.8 percent of the global search market. Google Sites achieved a 58-percent increase in search query volume over the past year. Yahoo! Sites ranked second globally with 9.4 billion searches (up 13 percent), followed by Chinese search engine Baidu with 8.5 billion searches (up 7 percent). Microsoft Sites saw the greatest gains among the top five properties, growing 70 percent to 4.1 billion searches, on the strength of its successful introduction of new search engine Bing. Russian search engine Yandex also achieved considerable gains, growing 91 percent to 1.9 billion searches.

Top 10 Search Properties By Searches Conducted

Top 10 Search Properties By Searches Conducted

*Searches based on “expanded search” definition, which includes searches at the top properties where search activity is observed, not only the core search engines.

The takeaway from this months comScore data is that total searches conducted on Facebook have surpassed the Ask Network.